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Full Moon in Leo

It’s a Full Moon in Leo on February 9, 2020 at 2:30 am ET

I’m going to get a new mic, so the sound will improve 🙂

Leo is ruled by the Sun. A Full Moon in Leo always stands across the sky from the Sun in Aquarius indicating hopefulness for the future.

Leo is a creative, inspired, social sign that enjoys attention, entertainment, enthusiasm fun and gets inspired by all that is glitzy and glamorous. This is a great time to get more interested in the creativity and entertainments that you like most and recognize your own talents and tap into your self expression.

  • What do you admire in others that you would like to be a part of your personality? 
  • What talents would you like to emphasize in your life? 
  • Where do you see yourself making a great change that can define you as more true to yourself?

Leo can symbolize the archetype of a King and so can be highly egocentric, dogmatic, and controlling but also represents the type of personality that is direct and focused on accomplishing their goals.

Since Leo is highly egocentric and the human ego is a most fragile thing, Full Moons emphasize emotions and with fiery Leo, bold encounters are possible in your social sphere, especially when there are strongly opposing egos. As Leo is a Fixed sign, people can be very stubborn with their positions, so if you are dealing with someone that is very strong willed, or has a flaming attitude, if you don’t want things to get too heated, you may need to just give in and agree to disagree and move on – which may be difficult to do if you’re feeling stubborn and heated too. Be cautious of what you say and how you behave in person and on social media as it can escalate.

People can be very reactive with a Full Moon, and we may see showy, expressive, dramatic demonstrations by people leading up to this Full Moon. If people in your life are acting out and going over the top with the dramatic emotions, it could impact your relationship significantly now. In such cases it is recommended to step back for a breather, and make a decision of how to proceed rationally instead of just getting drawn into the escalating emotions of the drama.

Reputations can be especially emphasized during a Full Moon in Leo. An interpretation of an event, of someone in the spotlight, or what is said could lead to a switch in perceptions between people. Connections with others in social circles and how they influence the future is up for consideration.

We could see a celebrity, an authority figure or someone in a top leadership position make an attention grabbing announcement or an over the top, dramatic gesture around this time that gets the spotlight. We might also see a creative release in entertainment, or we could see an announcement about a celebrity relationship, or news of a pregnancy or a birth.

Fun, games, entertainment and gambling are associated with Leo. Perhaps we’ll see talk about a big lotto win. This can be a good time to take a chance and buy a ticket for fun.

A Full Moon in Leo is a great time to muster the courage to show off your personality a bit more than usual. If you’re the type that would like to perform on stage you may want to go to an audition or even just go out to karaoke for a good time showing what you’ve got. Leo loves the spotlight. If you’re an artist maybe you’d want to show some of your artwork to people. It’s a great time to tap into feeling proud of yourself for your accomplishments in any case whether it is a creative endeavor or in accomplishing career goals. Leaders in business are likely to have extra drive and ambition now to succeed taking charge.

Leo rules the Strength card in the Tarot indicating our ability to overcome our lower instincts and take charge and be empowered using our higher willpower.

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