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Mars in Scorpio

Mars enters Scorpio on November 19, 2019 at 2:39 am ET. 

Mars will be in Scorpio until January 3, 2020. 

Mars in Scorpio can be pretty intense! Mars will officially be in opposition to Uranus in Taurus on November 24, 2019 at 11:50 am ET adding to the intensity.

Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio so is right at home having his most heightened potency here. 

Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio so you may also wish to read more about Pluto in Capricorn to get more insight into what the energy of this powerful planet is all about now. As co-rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto both always have a strong connection to Scorpio wherever they are.  

Mars also rules Aries, but in Aries is more about initiating, active, enthusiastic energy, sport and external ego identity. In Scorpio, Mars is more about your internal fire, the psychological roots of your energy and feelings that ultimately lead to your motivations, behavior and actions in the world.

Mars in Scorpio is highly potent and can feel fierce! Mars is the male archetypal energy, the warrior and athlete, all about action and drive, while Scorpio is about emotions, subconscious, instincts, curiosity, psychology and digging deep down below the surface to find the real, raw truth. Mars in Scorpio can be a highly transformational period.

As a fiery planet, Mars in watery Scorpio can manifest as dramatic emotional behavior, anxiety disorders, stress and tension that can reach a boiling point and erupt from within you. Actions and reactions can be quick, instinctive and obsessive. Here we can see anger and aggressive personalities and emotions that get easily triggered. Those that want the truth just might fight hard for it.

Power, domination, sexuality and sex drive is emphasized when Mars is in Scorpio to. Here, Mars is the conqueror. 

The positive aspect of Mars in Scorpio is a strong determination to reach goals and to create strategies that win. Yet, the desire to do so can be obsessive where anything that stands in your way better watch out.

As Scorpio relates to what is hidden, the occult, Mars here can represent an increase in suspicious behavior, hidden agendas, crime and violence. Machinery is governed by Mars, and so guns and military power could be in focus. 

As liquid Scorpio, and the fire of Mars, these two together can symbolize poison – literally as in what we’d see used in a Shakespearean tragedy, or metaphorically as in poisonous emotions.

Since emotions can be quite heightened with Scorpio in focus, especially the types that can get our blood boiling like jealousy and envy, we can expect to see some emotional overreactions and impulsive behavior increase when Mars is in Scorpio. Betrayal is not taken lightly at this time!

Road rage is a common characteristic to watch out for with Mars in Scorpio. With psychological implications, issues of drug abuse is also of strong consideration. 

As Scorpio is very much about what is hidden, subconscious and behind the scenes, we may not be aware of all that is happening deep below the surface. Anger that brews can lead to passive aggressive behavior. With Scorpio’s tendency to internalize, keep things hidden and bottle things up, this can lead to increased blood pressure and stress where adrenal fatigue and increased cortisol levels can become an issue. 

If you feel you have pent up energy, Mars is the athlete, so exercise can help expend much of that energy in positive and productive ways for your well being. 

The sex drive can be excessive with Mars in Scorpio. The allure of sexuality can lead many to succumb to strong temptations and obsessions.

Those who are a bit sluggish in the bedroom will likely be interested in trying nutritional measures, foods and supplements to improve performance and libido. Those with inhibitions are likely to lean toward alcohol or other substances.

Mars in Scorpio indicates possessive qualities and strong feelings in love hate relationships.

Since Scorpio can indicate perversions and sexual abuse. We could hear of sexuality used as a tool of manipulation and exploitation in the news during this period especially when Mercury is in Scorpio as well. Remember when Jupiter entered Scorpio how the whole Hollywood sex scandals came out.

This is a period where you may become more aware of how abuse, in all its various manifestations, may be demonstrated in your life. Whether it is negative perceptions and attitudes toward yourself and others, or where you may see physical abuse of animals and people happening in the world, verbal and psychological abuse, bullying, alcohol and drug abuse… demonstration of any type of abusive force can move you deeply and emotionally during this period.

Sadness can transform into anger during Mars in Scorpio. Some will fight hard in warrior fashion to bring change against what they see as wrong.

Con artists and manipulators, especially those in powerful positions are likely to use their strong will to achieve their desires of corruption. 

With direct and impatient Mars, the warrior, in Scorpio, we are likely to see strong disdain for those in positions of authority thanks to Pluto in Capricorn. Strong feelings and anger toward corrupt people in power positions could lead to some very loud actions, possibly violent protests.

Suspicions of intentions of authority figures climbing through the hierarchy of power can lead to battles, and a stronger push for investigations on opponents. With their desire for power con artists could use everything in their power to get what they want. Shows like Rome and Spartacus that take an inside look at the scheming strategies behind the scenes of those in power is very much aligned with Mars in Scorpio.  

Scorpio is associated with money, banking, finance, economy, stock market, taxes, transformation and rebirth. Death and debt are associated with Scorpio as well. Robberies could become more active during this period. Investigations into scams and money laundering schemes could get more attention. We are possibly going to see disagreements and tensions regarding the financial system and politics governing money during this period. See documentary “The Money Masters” posted in the comments section below.

We could also see power moves, or a purge of sorts, in the banking and financial sector. As Mars is the warrior, we may be reminded that the root of all wars is power and therefore money, with the most corrupt funding both sides of wars to reap financial rewards regardless of who wins or loses. Money is the force of power that funds military power and to which all political power is derived. 

Mars in Scorpio indicates that we need to be more conscious of how strong feelings like anger, fear, possessiveness, sexual energy, desire, jealousy and aggression influences our behavior. 

Mars oppposes Uranus in Taurus on November 24, 2019 at 11:50 am ET. A desire for financial freedom is indicated. Temptations to spend on credit cards could increase.


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  1. Scorpio corresponds to debt and other people’s money, and thus the banking industry.

    You may enjoy learning more about the financial system with this documentary, The Money Masters.

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