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Full Moon in Leo

It’s a Full Moon in Leo on January 21, 2019 at 12:16 am ET with a Total Lunar Eclipse!

Leo is ruled by the Sun. A Full Moon in Leo always stands across the sky from the Sun in Aquarius.

This is considered an eclipse season which encourages change from the old, to become awakened to a new understanding of yourself and your life and making important changes so you can create a different reality.

This is an important period to grow towards having more empowerment for your life. Leo is a creative, inspired, social sign that enjoys attention, entertainment, fun and the glamourous. It’s a great time to get more interested in the creativity and entertainments that you like most and recognize your own.

  • What do you admire in others that you would like to be a part of your personality? 
  • Imagine a future where you’re at your best. What would that look like? 
  • What talents would you like to emphasize in your life? 
  • Where do you see yourself making a great change that can define you more true to yourself?

There is a rebelliousness with this Full Moon that can lead to strong shifts. Are you marching to the beat of your own drum?

This Full Moon and eclipse can dramatically emphasize the egotistical part of people’s personalities!

Leo can symbolize the archetype of a King and so can be highly egocentric, dogmatic, and controlling. This also represents the type of personality that is direct and focused on accomplishing their goals.

Since Leo is highly egocentric and the human ego is a most fragile thing, a Full Moon and Eclipse in Leo can also signify the important time for people that are experiencing anything dramatic to take a step back and look at things differently.

With the Lunar Eclipse, we could see shifting emotions and egocentric behavior having us thinking more about how dramas and dramatic people influence our lives. The realization can lead to great change. When people are acting out and going over the top with the dramatics, it’s a good idea to take that step back and make a decision of how to proceed rationally instead of just getting drawn into the emotions of the drama.

Reputations can be especially emphasized during a Full Moon in Leo. An interpretation of an event, of someone in the spotlight, or what is said could lead to a switch in perceptions between people. Connections with others in social circles and how they influence the future is up for consideration.

Use this time to your advantage to consider how you are growing your personality to be more in line with an empowered, creative you, and be cautious that your ego doesn’t have your head getting too big.

After the Full Moon, the Moon will begin to wane over the next two weeks, indicating a time to internalize and reflect upon the changes and revelations this Full Moon has inspired. Let go of any drama or dramatic situations that you know you don’t want or need in your life.

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