CoronaVirus: Herbs, Vitamins, Protection, Immune System…

With the Coronavirus spreading, I think it’s wise to share some immunity boosting information as a hopeful preventative measure. *I will update this page regularly and encourage you to comment below if you have additional information or suggestions that can help other readers. 

Of course I am not a doctor and the information provided here is a short list of what I do for myself that I am simply sharing with you. I encourage you to do your own research to discover the health benefits of vitamins and herbs and as a precaution it may be best to talk to your doctor in terms of supplements and options that are right for you or not. 

This is not an exhaustive list, but I will be adding more listings regularly. 

Herbs and Vitamins

Boosting your health and immunity during flu season is of course important. Nature can help.

Here is a list of Herbs and Vitamins that are said to Boost Immune System and Fight Colds and Viruses:

Oil of Oregano – This is my favorite. Is said to be highly effective in combating and assisting in boosting the immune system, killing germs and viruses to combat colds and flus. This is a very hot, concentrated spice usually taken in capsule or gel cap form. 

Oil of Oregano is a concentrated oregano essential oil extracted from the herb diluted in a carrier oil. If you take the concentrated oregano oil straight without dilution it is so hot it can burn your mouth, esophagus and stomach, and cause heartburn. So, companies dilute it with a carrier oil and put it in a capsule format for a quick, easy dose. 

It is also recommended to take probiotics as the Oregano is so strong it could kill off healthy bacteria in your gut. Take with plenty of food to minimize heartburn. 

Oregano is also available as an herb, essential oil and in tea bags. 

Probiotics – Are said to boost your immune system by encouraging a healthy gut flora. 

Vitamin D – Especially in winter, people tend to have low levels of Vitamin D which can compromise your immune system. Some people take higher doses of Vitamin D and it is suggested that Vitamin K2 also be taken to balance the calcium levels in your bloodstream that Vitamin D can increase. Dr. Berg talks a lot about Vitamin D

Vitamin C – Chewable tablets are the easiest way to have access to boosting vitamin C in your system which fights colds and flus. Of course we all know citrus fruits are high in vitamin C like lemon, lime and oranges, but parsley is said to have some of the highest quantities of vitamin C. Rosehip tea is also high in vitamin C.

Zinc – Highly important for the functioning of your immune system and fighting colds, zinc is available in chewable zinc tablets and zinc tabs which should be taken with food to avoid causing nausea. Raw pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds are my favorite food sources high in zinc and they conveniently store for long periods of time. Too much zinc can diminish copper and iron absorption so food sources are often best to ensure you are getting your nutrients in balanced ratios.

Echinacea – Said to help boost immune system to help prevent colds and flu. This is available in tea and tincture formats. I have the Echinacea Plus tea from Traditional Medicinals which also has elderberry. 

Elderberry – Also said to help boost immune system. This is available in teas as well as syrup. 

Ginger – Raw Ginger is a go-to for cold and flu season, and is great cut up or crushed added to hot lemon and honey tea.

Garlic – Said to be antiviral and great to add to food raw or cooked. Also available in supplements as gelcaps. 

Goldenseal – Said to be antiviral, for colds, flus and sinuses.  

Osha Root – Said to be an antibacterial and antiviral herb that helps boost the immune system, and combat respiratory infections, sore throat, coughs, and inflammation of bronchial tubes. This can also be used as a tea.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Has many health benefits and is antimicrobial and a natural disinfectant. It is often used in cleaning can be applied topically, to surfaces to kill germs, as well as used as a gargle for sore throats. When taken internally it helps create an alkaline environment which may assist in the body recovering from illness. Though it does kill germs, there is conflicting information on how it affects viruses.

Most products like teas will list the dosages on their packaging. But, as with all herbal remedies be sure to educate yourself on proper dosages and if there are any contraindications with any other herbs or medications you may be using, or contraindications with your own particular health considerations.

Self Care and Nutrition

Self care like adequate sleep and approaches to decreasing stress and anxiety are essential to helping your immune system function best. Wellness practices like meditation, yoga, tai chi, massage therapy, warm relaxing baths and time in nature can help bring your body and mind into a healthier state.

Good nutrition and ensuring you are getting all your vitamins and minerals is of course essential to a stronger immune system. Organic, natural, whole foods are great options for your well being. Many people also recommend that fasting can help your body heal and purge toxins for better overall health.

Essential Oils

You can diffuse these in the air, or apply topically if diluted in a cream base or with a carrier oil like any nut oil – coconut oil, jojoba, olive oil, almond oil, sunflower seed oil, etc. You can also create a disinfectant spray by mixing water, alcohol and essential oils to spray surfaces that can kill bacteria and viruses.

Oregano – Extra hot and spicy, and can burn your skin especially if not well diluted in a carrier oil. 

Thyme – Extra hot and spicy, can burn skin like Oregano. 

Tea Tree – Can apply diluted in a carrier oils, said to be antibacterial and antiviral. 

Peppermint – Said to be antiviral and an expectorant. You can also use the herb as a tea.

Eucalyptus – Said to be antiviral. You can use this diluted in a carrier oil or lotion and rub on your chest and throat. I add this to Vick’s Vapo Rub for an extra strong boost. 

Lavender – This oil is calming which is good to reduce stress levels which is naturally good for your immune system. 

Sanitation Practices

Wash your hands frequently of course. Be conscious of what you are touching to minimize transference of germs. 

Isopropyl Alcohol – Spray to disinfect surfaces in your environment and apply topically. Alcohol can kill a lot of bacteria and viruses and is often used in clinical settings to minimize germs and spread of viruses. Easily available from pharmacies in 70%, 91% and 99% options. 

Purell Hand Sanitizer – Although I have heard differing information of the level of protection Purell provides for viruses but it does kills germs. 

Bleach to clean your environment. 

Protective Masks

Of course I do not want to be alarmist, but if the Coronavirus escalates it is better to be safe than sorry, sooner than later. If things do escalate it is recommended that people stay home, but if you are in public, it would be smart to do your best to protect yourself. 

In my research I have found that N95 masks may help reduce risk but they are not guaranteed to prevent contraction of viruses. N99 Masks are higher filtration. 

Protective masks are largely sold out online and in local stores from my research. It is particularly concerning how unprepared our society is for such a pandemic which I talk more about in the comments section below. 

I have also found that N95 masks that are available have increased in price exponentially upwards of $300 for disposable masks (in my opinion, this is highly irresponsible of resellers to put lower income people at risk). 

Luckily I was able to find N95 Masks from Canadian Tire which are better than nothing. I got the 3M N95 Mask and a box of DEGIL ODYSSEY NIOSH N95 Approved masks. I looked up NIOSH and I found this information as a surgical mask “A surgical N95 respirator is a NIOSH-approved N95 respirator that has also been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a surgical mask. These products are noted in bold font on the table of NIOSH-approved N95 respirators.” There are also higher filtration masks of N99 from what I understand. 

I have found difficulty finding masks online in Canada and they are sold out on Amazon. You can find masks online in the US but they are selling out: 


Cambridge Mask (May Be Sold Out. I ordered a couple masks from here a few weeks ago and they arrived in about a week from their New Jersey warehouse). 

The Coronavirus is said to be able to spread if particulates come into contact with your eyes as well, so goggles are a suggested supply to have on hand in case of increased risk.

These are some of the things I am doing for general safety for myself. If you have any insights on herbs, vitamins and preventative measures to help boost immunity you are welcome to add them to the comments below.

We do not know the extent of how the CoronaVirus will spread, but with all that is occurring so far, as well as considering astrologically the malefic influences of Mars, Saturn, Pluto and wide reaching emphasis with Jupiter in Capricorn, this certainly is a time where major incidences can influence us on worldwide level. Jupiter indicates international travel. Mars and Pluto can indicate increased fears and Saturn indicates restrictions and seriousness, while international borders are already closing which is also highly symbolic of all these major astrological influences.


9 thoughts on “CoronaVirus: Herbs, Vitamins, Protection, Immune System…”

  1. Be very careful diffusing essential oils in your home if you have pets. Dogs and cats can become very ill and the oils can be deadly for birds.

  2. In my opinion, seeing how the governments are not prepared is concerning. The Coronavirus may phase out and end up not being a major problem worldwide, but there is the potential that it could become much worse and has now been identified by the World Health Organization to be a “Global Health Emergency”.

    I believe how governments are putting us at risk with their “top secret” BioLabs that work on deadly viruses is beyond irresponsible. In Canada, we have a Level 4 BioLab in Winnipeg that works on these high risk viruses, which is potentially linked to the Wuhan BioLab, yet how many people really knew this was going on? How many people actually know what is going on in these labs? Barely anyone.

    It doesn’t seem to me that our government prioritizes informing us of the risk of working on hazardous viruses. I never heard anything about this Level 4 BioLab in Winnipeg until the outbreak in Wuhan and how it is potentially linked.

    With the difficulty in finding protective supplies over the past week since this has become top news, I don’t believe the government takes seriously the potential risks by informing the public or ensuring there are safety supplies readily available. I have seen price gouging of N95 masks upwards of $300 online which means that people with low income will not be able to afford to get masks to at least try to protect themselves and their families during an emergency with even the basics. How ridiculous is that? How irresponsible is that the government allows BioLabs to put us at risk of a potential outbreak, yet they do not ensure citizens are informed and prepared with supplies in advance of a pandemic? I also find it ridiculous that Wuhan, with its Level 4 BioLab is smack dab in the middle of China – well that is perfectly located for a disaster waiting to happen. There are also rumors online that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation own the patent for the Coronavirus and the vaccine. In October 2019, they did a virtual test run of a coronavirus pandemic to see what effects it would have.

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