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New Moon in Virgo

It’s officially a New Moon in Virgo on August 30, 2019 at 6:37 am ET.

With this New Moon we are each getting a chance to initiate something new in our lives, something that matters and encourages practical growth. This New Moon in Virgo connects with the Sun in Virgo, and is in close orb to Venus in Virgo and Mars in Virgo.

We have a Stellium in Virgo. A Stellium is when there is a group of 3 or more planets in a sign or house which intensifies and concentrates the power of these planets and the sign or house they are in accordingly.

Also, this New Moon is in positive aspect, in Trine, with Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus indicating the importance of building a positive future. It also indicates considerations of money and security are important. It’s a good time to pay attention to investments and news in the finance sector.

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, also in Virgo just a few degrees away from this New Moon in Virgo.

The Moon is associated with feelings, moods and intuition. In mindful Virgo, writing about your thoughts and feelings is recommended. Especially writing poetry is a great practice to connect intellect, logic, and words with the more romantic and nostalgic feelings the Moon encourages. Writing will open you up to new thoughts and ideas you can use as part of your New Moon growth process.

The New Moon is the time to turn over a new leaf. If you put your mind, drive and willpower into gear you can set the stage for a new lifestyle, a new business venture, a new, healthier you. New decisions and actions now have the potential to attract new opportunities for love and money as well.

Dedication to the process of growth is everything now. If you want to get from point A to point B, this is the time to start clearing away the clutter and distractions so you can get yourself organized. If you know where you are coming from, you will better know where you are going.

As the Moon is much about feelings, this New Moon in Virgo encourages you to get real about how you really feel about how you live your life every day and to assess how you are making the most of your time. How do you feel about your everyday lifestyle routines? Do you feel like you have a healthy routine? Do you feel productive and accomplished every day? Do you also have personal quality time scheduled into your days regularly? Though Virgo loves to be productive, all work and no play will only deplete you.

A New Moon in Virgo is a time of enhancing your emotional intelligence and taking the mature approach to your life. Whatever area of life you want to improve, this is such an excellent time to make a commitment to a plan and follow through with the processes you set in place.

This is a time to be clean, clear and orderly. Whether you are cleaning and organizing your environment and putting everything in place, getting a new, smart haircut, dressing well, or doing a cleanse of your body through a new diet, this is the time to get yourself feeling refreshed and healthy.

Virgo is generally associated with being a bit obsessive with details, which can lead to worry and anxiety. This New Moon can have you recognize these parts of yourself so you can regenerate yourself in a new, more positive light.

It is not uncommon for those with a strong placements in Virgo to do a lot of extra cleaning and organizing as a way to feel more in control of their lives and to help relieve anxiety. The Moon is associated with your close environment. Whether it is your home or office, cleaning and organizing is certainly recommended for a better sense of calm and order overall.

Feeling efficient will help improve your mood. It is definitely not recommended to procrastinate in any sense now, as it is likely to lead to anxiety. It is best to make this New Moon feel positive for your growth.

Health and nutrition play an important role with Virgo. You are what you eat. The better you take care of your body and mind the more energy you’ll be able to channel and apply with focus, drive and dedication. To reduce stress you may want to look into how magnesium and B vitamins can help. You may also find supplementing with ginseng to be helpful. This is a great time to start new routines that connect mind and body and induce positive energy like running, stretching, yoga, and meditation.

To improve your mood in the workplace and socially, you may want to get a few new pieces for your wardrobe. Dressing smart will help you feel good about yourself now. Demonstrating a more put-together attitude and lifestyle as you go about your days will uplift you.

For those of you in business, marketing strategies are favorable now with Mars in Virgo. It’s a good time to implement a new plan intended to get new results. This New Moon also encourages planning new growth of money as does Venus in Virgo.

But also remember, that although Virgo is very work oriented and motivates us to accomplish, a New Moon can be a transition period and some people just aren’t always able to hit the ground running. Trust that sometimes you just have to stop and take care of your health first and not feel guilty about taking a break your body and mind are telling you they need before you get going. A pause to take care of yourself can be exactly what you need to renew your energy before moving forward in your efforts. Take your time and do what you know is best for your well being. It is not wise to put pressure on yourself to do it all immediately. All will be accomplished in the right time. You can make a schedule when you are ready that works best for your current situation.

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