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The Sun in Leo

SunInLeoAstrologyHoroscope - Edited

The Sun enters Leo on July 22, 2019 at 10:50 pm ET.

When the Sun is in Leo, it is a great time to feel more enlivened, empowered, inspired and creative.

The Sun rules Leo, so is right at home here on the grand clock of the cosmos emphasizing the Fire element.

This is when the archetypal correspondences of the personality we associate with the Sun shine their brightest. Confidence, extroversion, optimism, passion, vitality and self expression are highlighted with the Sun in Leo. These characteristics in yourself and in others can stand out best now. Where do you feel like you shine best?

This is a great time to show off that you are capable of taking a leadership role and putting your best foot forward. Others will notice.

Whether you are a boss, an entrepreneur that is self employed, or you are the head of a department, taking the lead in getting your tasks and responsibilities organized can rightfully set you on your throne.

Leo loves the spotlight and likes to stand out. Being creative and expressing yourself through art and what you wear as an extension of your personality can easily draw attention now. Leo especially likes glitz, glamour and shiny things that grab attention. It’s a great time to feel radiant.

Of course narcissists could stand out with an extra dose of ego energy dominating and we could see some celebrities or those in the media try to get attention by acting out and creating drama.

Those that are narcissistic, excessively confident, prideful, bossy and domineering can boast, show off and pat themselves on the back more than usual when the Sun is in Leo. Relatively, sometimes this can induce an inferiority complex in others, but of course we all know that a truly confident person never needs to put others down to feel good about themselves.

When someone that is not a victim of their ego is tapping into the real power of the Sun, confidence and optimism can spread and shine to all those around, helping to build others up right along with them. Seek out truly positive people to be comrades and role models that lead by example. Pointing out the best in yourself and the best in others encourages mutual positive rapport.

The Sun reminds us that confidence helps you believe anything is possible.

The Sun in Leo is an excellent time to focus on living up to your best potential

Soaking up the sun’s rays and getting your dose of Vitamin D can enhance your positive, vital energy.

The Sun will be in Leo until August 23, 2019. 

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