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Mercury in Scorpio and Mercury Retrograde

Mercury enters Scorpio on October 3, 2019 at 4:14 am ET.

Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio from October 31 to November 20, 2019. 

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio guarantees a change in what you think and feel. By the end of this Mercury Retrograde cycle you are likely to be on a different wavelength.

Mercury Retrograde happens every 3 to 4 months, giving you another great reminder and chance to replenish, rethink, reevaluate and reassess your life. A lot of questions and re-considerations about your life will come up that can lead to great transformation.

If you aren’t attentive during October and early November, 2019 while Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio, you may find you regret mistakes and have to go back and deal with fixing them later in November into December. Trust your instincts to make best decisions. Be extra attentive to how your thoughts and feelings are being expressed. Miscommunications, misunderstandings and misinterpretations are likely.

Read more about Mercury Retrograde and the Shadow phases.

With Mercury in Scorpio, the power of how the mind and emotions work together and feed off each other becomes much more apparent. What you think influences how you feel, and how you feel influences how you think.

Scorpio is the sign of deep psychology and signifies the very roots of our thoughts and feelings.

This can be one of the most important times for people to access their subconscious mind and recognize where thoughts and feelings have formed your deep seated beliefs over your lifetime, especially the ones that may have sabotaged your success in life. Through this awareness you can come to realize how to work on changing your thoughts, feelings and beliefs so you can free yourself of those hidden chains. This is a time where you can purge yourself of negative beliefs and move toward a brighter future.

You may have some strange dreams now, and quite possibly nightmares, that represent your deepest fears. If you can remember them when you wake up, your may find yourself having a change of mind.

With Mercury in Scorpio, emotions can impact your frame of mind dramatically, and vice versa, as information can also affect your emotions more than usual now. This means that external influences can impact you significantly, so it is wise to be attentive to what types of influences you allow in your sphere now.

Scorpio can be obsessive, just like Virgo, but instead of being obsessed with having things clean and orderly like Virgo, Scorpio’s obsessions are more visceral and lean toward emotional reactions and feelings like jealousy and deep rooted fears.

Obsessive thoughts whirling around in people’s minds tied to their emotional fears are more likely to become commonplace with Mercury in Scorpio. The shadow archetype as Carl Jung describe it, our unconscious, hidden fears are associated with Scorpio.

Mercury in Scorpio is like a detective, a sleuth, and likes to get to the bottom of things. This is the time to ask plenty of probing questions to discover secrets ready to be uncovered. When information is hidden and someone doesn’t know the details, suspicions increase significantly. Even the most superficial suggestions can trigger an interest in deciphering and decoding deeper meaning.

Mercury in Scorpio. Thrilling Detective Magazine 1940s

Mercury in Scorpio wants the truth and real answers, even if they are not good and lies can especially get under people’s skin now. We are likely to hear more about investigations at this time. Undercover detectives will feel right at home over the next few weeks, delving deeper into their curiosities into crimes and corruption. Secret phone calls, texts, cryptic and hidden messages and communications could get attention.

Scorpio is a psychic sign, but not everyone is psychic, and so you have to be careful with assumptions and guesswork. Although many will find their intuition and reasoning are heightened, it doesn’t mean getting stuck on an idea and believing it to be true is always accurate.

With fast paced Mercury, it’s easy for people to quickly jump to conclusions based on little information now. It is important to think rationally now as emotional opinions formed by headlines can be irrational.

We are likely to hear more talk about conspiracy theories and suspicious activities when Mercury is in Scorpio. The deep, dark, hidden, secret, taboo side of life is ruled by Scorpio.

With any information we are faced with now, it’s important to question the underlying intentions and motivations of the messenger, which can often be much more telling than the message itself. Are they telling you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Do they have an agenda? Do they have something to hide?

Watch for lies, manipulation and deceit to avoid being tricked into adopting an emotional, reactionary frame of mind. A negative, vengeful point of view is best to be purged.

Be attentive to how clever marketing tricksters know how to talk the talk designed to draw you in and change your perspective toward what they want when Mercury is in Scorpio.

Words and concepts have the power to alter your emotional state, so be more vigilant and try interpreting the words you listen to wisely without being overly sensitive and reactive.

Do be extra wary of telemarketers and phishing scams online at this time, especially those that want your money.

Politicians are also likely to be less trusted now and corruption could get lots of talk.

Since Mercury rules communications and is connected to news and media, we are likely to see the media come under more scrutiny for the way information is used to manipulate people’s minds and emotions.

It’s not the best time to trust people that you intuitively have suspicions about. Your spidey senses will let you know, so do not dismiss them.

Crime is in the domain of Scorpio so it is best to keep your wits about you, especially if you are in locations and environments that are not that familiar. Guns are also likely to be discussed further in the media.

Addictions of all types should be addressed with intelligent decisions now, especially addictions to mobile phones.

A preoccupation with sexual temptation is also signified with Mercury in Scorpio.

Magickal thinking, like the law of attraction is suggested with Mercury in Scorpio where the link between thoughts and feelings are essential to tuning into what you are manifesting.

Mercury corresponds to commerce, trade and exchange and in Scorpio talk of banking, finance, interest rates, taxes and stock markets are likely to increase. We could also hear more talk of cryptocurrency. It’s a good time to consider how to deal with your debt so you can get rid of it faster. People are likely to get drawn into dramatic talk that increases their fears about what the stock markets are doing.

Though Mercury in Scorpio may not be the most positive placements, it does give us an opportunity to trust our instincts and to tune into how our minds and emotions are working together for better or worse.

Where you may be holding onto negative thoughts, this is a good time to address where they are rooted and see how you can consciously rid yourself of feelings like jealousy, fear and anger.

Changing your thinking patterns and your emotional reactions can bring dramatic changes to your life.

Detective shows and films are likely to draw more interest at this time and could give you a few clues on how Mercury in Scorpio operates. Paranormal movies, suspense thrillers and murder mysteries can be more intriguing now as well.

Recently I started watching this show on YouTube called Burke’s Law. It’s a corny detective show from the 90s. It’s so funny that when they think they are hot on the case, and they accuse someone of being guilty, they soon find out another small but significant piece of information that they didn’t have before and realize they are wrong, and then they are like, “Oh. Uh, okay… back to the drawing board.”

Mercury in Scorpio also signifies when people are more interested in occult (hidden) knowledge. An interest in esoteric subjects and explorations of ancient mysteries is also likely to be enhanced now. It’s the right time for writers to stay up late to get that inspiration and creativity only nighttime can bring.

This is a great time to explore astrology, tarot, and divination methods like runes and reading tea leaves to discover hidden aspects of your mind. These practices are an alternative approach to discovering hidden parts of our psychology, access the subconscious and underlying messages relating to our deeper thoughts and feelings.

Mercury will be in Scorpio until December 9, 2019 at 4:40 am ET.

Mercury Retrograde conjuncts the Sun in Scorpio on November 11, 2019 at 10:21 am ET.


  1. I think this is very appropriate for a Mercury Retrograde period. I came across this video this morning. I do remember I saw a few of Mary’s videos in the past but I wasn’t a regular viewer. Interesting… She does have a nervous, anxious energy. Wishing her the best and many blessings as she transforms her life.


  2. Well, we are in the middle of Mercury Retrograde here and one of the things I have been debating is sending an anonymous note to noisy neighbors.

    I have neighbors and the father/husband seems to be quite emotionally unstable. He yells a lot, obviously has anger issues. Early in the morning and at night, there is a pattern of abusive behavior that revolves around him. Quite fitting for Mercury in Scorpio! Probably slipping a note under the door is a more sure option than through the mail during Mercury Retrograde, but I may patiently wait until after this period to see how things go before going ahead. My hope is that an external note could be a wake up call and help prevent his wife and daughter from having to put up with such negativity.


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