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Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius

Jupiter stations Retrograde in Sagittarius on April 10, 2019 at 1:02 pm ET.

Now Jupiter goes Retrograde, which brings us into a more reflective period. Observing our past to learn from the lessons and the wisdom that has been gained through history will be increasingly important.

Jupiter in Sagittarius signifies a more philosophical perspective to find deeper meaning for our lives. If you’ve been feeling like you haven’t been moving in the right direction to expand your experience of life, getting in tune with your vision is recommended. If you haven’t made a vision board, this would be a good time to review, reflect and reconsider what you really want to do with your life so you can live with purpose.

Immigration and issues of race have become even bigger topics with Jupiter in Sagittarius, of course. Now we get to look back at what has been happening and develop wiser perspectives. Jupiter in Sagittarius speaks to media, knowledge and information that is spread far and wide. Jupiter wants the truth, but bias and subjective opinion and beliefs have definitely been getting in the way of objective reality. Jupiter Retrograde can bring in the reality checks necessary to get closer to the real truth.

Jupiter in Sagittarius also speaks to institutions of higher learning. With Jupiter in Sagittarius we have also seen the unethical practices of the rich and famous getting special treatment with university admissions. Perhaps we will see justice and karma prioritized with Jupiter Retrograde now, to deal with what’s been happening.

In terms of learning for your own life, this can be a great time to get into reading more on the subjects that interest you most. You may wish to reflect on the possibility of going back to school, or taking classes that will bring more meaning and satisfaction to your life.

Beliefs are likely to be reconsidered and changed while Jupiter is Retrograde. A whole new perspective on life is likely to shift what you believe about our larger reality.

Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius also speaks strongly to History and what we can learn from the past.  Just as Jupiter in Sagittarius speaks to institutions of higher learning, it also speaks to potential changes for religious institutions, churches, temples and the like.

We could see more issues of travel with Jupiter in Sagittarius, especially long distance travel and air travel.

If you have fears about other cultures, are scared to travel because of culture shock, this could be a good time to have a look at where those fears are rooted. Trying exotic cuisines, clothes and jewelery from foreign cultures can teach you a lot and open you up to greater understanding of the uniqueness and beauty the larger world has to offer. Getting to understand beliefs, customs and interpretations from around the world is recommended to help bring you greater understanding of people and places. This would be a great time to enjoy watching episodes of House Hunters International. I love that show!

Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces. The Modern ruler of Pisces is Neptune. With Jupiter Retrograde we will see a revamp of beliefs. What you may believe to be true could be challenged by different information giving you an all new perspective on life. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of long held beliefs that have become a part of our identity and views on life, but prioritizing the truth will help you gain the insights that really matter most.

Now that spring is here and summer is on its way, this would be a great time to take some time to enjoy wide open spaces and get in touch with the energy of the world around you. Grabbing your camera and having some me time would be a great idea!

Jupiter is in Sagittarius from November 8, 2018 to December 2, 2019.

Jupiter is stationing Retrograde at 24 degrees of Sagittarius on April 10, 2019, and will go direct again at 14 degrees of Sagittarius on August 11, 2019. If you have any planets in your natal chart that are in these degrees this period can be especially relevant for your life changes.


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