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Mars in Taurus

Mars enters Taurus February 14, 2019 at 5:50 am ET.

Taurus is ruled by Venus. The Love, Passion and Romance energy is kicked up a notch.

Mars in Taurus is like a phallic symbol. It is like an adrenaline rush of desire and a strong sex-drive. It is the alpha male warrior taking charge and getting what he wants.

Taurus is a sensual sign and magnetized toward the material world. With Mars here, a strong physical energy and the power of making love is emphasized. It can also signify the desire for establishing strength and security in ones income, pushing for and attracting more money and power in the business world.

Mars in Taurus says, “What do I want and what actions am I taking to get it.”

Mars in Taurus can be great for business leaders to do what needs to be done to get things in order and make the transaction reality. Determination is strong and hard work naturally brings results. Motivation to make money can dominate to ensure a secure, empowering foundation is built.

Since Mars has a lot of energy and the desire for the self to accomplish as it wishes, it can signify anger and possessiveness. Provoking Mars in Taurus in the right way can bring about mutual passion, but provoking Mars in an irritating, oppositional way, can bring out the raging Bull ready to charge full steam ahead to get what it wants. Mars doesn’t like anything to stand in his way, neither do bulls. It can take a lot of prodding to get under one’s skin when Mars is in Taurus, since Taurus is highly patient, but once the tipping point is pushed to the max, outbursts are possible.

Mars in Taurus also signifies strength, movement, machinery, tools and building. Construction, engineering and architecture, especially manifesting something with precision that is valuable, practical, beautiful and long lasting. Hard work that makes you sweat is associated with Mars in Taurus.

Trying to balance patience with wanting to get things done quickly can be a challenge. Focusing on efficiency can be the solution.

This is considered a good time to build muscle mass with athletic activities, weightlifting and bodybuilding that requires discipline for achievement. As ruled by Venus, Taurus is concerned with beauty and aesthetics, one of the key reasons people work out.

Mars is in Taurus until March 31, 2019. 

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