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Full Moon in Pisces

It’s officially a Full Moon in Pisces on September 14, 2014 at 12:33 am ET.

A couple of weeks before this Full Moon we began new growth with the New Moon in Virgo which set the stage for the two week period ahead of this Full Moon in Pisces.

Whereas the Virgo New Moon was an initiating point for analysis, decisions, organization of our daily routines, and becoming more grounded in the practical necessities of our lives, now we come to a culmination point with this Full Moon in Pisces. This is a point, a climax if you will, into what we have been working towards from the ground up. Now we get in tune with a higher state of consciousness.

With Virgo being very earth oriented and grounded, in the weeks before this Full Moon it’s the perfect time to get our lives organized and uncluttered. A New Moon in Virgo signifies that it’s certainly a good time to establish practical routines and processes and to become more meticulous in your daily way of life.

With this journey from the New Moon to the Full Moon our minds have shifted from the intelligent and analytical left brained mode of Virgo, towards the more creative, imaginative, right brained side in Pisces.

Getting things in order helps the fantasy and dreamy side of our lives have a more free flowing path. Feng Shui would be a very good connection between these aspects of our lives. Where we systematically place things in order, we allow the creative, vital force of energy, chi, to flow through our lives. Where the rocks are laid determines how and where the water will cascade. Structure and foundation allows us to mold which way the energy is able to go.

With this journey from the New Moon to the Full Moon we have been creating a bridge between the mind and the heart, thoughts and emotions.

Pisces is a sign of psychic, spiritual perceptions of reality, so it’s a great time to tap into visualization, stay up late and pull out your tarot cards.

Those with addictions to drugs, alcohol and substances that alter the mind into the realms of fantasy, imagination and delusion, could have a revelation to transform their lives during this Full Moon in Pisces.

Whereas Virgo is of service to others for practical reasons, like a nurse doing well taking care of a patient for instance, or a waiter putting in extra diligence to ensure your three course meal is enjoyed without a hitch, being of service to others with the compassion of Pisces is in the realm of love and compassion for others felt on the soul level.

Pisces is a very spiritual, compassionate, sensitive sign. As we’ve been building towards this Full Moon you’ve probably noticed various considerations come up that allow you to explore such aspects in your life. Perhaps you saw an image of someone sick, or an animal get hurt, that lead to your heart overflowing and your compassionate understanding of pain, suffering, and love as bridges to greater realizations about life. Perhaps the gates of the spiritual world have been opened by an event in your life that caused you to rethink the connection between regular, mundane life and the higher states of consciousness and spirit.

Whether you consciously created these connections between the physical world and the spiritual realms intentionally by practicing meditation, yoga, tai chi, feng shui, etc., or an event in your life brought you the connection, it is all valid.

Synchronicity gets turned up as Mercury, ruler of Virgo, bring us numbers, while Pisces, ruled by Neptune, brings us the spiritual, dreamy qualities of the awe-inspiring.

This Full Moon asks you to be connected to source; to look at your life and see where you’ve made progress from assessing your life to intentionally direct your life towards a more awakened state of consciousness. This is a time where you ponder over where you have come over the past couple of weeks in getting your life in order so that you are able to live in a more awakened state. How have you become more perceptive, more present and more in tune with the earth and spirit?

Autumn is on its way and this is such a perfect time to ponder the stars with your feet on the ground. Like a tree reaching deep down into the earth with your roots, while reaching high towards the heavens, this is a time of cosmic connection and reflection.

Poets, musicians, writers, dreamers, and the like can all appreciate this time by feeling the emotional, deep rooted connection to the beauty and wisdom of these moments.

Enter into that sphere, and look at how things have come together recently in your life that serves as a foundation to you being able to gratefully experience a more conscious life. Live more faithful to your higher understanding and beliefs about what is truly important for you and the world.

This is where you surrender your ego and let yourself have a breather, knowing that you’ve done a lot, you’ve been through a lot, and now you need to just experience what life is from a spiritual perspective.

It is a great time of healing. Working with your higher chakras from the heart up to the crown is a great practice now. Meditation is wonderful now, as is prayer. Be a good listener. Tap into your more receptive, intuitive self and observe, without judgment, from the heart and spirit. Visualization of mystical, dreamy concepts is wonderful. Magical thinking and the arts, particularly symbolic and surreal art, are wonderful to explore now as well. Diving into a book of symbols would be a wonderful journey of discovery now.

Now you get to integrate wisdom, healing, compassion and love from a much higher place into your life which will bring you to the next New Moon in a couple of weeks.

As Pablo Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine, is real.”

We can also expect to see deeper into the truth of reality and hidden parts of our history, where long held secrets may be revealed.

When it’s a Full Moon in Pisces, the Moon stands across the sky from the Sun in Virgo. 

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