The Destiny Point enters Cancer on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. 

The Destiny Point in Cancer brings more attention to home and security. How emotions and reactions impact and change our future are indicated as a strong force for all of 2019 into 2020.

The Destiny Point will be in Cancer until May 5, 2020.

Cancer also relates to mothers, motherhood, family, and the womb so we could see more people interested in starting families or connecting with family life. More talk about domestic concerns, parenthood, nurture and nature, ancestry and origins, conception, abortion issues and genetics are also likely to be in focus as we contemplate future generations.

This can be a time of increased closeness with family, loves ones and people and connection to pets important in our personal lives. Enjoying hearty meals and warm, comfort foods can boost bonding.

Developing more of a home life, creating a cozy atmosphere and improving your sleep experience is indicated.

More people will desire to be at home more, and transitioning life from the office, to having a home business will become a reality for many during this period.

With the Destiny Point in Cancer opposite to Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Capricorn we are likely to see more emphasis on the relationship between personal home life and the corporate and political landscape. With mortgages and banking in focus we could see big changes and many people moving to seek better balance of location and price.

Mortgages and real estate markets are likely to be in focus in 2019 and 2020 especially with Uranus in Taurus indicating shifts to the financial world, while a sense of security will be important.

Spiritually speaking, do you feel at home in the world? Do you feel comfortable with, and at home in your body? Do you feel like where you are living, and the people around you are right for you? Such questions could have life changing answers during this period.

Introverts will generally feel more comfortable in their own space as usual. Although generally pleasant for the most part, spending too much private time, especially long stretches inside can eventually end up having some feeling like a hermit with cabin fever. Extroverts could especially feel out of their element if everyone else is inside all the time.

Some could become hoarders during this period, while those that already hoard and those with strong emotional attachments to material possessions could experience a personal revolution to transform their lives and their future while the Destiny Point is in Cancer.

Some may spend even more time in their private bubbles than before. Privacy issues could become a hot topic. Those addicted to their phones could become excessively antisocial.

As people may become more emotionally sensitive we could see attitudes of defensiveness, and self preservation increase. Tribalism mentality may also become more obvious.

Creative types will find night time gets things flowing.

Trusting your gut instincts and intuition while the Destiny Point is in Cancer is recommended.


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