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New Moon in Pisces

It’s officially a New Moon in Pisces on March 6, 2019 at 11:04 am ET.

It’s time to start a new karmic path. Mistakes you’ve made in the past are likely to be your greatest learning tools to create meaningful change. Don’t get hung up on what went wrong before, but do use the awareness of your past to your advantage to make better choices going forward. New Moon symbolism is about refreshing and creating positive changes to grow into your future.

This is an excellent time to get creative and explore higher concepts and philosophies on life. Spiritual and symbolic artworks could inspire the most meaningful revelations. Imagination is at a strong peak and can work wonders for artists and creators of all types now. Understanding hidden meanings and symbolism is an important part of the creative toolkit.

Personal revelations can put you on an all new path of meaningful soul growth now.

As an emotional water sign, a Pisces New Moon can kick of new changes, and it can be an emotional time, where our feelings indicate what we want to move away from in life and what we want to move towards.

From the depths of the subconscious, to the ascent of enlightenment, this New Moon can awaken you to realizations that go beyond mundane reality, and enter into higher consciousness. A eureka moment can change everything and set you on a higher vibration tuning you into a more awakened, spiritualized, meaningful perspective of reality.

This New Moon in Pisces can also be transformative for those with addictions to have renewed faith in getting on track and realizing the real potential of life beyond the addiction. A revelatory moment can alter your perspective and forge a new, brighter path.

Listening to music and writing poetry may open up another level of understanding yourself, humanity, and all life.

Hypnosis, dreams and dream interpretation, art appreciation, tarot readings, meditation and the like can reveal much hidden knowledge and wisdom now that bubbles up and wakes you up. We are reminded now that there is a great level of psychic and mystical wisdom threaded through our world that we can tap into.

The New Moon in Pisces reminds us to have another look at our beliefs and choices that have brought us to where we are today and how are they impacting the world. Do they bring out more positive, or negative results in the grand scheme of things?

The New Moon in Pisces can reveal a washing away of the old patterns of thinking to reveal all new beliefs. An awakening can take your life to a whole other level of living in tune with a higher calling. Some could finally discover their life purpose that satisfies and enriches on a soul level. You could end up waking up to a new you.

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