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New Moon in Libra

It’s officially a New Moon in Libra on September 28, 2019 at 2:26 pm ET.

Libra is a cardinal sign, and with a New Moon this is extra great for new beginnings.

Making new decisions about moving forward in new directions is signified at this time. Decisions are not always easy so take the time to think about the pros and cons each way.

As an Air sign, Libra encourages us to think, write and communicate. With Venus as the ruling planet of Libra, deciding from the heart is best.

Libra is all about relating, so this is a great time to consider a new relationship, or to rekindle love in a current relationship.

Artists and poets will also find romanticism of this period to bring great depth of feeling to their work.

Appreciation for those you love is heightened at this time and friendships can flourish. New bonds can be formed well now including collaborative business relationships.

As Venus rules Libra, beauty, harmony and balance are essential to appeal to Libra. The intention of bringing fresh renewal to life and feelings of love are felt at this time.

Truth and justice are also prioritized, and the desire for these qualities to be felt in our world increases as the Moon grows during this cycle. Truth can come out in the open with both a New Moon and Full Moon in Libra.

Wherever there may be an imbalance in life, it will become clearer so that a return to a more centered, balanced way of life is prioritized.

Compromise and fair negotiation is recommended to find mutual balance and respect for both sides on issues.

If the pendulum has swung too far one way, we are likely to see readjustments of judgments at this time.

If your life has been pulled in one direction or the other too much, this is the time to find your center.

Libra is an air sign, and is associated with mental activity. The symbol of the sword with justice indicates making decisions and cutting through to get to the truth.

If you have found your mind is all over the place, if you worry about the past or have anxiety about the future, this is the time to learn how to get back in tune with the now.

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