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Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8, 2018 at 7:38 am ET.

Jupiter will be in Sagittarius until December 2, 2019.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so this is a homecoming.

Sagittarius is a fire sign so we can expect things to heat up.

I find it fascinating how things work out in the world stage when the major planets like Jupiter are about to change signs. How much more relevant of an event could symbolize the astrological times we are living in than thousands of people working their way toward the United States border to bring great emphasis to borders and immigration just as Jupiter is entering Sagittarius?

Among many of the associations to Jupiter in Sagittarius is travel, foreign cultures and cultural diversity, national and international concerns, globalism and global trade and exchange, long distances, and migration.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is sure to bring a lot of attention to such issues to be discussed with wide reaching considerations of ideologies from everyday gossip, opinion, news and academic discussions.

Jupiter in Sagittarius largely relates to media, journalism and information that reaches far distances, around the globe. It is about what you believe, what you are learning and the larger collective beliefs about the world, which of course are significantly influenced by the narrative the media projects into our collective consciousness.

During Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius you can expect your beliefs to expand and by learning more, you can expect what you believe to change significantly. Expect to have a major paradigm shift during this period.

I’ll talk more about Jupiter in Sagittarius in a moment, but first let’s have a quick look back at Jupiter has been doing for the past couple of years in Scorpio…

Remember in October 2017 when Jupiter first entered Scorpio we saw a huge emphasis right away with the psychology of issues surrounding sexuality and explicit behaviors getting plenty of attention. On top of that the Destiny Point was in Leo bringing a lot of that attention to the entertainment industry. Lots of dirt came to the surface with Jupiter in Scorpio, but also there has been great efforts to hide information, as to be expected, since Jupiter brings much emphasis to where he is and Scorpio knows all about dirt, sex, lies, manipulations and abuses of all kinds. Not to mention all those suspicious conspiracies that got a lot of attention and an escalating battle of truth and lies with accusations and fabrications bringing a growing mistrust demonstrated in the corporate media for all to see. Well, no surprise there since Saturn and Pluto are both in Capricorn creating a push and pull effect of big changes and big resistance in the establishment.

Pluto is in Capricorn and is the ruling planet of Scorpio, so we have been seeing a lot of talk of political and corporate power, authoritarianism, abuses and corruption, shifts and purges. With the sleuth, detective connotations to Scorpio is it any surprise that the Federal Bureau of Investigation got so much attention during this period? What an intense year since Jupiter has been in Scorpio. All that has happened it is not surprising, astrologically speaking.

Some believe Jupiter to be only all positive abundance, but we have to go beyond bias and simplified dogma and look at the whole picture to see how things play out. Yes, Jupiter signifies abundance and luck, but context is everything. The atmosphere must also be considered and we all know that luck can be a roller coaster of ups and downs, just like how the Jupiter ruled Wheel of Fortune indicates in the Tarot. Jupiter brings emphasis and great learning which means we need to seek the the whole truth of reality with an open mind to attain real wisdom.

If you want good luck, keep your eyes open for when the opportunities present themselves. But, don’t just expect everything to happen for you out of the blue as waiting around for life to happen the way you hope is too passive and can lead to disappointment. Instead, you need to be more active and participate in the process by going for it. You can create a better likelihood of attaining good luck in the midst of a world full of so many possibilities, by living a life of good karma. Your intelligence and ability to decide and create the future you want is your real lucky ticket to freedom and abundance.

We are living in a time where the heavy hitters of Pluto and Saturn are in Capricorn. This is an important part of the whole picture when looking at an astrological outlook, bringing a lot of focus to big changes, transformation and the challenges in government, business, finance, political and corporate power and the larger structures that govern our society.

Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, is often symbolized by a phoenix rising from the ashes signifying transformation which can take on many connotations. In Capricorn the changes are strongly linked to the physical world, and upper echelons of society where political, corporate and financial power reigns.

As mentioned, secrets, lies, manipulation, and corruption in politics and the elite business world have been ever present as Pluto is big on bringing dirt to the surface so it can be purged to create significant change. Power struggles have been bringing lots of drama all emphasized greatly while Jupiter has been in Scorpio.

Pluto in Capricorn and Scorpio also speak to being reborn and thus new identity. While Jupiter has been in Scorpio we have seen a lot of emphasis on transexualism and the complexities of psychology and sexuality (Scorpio) and physical/structural changes (Pluto in Capricorn). To change ones identity and self understanding to the opposite sex is probably the most significant identity change and physical metamorphosis one could experience.

Looking back a little further, escalating issues of bias have continued largely in the media since it all went into overdrive when Jupiter was in Libra in 2016-2017 and censorship by corporate and politically motivated authorities has been largely in focus in 2017-2018 while Jupiter has been in Scorpio. How the corporate world, rich ruling class are running the planet and battling for power is an ongoing story. What a complicated, messy world it has been!

Read more about Jupiter in ScorpioSaturn in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius we can expect a real paradigm shift. Larger world issues and striving for more knowledge and a philosophical reason for living will give many of us new perspective of the world. We are set to have a lot more attention brought to what we think and believe and why we think and believe what we do.

Learning and education are highlighted with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Reading more books, traveling, going on adventures in your mind and in the real world will teach you much and expose you to more wisdom. It’s a good time to access higher knowledge. Spending time in wide open spaces in contemplation of the meaning and wonders of life is highly recommended.

Our worldviews will get looked at more broadly demanding that we expand our perspectives on the larger picture of reality. Religious and political ideologies will also be up for greater discussion.

We could also see a lot more consideration of how brainwashing and propaganda work on populations – Just how do you get a million, or even over a billion people to all believe the same thing? How does the information we are exposed to influence and determine our worldviews? What you may have always believed could change as people look far and wide for more information in search for greater exposure to wisdom and higher truths.

What you believe and what you think you know about the world really is just a small smidgen of the whole picture. A narrow perspective can open up significantly with a whole new view on life with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Those that are closed minded and dogmatic in their thinking will find exposure to more subject matter to be challenging but can bring on revelations and realizations that change everything.

Morals, ethics, rules, laws, authority and how the justice system operates will also be in large focus while Jupiter is in Sagittarius.

What people believe about the world, and how information is learned and propagated by the corporate media and social media will have great emphasis. We could see a greater push for laws and rights about censorship and freedom of information sharing on the internet and television.

As mentioned earlier in this report, issues of travel and immigration are sure to be major, worldwide news with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Border control, laws and the purpose and function of nation states will  certainly get much more talk. As immigration will be in larger focus during this period, the caravan heading to the US just as Jupiter is preparing to enter Sagittarius is a sign of the big issues the world will be talking about as we head into the future.

Since Pluto and Saturn are in Capricorn we can expect more of crumbling of society, politics, finance and religious institutions as knowledge, beliefs and ideologies are transformed deep within. Attention on the shifts in the larger world order is definite.

One of the best ways you can benefit with Jupiter in Sagittarius and to attract better opportunities and luck into your life is to create a vision for your future. A vision board is a great way to have a visual representation of your goals so you can have a more defined vision of what you want to go for in life. If you think a vision board is too much for you to start, you could simply keep a notebook and create lists and record your ideas to keep you focused and inspired about the possibilities you would like to make a reality.

Jupiter will Trine the Destiny Point on November 7, 2018, indicating that the immigration issue is a big deal that will continue to gain emphasis and expand. What people consider home and security and what a global world is all about are topics up for plenty of attention that will define much of our way into 2019.

While Jupiter in Sagittarius be careful about indulging in trying a while lot of new, exotic, delectable foods unless you don’t mind getting an extra spare tire around your waist. Appetites for comfort foods are likely to increase. Will the obesity epidemic get more attention in the news?

It’s a good time to get educated with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Learning more about cultures, travelling and reading about philosophical ideas is recommended.  We could see more people waking up to create attention new reality by stepping away from the mainstream attention moving towards becoming more aware of the bigger picture, beyond the narrative the corporate powers that be work to convince us is reality. People’s scopes will widen and look to alternative options to understand the big picture of the world and world affairs.

I just picked up a book by chance at a used book store called Sophie’s World. How fitting for Jupiter in Sagittarius. It’s all about philosophy.

Good Luck with Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Perhaps with more people interested in learning the truth and finding greater purpose in life well be much better for it. We can look at the trends but we’ll have to wait and see what people choose, as free will always has the greatest power.


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  1. It certainly is interesting that Jupiter, big on law, morals, ethics and the spread of worldwide information and media – and just as Jupiter is about to leave Sagittarius, we see the Royal family scandal of unethical behavior in the media demonstrating corruption in high places (Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn). Jupiter brings attention and awareness to reveal the truth.

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