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Mercury in Gemini

Mercury enters Gemini on May 21, 2019 at 6:51 am ET.

As the Ruling Planet of Gemini, Mercury comes home to liven up our minds. Mercury is the messenger of the gods.

Allow spontaneity to guide your days ahead. Great ideas can show up unexpectedly. Synchronicity is in the air. Pay attention to repeating patterns in numbers, and words that seem to find you. Messages that show up can be worth following up on.

The mind starts to think quicker. Faster, wittier responses are on the rise. Multitasking becomes the norm. With the mind in hyper-drive, jumping from one idea to another can leave some better ideas lost in the dust. Do write down the best thoughts that have a special ring to them so you can continue to extrapolate on your winning ideas.

This is a great time to socialize and meet a wide variety of people. Each interaction will be unique of course, but by maintaining a smile, an open heart and mind, you will be able to weave a thread that keeps you in check. Smiling while speaking on the phone also changes the energy for the listener.

Striking up random conversations with strangers while you are out and about is easier when you discuss the lighter, less deep subjects of life.

This is a time to develop your social skills in a non-stressful way. Small talk with those around you can go a long way to making life more pleasant and open doors. Life is about relationships. Choosing who you speak with and how you interact with the world around you gives you power. It’s a great time to be friendly and create new, happier relationships.

Key words and ideas can show up that stand out, inspire and put you on a new tangent of thought.

Coffee and caffeinated beverages will add to the energy and get the windmills of your mind turning faster and sparking new ideas.

It can also be a good time to consider moving forward with a new smartphone or internet plan, updating your site with freshness or learning about investing in telecommunications. Gathering new information and intelligence will be in focus. Starting to read that new book or learning a new hobby is a great way to move forward in new directions for your mind.

Mercury will be zipping through Gemini quickly over the next couple of weeks indicating a wide variety of new ideas will be showing up.

Mercury will be in Gemini until June 4, 2019 at 4:04 pm ET.

Sun in Gemini

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