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Full Moon in Taurus

It’s officially a Full Moon in Taurus on November 12, 2019 at 8:34 am ET. 

A Full Moon in Taurus always occurs when the Moon stands across the sky from the Sun in Scorpio.

Full Moons are known to strengthen emotions. Depending on your own personal circumstances, some may feel uplifted and empowered during a Full Moon, while others may feel depressed, stressed, drained or overwhelmed with emotions.

Of course, everyone will notice the Full Moon effects, and it is Taurus that will likely notice the intensity of emotions with this Full Moon most.

Full Moon’s also signify fruition and completion. What has grown and increased over the last 2 weeks and last 6 months?

An increase and intensity of dreams is common with a Full Moon. Intuitive hunches, greater awareness and realizations are plentiful.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and brings up considerations like: What are you attracting? What do you want? What do you love?

Have you been achieving practical results? What have you been building towards manifesting? Are you getting the things you want in life? Are you clear about what you really want? Do you feel financially secure and prosperous?

As an earth sign, Taurus is associated with the physical. Greater attention is brought to the material world, our physical bodies, the earth, nature and the environment with the Full Moon in Taurus. Money is highly important to Taurus.

The Full Moon in Taurus signifies being more present in our bodies and surroundings.

I remember years ago in a theatre class in college we would move our bodies and vocalize to express how our bodies were feeling. We’d roll out our mats and explore our connection to our bodies through movement, noting where we felt pain and held tension, and become aware of where our weaknesses and strengths were located. We tuned into our emotions and how they impacted the connection to our bodies. We were encouraged to express whatever we were feeling and release it through our voices as we moved. There were lots of grunts and moans that would come out naturally. Acting is largely about letting go of inhibitions so you are free to express yourself fully from the very core of your being. 

Taurus rules the throat, neck and ears. This is a great time to explore music and your voice more fully, like singing in the shower or in a room with great acoustics. Perhaps you may want to spiritualize it and make it a healing practice by chanting Aum, as is sometimes practiced in yoga and meditation. Vibrating energy is at the very foundation of the universe and physical world.

As the Full Moon in Taurus is great for getting in touch with your five senses. This is a good time to enjoy the fragrance of natural essential oils especially earthy scents. Baking natural, organic foods, savoring the flavors of your favorite dishes, taking care of your houseplants, going for walks in the forest, enjoying the sunshine on your skin, listening to music, observing nature and art is all recommended now. Connecting to nature and your senses will help bring you in tune with the pleasures of life.

Taurus loves to indulge in deliciousness. Have that cup of healthy, earthy herbal tea to warm and soothe your throat or enjoy that foamy cappuccino with dark chocolate shavings sprinkled on top – all organic and non-GMO of course, just the way Taurus likes it. A hearty breakfast will satisfy your appetite. Beautiful, delectable treats, especially when home-made using the finest, natural ingredients are most appreciated.

If you enjoy working with essential oils, rose is a great choice as the flower associated with Taurus’ ruling planet Venus. Cardamom and patchouli will also compliment a Full Moon in Taurus. 

If you have been overworked, are tense or are sore in your body, get a massage. Breathing deeply into your muscles as you relax can help release tension that has been building.

Though Virgo is most closely associated with health and wellness, as an earth sign, Taurus is also about having a healthy connection to your body. If you have been having physical health issues that you have been neglecting, you could have a wake up call near this Full Moon to make your health a priority. Making your environment healthy and nurturing of your well being is recommended.

If you have a negative body image, eating disorder or related issues with your body, you could have a realization that changes you with a Full Moon in Taurus.

Taurus is also associated to money, reminding us that to achieve satisfying financial security, you should really love what you do. How we relate to money and use money, our financial goals, and careers are in focus with a Full Moon in Taurus. Hard work, responsibility and building toward a strong foundation and creating value is well suited to Taurus.

Artists, crafters, builders and creative types especially could find this to be eye opening time. You may wish to consider how to turn what you love to do into a career. It’s a good time to pay attention to your visceral reactions to career choices. If it feels right, you’ll know. You’ll feel it in your body.

A Full Moon shines a spotlight on what has been achieved. If you’re a musician, you may be more interested in performing in front of an audience now to show your talent.

Taurus loves beautiful surroundings. Leaves, stones, branches, flowers and earthy, warm colors are recommended if you are updating your home decor now. 

Taurus Full Moon can indicate become more aware of how you may be possessive about the things you want to have. This can be material objects as well as your love life. If control issues in relationships are present, the Full Moon in Taurus can indicate such issues will be brought out in the open.

Full Moons signify an increase in emotional expressions. Overspending, overeating and hoarding possessions can be especially tempting with a Full Moon in Taurus.

How are you feeling with this Full Moon? Leave your comment below…


  1. I was driving today and interestingly enough, the largest Brinks armored vehicle I have ever seen was backing into a building, which of course had armed cops stopping traffic on both side to create space and security for the money, physical gold and silver coins to be delivered.

    What an interestingly appropriate symbol to come across on the day of a Taurus Full Moon considering Taurus symbolizes money and security.

    It had me think about how much value is placed on money. In fact if anyone were to seen to be a threat to a Brinks vehicle they could be arrested or even possibly shot. To think that money is literally considered to be more valuable than life is quite a concept.


  2. Hey everyone! I’m wishing you all a positive, healthy Full Moon in Taurus.

    I wanted to mention that, as Taurus is an earth sign, health, wellness and food are important areas of focus. I am sure many of you are aware that there are a whole lot of pesticides used on our foods these days, so going organic is the way to go in terms of health. I know a lot of people are discouraged from buying organic though because of the higher prices.

    I came across a video by the popular Dr. Berg on YouTube yesterday talking about how there are 34,500 pesticides found in food! Can you imagine? What is that doing to our bodies?

    The 12 foods highest in pesticides he mentioned was pretty shocking considering my favorite is #3 and #2.

    Here is his list of 12 foods highest in pesticides.

    12. Potato
    11. Celery
    10. Tomato
    9. Pear
    8. Cherry
    7. Peach
    6. Grape
    5. Apple
    4. Nectarine
    3. Kale
    2. Spinach
    1. Strawberries

    And not only are pesticides found on foods, but surely they are absorbed directly into the food through the roots.

    Here is the link to that video:


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