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Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on October 10, 2017 at 9:20 am ET.

Jupiter will be in Scorpio until November 8, 2018 when Jupiter enters Sagittarius.

This report will discuss both the positive and negative considerations of Jupiter in Scorpio. I want to preface this Special Report by saying that although I know a lot of readers want or expect an all positive perspective, I need to cover a broader perspective here with Jupiter in Scorpio… in consideration of the full spectrum of reality; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

When it comes to Scorpio, we need to get real about all the ugly stuff in order to unlock the true, larger picture of our reality, so I’ll talk about the “bad and the ugly” first, (which you can skip over if you don’t want to hear it), and then I’ll discuss the “good” to end on a more positive note.

This is our time to all learn more about Scorpio and experience more of the Scorpio energy in the world. Wherever Jupiter goes, we get much more emphasis.

Ultimately, with Jupiter in Scorpio, it is a search for the truth that matters most.

The Bad and The Ugly – Yikes! Down the Rabbit Hole!

Scorpio governs the primal cycle of life: birth/rebirth, sex, and death, and is ruled by Pluto and the underworld, and traditionally ruled by Mars, the direct, masculine power and archetypal warrior.

As you know, with Jupiter in Libra for the past year, it has been a real doozy in the media. And have we ever learned a lot about where people do and don’t stand in relation to one another, as major issues of biases of beliefs and opinions, judgments and prejudices have made the pendulum swing to extremes, back and forth on the scales of Libra!

Plus we’ve had Jupiter across the sky from Uranus, and the square of these planets with Pluto… It’s been a very tumultuous, over the top year with so many egos battling to be right, and so much conflict in identity politics! And we have growing concerns of biases playing out in the media, battles of fake news and increased censorship by social media conglomerates directing who gets to say what and who gets to read what, which foretells the direction our society is decidedly going in. Politics has been in the crosshairs, with comparisons and judgments, and biases emphasized by echo chambers on one side or the other which has only contributed to people becoming increasingly polarized on both sides of the aisle.

Now, Jupiter is transiting into Scorpio and things could get even more intense in this highly emotional sign. Scorpio tends to be one of the most intense signs of the zodiac. Ruled by Pluto as well as Mars, we can expect that politics is going to go through even more major, intense transformations. More trust issues in the corporate, political sphere are sure to grow as questions and subsequent discoveries lead deeper down the rabbit hole. People will become increasingly concerned with lies and their larger influence. However, we may also notice more people feel comfortaby better when facts are hidden. Denial can be a crutch.

We can expect politicians and the media to be even more cryptic, speaking in riddles, and throwing more accusations around. Discussions on the need to purge bad seeds, or bad apples will likely be discussed.

Of course apocalyptical doomsday fanatics are likely to be louder than ever, which can cause fear to spread to the masses. Survivalism and survival instincts can become the stronger motivations for people’s larger plans.

Money matters will be a strong area of attention and the global economy could become a primary focus of transformation. What’s been going on behind the scenes regarding money, corporate power and their relation to politics and war will become more widely known. The banking industry, finance, taxes, insurance, and changes in the corporate landscape are sure to play a major role in the psychology of the people as we head forward. Financial fears could get the better of people into 2018 and be much emphasized.

Debt is likely to become a much bigger concern so if you’re behind and sweeping your money issues under the rug, Jupiter in Scorpio could mark the time that forces you to get real about how you deal with your current and future finances. You may need to face facts this year about the reality of your money situation. Issues of excess spending on credit could go overboard, and many will ignore the consequences.

Some will be tempted to take out more debt to get what they want, but the unpredictability of the markets and long term consequences should be considered. Overoptimism in a rising stock market is highly likely, but it’s not wise to invest using debt… that type of excess optimism is what happened in the 1920s before the Great Depression!

Though I’m jumping a bit ahead to 2018, real estate, which is heavily tied to debt, could become a major issue. We are likely to see even more businesses fold as the effects of economic changes take effect. Cyber hacking could expand dramatically as well. Cryptocurrencies will be getting a lot of attention.

Speaking of economic changes, Pluto and Scorpio bring us the symbolism of the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes… Interestingly, in 1988, the cover of The Economist, owned by the elite banking family the Rothschild’s, featured a new global currency suggested for implementation in 2018 called the Phoenix.

We are likely to see power moves that give corporations and politicians even more control over the mass population. The divide between the rich and poor could grow more deeply obvious. Changes in the oil industry, “black gold” could play a strong role over the next year in wealth and economic developments. Cryptocurrencies also fall under Scorpio, and with Jupiter in Scorpio we’ll likely see big swings.

Speaking of The Economist, and Scorpio’s association with the occult (hidden), which corresponds to the tarot and astrology, have you seen the tarot card cover of the Economist for their prediction of 2017?

People will likely become more curious, and interested in digging deeper into the suggestions provided by conspiracy theories. Topics of survival, life and death, murder mysteries and deep inquiry and investigative journalism about what’s going on behind the scenes will become a much larger focus in the media. Fake News or deeper accusations of deception can cause greater agitation.

Emotional obsessions are also highlighted with Jupiter in Scorpio. In people’s personal relationships jealousies could lead to issues. Hearsay can lead to exaggerated ideas.Withholding information can cause a dramatic difference. Secrets revealed can cause great transformation. Feelings of possessiveness over others or ownership of material, can bring awareness to emotional chains. Sexual taboos could become more over the top and revealing. Cheaters and thieves will instigate much dramatics.

We are likely to hear more about covert operations at a high level. Crimes of of the dramatic types could be elevated, especially regarding finance, law and politics. The beliefs and fears about changes in the economy could be magnified, and on the other hand financial problems could be hidden so well that all looks better than it may actually be. Remember Jupiter exaggerates things. Opportunists could swindle you out of money, especially if you tend to be a bit naive. A fast changing market could seem good but will still feel vulnerable with a little digging of the facts. As the news changes so does the psychology of the masses.

We’ve already seen conflicts of truth and bias in the 2016-2017 transit of Jupiter in Libra as mentioned above, now we’re likely going to see much deeper insights into dirty deeds and power struggles. Just how secretive and even malicious some people, politicians and corporations are, can become a major part of the spotlight. What’s really going on behind the scenes, especially the nasty stuff, could come out in the open for all to see.

The psychology of the masses could go through a major transformation as we see power struggles played out in the world.

I know a lot of people want to read about everything always being wonderful when it comes to astrology, but with the configurations in 2018, we’re going to have to navigate the darker side of reality and work towards resolutions.

We are likely to see more about the occult in the media, more about the history of elite financial powers, bankers and their dirty deeds feeding both sides of wars, and all the conspiratorial scary stuff will become more widely spread in social media and online. Yikes!

But isn’t Jupiter supposed to be the all wonderful, great benefactor bringing positive abundance no matter what? Well, Jupiter is associated with The Wheel Of Fortune, and that wheel turns around and around as a cycle of positive and negative as we relate to the times we live in.

Ultimately, Jupiter brings great emphasis to where he is in the sky. We certainly do learn a lot through the process, and learning is ultimately beneficial in the long run.

When we look at the full chart of the times we are in, and review just how things have been playing out, we can expect that we are entering into a time of major transformations in the economic and political realms that are most likely to have dramatic impact on the psychology of the populace.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn going into Capricorn as we begin 2018 too, it all adds up to some intense times ahead.

The Good – The Rise of Awareness

Jupiter in Scorpio wants the truth.

Jupiter gives us the gift of learning and wisdom, and in Scorpio, it is awareness gained through raw experiences. An important part of that experience is diving deep into our psyches to face the inner and outer conflicts we face in our reality.

Pluto and Scorpio are associated with alchemy and transmutation, allegorically turning base metal into gold. Scorpio is an emotional sign. In essence we could consider our growth during this time as an alchemy of our emotions, where we face it all, and evolve because of it.

The higher intention of Scorpio is about the transformation of darkness into light, to see the truth that is hidden.

The good thing about facing the more sinister things of life we don’t want, is that it can be the wake up call and reality check that gets people to define and acknowledge what is, and then turn things around towards what we really do want. Feelings, actions and reactions could be dramatic this year, and such experiences will strengthen our desire to turn in a different, positive direction.

What we don’t want informs the need for a better vision of our reality.

External events play a strong role in molding our inner psychology, but the opposite is also true. All that occurs in the world, except for perhaps natural events, is created by decisions and actions of we the people as a collective. Changing you own psychology, will change the psychology of world around you.

The law of attraction can strengthen considerably with Jupiter in Scorpio. It can work either way, but with the extra need for positive intentions, we can create a better world.

This will be an especially important time for people to learn more about their financial security and resources. Being confined by the rules of authority figures, taxation and financial debts can push people to search for possibilities and solutions to change the system, or how they operate and manage their money better, relative to the rules of the financial system.

This is the time to get real about your issues with money and become conscious of your deep rooted fears about finance so you can wake up to a larger perception of your worth.

Jupiter in Scorpio signifies the opportunity for us to have deep intuitive insights into ourselves, the unconscious and primal parts of humanity. More people will be interested in learning about their shadow side, and how to psychologically evolve to a more empowered, evolved, conscious self. A renewed understanding of the human psyche and mental health is upon us. Concepts brought forth by Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud could gain more interest.

Jupiter in Scorpio signifies the descent is a necessity to transform and raise up ourselves and the world. Just like an emotion like depression reminds us of the need to ascend out of those depths to reach higher ground.

Lawyers and investigators are likely to find this time incredibly insightful. Negative things we don’t want to know about or accept could come out in the open to be addressed so that long standing events of suffering can finally end.

Things that have been hiding in the shadows can get purged from our reality making room for positive resolutions. What people intentionally ignore for their own sanity, may not be so easy to ignore anymore, such as the suffering and deplorable conditions of animals in the food industry. Acknowledgment can encourage changes for the better.

Psychiatrists and psychologists could discover or deeply explore new aspects of the human psyche that brings a broader understanding of our motivations, behavior, actions, instincts and desires.

In general, more people could finally face and overcome their long held, deep rooted fears so they can feel less restricted. Those with inhibitions and anxiety could experience leaps of self-understanding leading to a less inhibited experience.

In relationships, a desire for closer intimacy can increase. Superficial relationships with little connection will desire a resurgence of closeness if the divide doesn’t widen, which is possible. Purging people of negative influence can be healing.

Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces can be our saving grace while Jupiter is in Scorpio, suggesting we look to reality from a perspective of higher consciousness. This can bring much beauty and soul growth to people’s lives.

Dreams and imagination can bring you important messages. Learning more about interpretation and deciphering meaning of events and symbols can bring you much valuable information.

Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter, and now ruled in modern times Pisces is ruled by Neptune. There is a natural link of higher consciousness, learning and knowledge with the archetypal associations of these planets.

A counter-culture to the problems of the political/economic system could grow. More people will be looking within and to higher wisdom to find answers.

Meditation, prayer, yoga can become a more important part of people’s lives to the betterment of mind and body. Tarot, astrology and all types of divination could become more popular as we may see a stronger desire for spirituality as a counter to solve the messy side of reality.

It’s a significant time to give up bad behavior and habits. Purging the negativity out of your life won’t happen all at once and could take a roller coaster ride before you wake up to what’s been happening. It is the experiences and how you feel about them that will teach you the most.

It’s also not time to live in la-la-land as a way to escape reality. Understanding yourself, and getting down to the roots of your issues, can lead to a path of overcoming associated addictions. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

An interest in ancient magick and mystical philosophies can usher in a new phase of wisdom revealed. Jupiter is the teacher/professor of higher education, and in Scorpio has parallels to the type of learning found at Hogwarts.

Technology will play a more notable role in future perceptions of reality, along with artificial intelligence merging with biology, augmented reality, visualization and mystical consciousness.

Creative arts that encode deep symbolism, meaning and act as an outlet for the subconscious to reveal itself may become increasingly popular. This can be an incredible time for artists to discover their potential. Emotion will drive the art.

Water as a symbol of purity and transformation could see a resurgence in interest.

Those who inquire about mysticism, ancient mysteries and beliefs in spiritual concepts could discover out of this world perspectives that totally change their view on life.

Trials and tribulations can lead to renewed spiritual interest, and more people will look to exploring a higher purpose to their life and soul evolution. This can be a period of awakening for many. The phoenix rising from the ashes is a symbol of powerful transformation.

I will be talking much more about all this and more as we move forward in time….

Here are some additional keywords to get you thinking more about what could be emphasized with Jupiter in Scorpio…

Positive Keywords: Focused, Determined, Intuitive, Creative, Powerful, Passionate, Exciting, Magnetic, Mysterious, Intense, Desire, Intimacy, Attracting, Purposeful, Regeneration, Insightful, Divination, Procreation, Renewal, Metamorphosis, Alchemy, Resourceful, Mastery, Devoted, Psychological, Transformation….

Negative Keywords: Secretive, Elusive, Calculating, Possessive, Suspicious, Controlling, Manipulative, Dark, Resentful, Compulsive, Obsessive, Jealous, Scandal, Temperamental, Forceful, Perverse, Devious, Emotional, Vengeful, Shame, Guilt, Spooky, Mobs, Gangs, Criminals, Corruption, Extremists, Fear, War, Destruction, Death….


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