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Venus in Virgo

Venus enters Virgo on August 21, 2019 at 5:06 am ET.

Although Venus is considered to be weak in Virgo you can still tap into what she has to offer here. Virgo is the virgin, and therefore the sexual and sensual nature of Venus is lessened here.

It’s a great time to become more neat and tidy in your appearance with Venus in Virgo. Clothes that are well tailored and flattering to your form with a dose of preppiness and professionalism is most suitable.

Whether you are getting your nails or hair done or getting a new wardrobe, Venus in Virgo is less about being flashy (like Venus in Leo) and more about what is aesthetically pleasing.

Colognes and perfumes that smell natural, clean, and bright with a gentle hint of allure can make you feel more attractive without overdoing it.

Venus in Virgo can also indicate when people have a stronger desire for beauty treatments and facials. Issues of self confidence can come up with Venus in Virgo. Some may consider plastic surgery, but Venus loves all that is natural, so finding ways to look your best naturally and painlessly is the best option.

Taking care of your health and well being is one of the best ways Venus loves to feel beautiful when in Virgo. Diet and nutrition, and ensuring you get all the best vitamins and minerals in your diet will help you look and feel your best.

A charming, delightful and modest disposition work best while Venus is in Virgo to positively help all your relationships be at their best. Romance and respectfulness work well together now. Shyness can be a common trait with Venus in Virgo. Romantic relationships that do best now, are those where partners have a well rounded connection to both mind and body.

A great way to ensure relationships are at their best while Venus is in Virgo is by creating a regular routine of showing that you care. The little things you do to care for each other each day can bring greater appreciation for one another.

If you are single, this can be a more difficult time in dating especially if you are looking for perfection or have a specific vision of what the ideal person for you is. Virgo can have quite a critical perspective so being super picky about who is worthy to love can make relating to others more challenging.

With Mercury being the ruler of Virgo, reading romance novels could become a favorite pastime.

If your relationship is approached with formalities, contracts like marriage certificates, prenuptial agreements and addressing financial paperwork matters can also indicated with Venus in Virgo.

In business, falling in love with your work is common with Venus in Virgo. Love what you are doing and be smart about business matters and you are sure to make money.

Using your natural beauty and friendliness as a tool to achieve greater success can work well with Venus in Virgo. When others feel that it is a pleasure to have you around, doors can open. Venus is the goddess of attraction and can therefore draw great opportunities and financial abundance your way.

Venus in Virgo encourages a more reserved approach to spending money. Making sense of a purchase and having a solid, practical reasoning with financial savvy is best now.

If you are interested in the arts, Venus in Virgo is a great time to learn a new artistic skill that requires more attention to detail and study. Blending a methodical and mathematical approach with creative inspiration can bring out new dimensions to your art. Explorations in softer, feminine color schemes and fashions are well suited now. This is a great time to learn how to play an instrument and to enjoy listening to music with great structure.

Venus will be in Virgo until September 14, 2019 at 9:42 am ET.

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