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Mercury in Libra

Mercury enters Libra on September 14, 2019 at 3:14 am ET.

This is a chatty place for Mercury to be, with the air element emphasized greatly.

Libra rules relationships, so this can be helpful for understanding other people, especially if you’re willing to listen and work on improving your relationships with others. A charming and diplomatic approach will work best in your communications.

Getting together with friends and being friendly is recommended. Talking more about relationships, dating, engagements and marriage is indicated.

We can expect even more bias in the media to be emphasized with gossiping Mercury in the house. Truth is valued with Mercury in Libra, so intentionally misleading biases will not go unnoticed. Prioritizing rational, truthful perspectives is essential to bringing real resolutions.

Libra wants balance, but can also be indecisive with so many perspectives to think about. Mercury in Libra is not able to easily make the best decisions, as Mercury tends to have a superficial, perspective on things, and doesn’t look too deep into all sides of a story before quickly forming an opinion.

Since we live in a world of duality, (left and right, up and down, night and day, yin and yang) there will always be a different point of view to contend with. Intelligence and honesty are necessities for creating balance. Look at both sides of the topic of discussion to find the truth. Of course, how a conversation unfolds depends on how stubborn one is in their biased views. If there is opposition to a train of thought, we can expect debates to go around in circles as people weigh the issues trying to get to the real truth.

Luckily, Mercury in Libra can encourage the voice of reason to be priority, which can build bridges and soften rough edges to bring people back into harmony.

For the sensible, this is a good time to work in partnership with others in business and as part of a team. Two heads are better than one.

Complimenting others can easily bring rapport, especially on one’s appearance, and friendships of like-minded people can flourish now.

Mercury is also known as the trickster since words can be used to manipulate, so do try to not be naive and take things at face value now. Salespeople are notorious at sweet-talking to get into your pockets. If they point out only the positives, try to see the other side as well so you can make a more informed, well rounded decision.

Mercury will not be going retrograde while in Libra this time around, so going back over issues and having second chances during this period is not in focus. Be sure to read the fine print when signing papers and ask plenty of questions to ensure all is as you wish before going ahead.

Poets and writers can find this placement works well. An attraction to beautiful phrases and words is emphasized. If you’re a budding writer, this would be a great time to start journaling, or start your own blog. A desire to read romance novels is suggested.

Mercury will be in Libra until October 3, 2019 at 4:14 am ET.

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