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Full Moon in Cancer

It’s Officially a Full Moon in Cancer on January 10, 2020 at 2:09 pm ET. 

The Moon is the ruling luminary of Cancer, and is right at home in her domicile here. This Full Moon in Cancer also brings a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

While transiting through Cancer, The Moon meets with the Destiny Point in Cancer on January 9th, at 6:29 pm before reaching fruition for the Full Moon in Cancer. 

This Full Moon in Cancer is the growth and fruition from the New Moon in Capricorn. A Full Moon is said to have influence a few days before and after the exact meeting of precision.

A Full Moon in Cancer always occurs when opposite the Sun is in Capricorn. The Sun in Capricorn is also close to the meeting of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, along with Mercury now. Read more about this in the January 2020 TarotScope Overview.

As the Full Moon in Cancer is opposite to the Sun in Capricorn it instills the need to bring more emphasis to warmth and comfort in our lives. Capricorn is more of a business and political oriented sign of ambition, goals, leadership and can be direct and bossy, which can lack emotion and feeling. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn can feel cold and detached, whereas Cancer wants to get back in touch with the warmth of connections on emotional levels.

A Full Moon in Cancer indicates a desire to feel close to people that are most important to you as a part of your destiny. Family, mothers and people that are close-like-family are pivotal in our growth now. Close friends, as a part of our extended family, can feel even closer because friends are people we get to choose to allow into our lives. It’s a great time to cuddle with beloved pets and care for animals now.

The Moon in Cancer enhances feminine archetypal qualities and is therefore receptive and intuitive. This is a potent placement in the water element. 

Cancer likes closeness, comfort and intimate bonds that nurture us on deep emotional levels. Full Moon’s are known as a time where the energy of emotions are amplified. Depending on our experiences and interactions with those close to us, the Full Moon can make us hyper aware of how people make us feel. It is often said that it’s not what people say that we remember, but how they made us feel that stays with us. 

Full Moons bring emotional awareness and can also indicate strong, changing moods. If a person or a place isn’t giving you the comfort you know deep down that you want and deserve, the experiences that arise during the Full Moon can lead you to decide whether you want to continue your journey with certain people as a part of your close-knit world, or to make a change. Keep in mind that since people’s moods can change quickly, it is wise to be more fluid in your decisions. 

If tensions are high and uncomfortable at home, such as if there are disagreements, emotional problems, or money problems causing issues, the Full Moon in Cancer can lead to a desire to move, change locations or get away so you can find that comfort you really want. 

With this Full Moon in Cancer opposite Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn we could see family issues get the spotlight. There can be conflicting thoughts and feelings in relation to traditional values, paternal and maternal responsibilities, elders and authority figures. Talk and considerations about issues and differences between a stable family unit vs. dysfunctional breakdowns in the family unit and how such issues impact our larger society could get more attention around this time.

There can also be a highly protective and defensive quality to the Full Moon in Cancer. Like the crab, a hard outer shell can protect the soft inner core. Whether it is defending your feelings, your home, your environment or your country, a sense of wanting security and protection of your inner world is enhanced with this Full Moon.  

Positively, the Full Moon in Cancer can be a great time to have dinner parties with people you love. Affection is well appreciated with the Moon in Cancer. Cooking delicious meals and comfort foods can showcase your talents in the kitchen. Food made with love always tastes best. Big hugs to welcome people at the door of your home is a positive symbolic gesture of a Full Moon in Cancer. Caring, comforting hospitality is well accepted now. 

This time also signifies awareness of your body and how comfortable you feel in your own skin.

This can also be a great time for enjoying creativity, music and poetry that evokes emotions. The Full Moon in Cancer can bring clarity and wisdom through your feelings. Perhaps you were confused about an issue and didn’t have the answers, but the Full Moon brings up feelings that you can’t deny or ignore any longer that wakes you up. 

In romantic relationships, showing affection, giving gifts that warm the heart and doing things that bring comfort and show you care is highly recommended now to strengthen bonds. 

As feelings and emotions are changeable, a sense of anxiety or depression can be enhanced with a Full Moon in Cancer, depending on your circumstances. But as the Moon’s influence changes quickly, you can expect such feelings to usually change accordingly in just a day or two. 

Cancer is a cardinal sign, so it is a good time to take on the role of initiating positive change. If someone is feeling shy, lonely or anxious, comforting words or a caring touch can bring new, needed energy.

Accessing the water element is recommended with a Full Moon in Cancer. Sometimes a good cry is the best way to express joy or to cleanse and clear away pent up emotional energy. A nice, warm bath or shower is a great way to release energy and feel renewed. If you are in a warmer climate this is a great time to sit by the pool, or have a walk by a lake as you reflect on life. 

Nourishment of the body, whether it is food or water, is essential to bringing homeostasis. A Full Moon in Cancer is a great time to water your plants with a healthy dose of our most prized liquid of life. Drink plenty of water to energize and cleanse your body. 

Psychics, intuitives and empaths can find a Full Moon in Cancer to heighten their deeper instincts and abilities. Dreams could be heightened into big, emotional adventures. Take note of the symbolic clues in your dreams as they could bring you deep wisdom and answers.


  1. A Full Moon can act as a spotlight and signify a key, significant event, plus this Full Moon (home, family) is across from Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn signifying transformation with authority figures, establishment, famous people, legacy, reputation, power shifts, changes of responsibilities and duties in a professional capacity, financially, and in career matters, business and politics.

    Interestingly so close to this Full Moon in Cancer, Prince Harry (Harry, Duke of Sussex) announces that he and Meghan Markle are to “step back as Senior Members of the Royal Family,” and become “financially independent”, essentially leaving Buckingham Palace (home, family, mother) and moving away from Royal duties. Now that is symbolic of a Full Moon in Cancer across from Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn. Plus Mercury and the Sun are very close by in Capricorn signifying big news that gets a lot of attention, gossip and much speculation!

    I just checked Harry’s astrology chart and the news came out close to when the Moon conjunct the Destiny Point (North Node) in Cancer on January 9, 2020 at 6:29 pm ET, in Harry’s 6th house of practical duties, lifestyle, routines, schedules and work. The Moon also rules Harry’s 4th house in Taurus (home, security, finances). How amazing is that! I think the people at the top really do pay attention to the ancient art of astrology.

    Harry’s Ascendant is Capricorn where the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is happening along with Mercury and the Sun in close orb, all in his 1st house indicating a significant transformation of his identity and who he sees himself to be.

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