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New Moon in Aries March 24, 2020

It’s officially a New Moon in Aries on March 24, 2020 at 5:28 am ET.

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Mercury just finished Retrograde in Aquarius. How fascinating and symbolic it is that the biggest drop in the stock market would be on the last day Mercury was Retrograde in Aquarius while the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is in Taurus, the sign of money, income and financial security indicating shocks to the financial system. Mercury is about trade, exchanges and commerce so we see doubts in financial system. Uranus is also considered the higher octave of Mercury.

While Mercury has been Retrograde, especially in Aquarius, we have seen a lot more talk about limitations being placed on large group gatherings, travel, events cancelled and people have been quarantined in large groups and asked to keep their distance from one another… Aquarius is about social groups, so it is fascinating seeing all this play out in sync with the symbolism of what’s happening in astrology. We are going to see more of this, as I discuss more about in a moment.

Full Moon in Virgo – in this environment indicates hyper awareness of hygiene. If you weren’t able to get any hand sanitizer as it is sold out, you can find recipes online to mix isopropyl alcohol with aloe vera gel as a base. Virgo is also associated with The Hermit in the Tarot; it’s interesting timing that we are seeing a push toward social distancing and self isolation as we recently had this Full Moon.

Now it will be interesting to see how things change as Mercury goes Direct over the same path he was on while Retrograde to see what solutions and changes come about as we gain clarity going forward. Mercury will finish in Aquarius on March 16th and enter Pisces.

We are likely to still see confusion about numbers whether they are the stock market or the number of people infected by the coronavirus, it is still difficult to trust and believe what the authorities are telling us as the numbers change so quickly. People have lost trust in what the media is saying, believing that what is stated is oversensationalizing. Mercury going Direct in Pisces may not be as intense as when retrograde, but still it is a difficult placement for Mercury which can continue bringing us a lack of clarity.

I’ll also be talking about this a bit and the bigger picture more in a moment below. You can also check out the horoscopes I wrote about Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and Mercury Direct in Pisces.


New Moon in Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The Sun enters Aries on March 19, 2020 for the Spring Equinox and the beginning of the astrological new year. The Moon meets the Sun in Aries for the New Moon in Aries.

Aries is a sign of identity and the self, and Chiron is currently in Aries as well, so taking care of yourself and your well being is recommended now.

Aries and its ruler Mars, indicate survival instincts are to increase around this time.

This New Moon in Aries meets with the Sun only 1 degree away from Chiron in Aries indicating self care and focusing on your health is important. This connects with the recent Full Moon in Virgo which is highly health oriented, just 2 weeks before this New Moon in Aries.

Your health and well being is priority number 1. Without it, you don’t have much of anything at all to work with in the material world, so prioritize yourself, make sure you are getting your vitamins and minerals that boost your health and immune system.

Creating a new version of yourself and your identity so you can become more true to yourself is a symbolic part of everyone’s healing process now. You can start to grow towards a brighter version of yourself and accept your reality with your flaws and all as part of your unique, personal healing and growing process.

With spring in the air we generally expect more motivation and inspiration to get ourselves growing in a new direction at this time of year.

Mars is the ruler of Aries, and is all about being active symbolized by athleticism. This would be a great time to start a new healthy exercise regimen and to set some new fitness goals.

Mars is in Capricorn now indicating a strong focus on business and career matters. With the Aries New Moon the desire to be an entrepreneur, a self made boss, start a new business or work from a home office is indicated.

Aries indicates to prioritize yourself and be yourself. Do the things that you want to do for your own life that you are most comfortable with. Whatever comes naturally will best define who you are and who you desire to be.

Start a new cycle for your life that supports moving in a positive direction that brings new possibilities. This is the beginning of a new future. Spring energy indicates getting energized and excited about your life.

A New Moon in Aries is associated with new life and motherhood. If you have been having family issues, new relationships could starts to connect and heal. Spring babies with all new identities coming into the world and conceiving new life are common part of our natural cycles now. The singing birds are an indication of new life all around us.


What Else is Happening in Astrology During This New Moon?

Mars is currently in Capricorn, along with Jupiter and Pluto whereas Saturn would have left Capricorn and entered Aquarius already on March 21, 2020. Of course we are seeing tumultuous times with these major players merging and mingling at the height of our material world where politics, business, money and power reside. Great emphasis is placed on major transformations that impact us globally thanks to Pluto.

Mars is the warrior, and Pluto is the higher octave of Mars so we can see that as they get closer in Capricorn we could see an increase in our fears and fear of change, as they are malefic planets, while Jupiter brings emphasis and far reaching, worldwide impact. Mars and Pluto meet in Capricorn on March 23, 2020. We can certainly see that things are coming to a major head to a crescendo transforming our world as these power players meet.

Jupiter signifies journalism, news and information that reaches us from around the world. We can expect to see more major swings in politics, business and of course what they are all about at their very core… money. We could see more issues with trade wars especially oil as Pluto symbolizes wealth and what is hidden deep below the surface – oil also known as black gold.

Again Chiron is in Aries and with the Coronavirus, we could see more focus on leaders taking initiative, and people looking to leadership and authority to be strong in defending individuals against the illness. We could also see that if things are not handled well or there is a lack of responsible action, we could see reputations of leaders and those in leadership position change and get people fired up about it.

At the time of this New Moon in Aries, Saturn will have entered Aquarius already on March 21, 2020. We can expect more restrictions and limitations in social groups, which quarantines are highly symbolic of now and people are asked by authorities and leadership to keep their distance from one another with Social Distancing. People are especially asked to refrain from close personal social interactions like hugging and kissing on the cheek.

With Uranus in Taurus now not only are we seeing shocks to the financial system but also Taurus has to do with work and the physical, material body while Uranus indicates technology – thus work to produce goods as in manufacturing – we have already heard from both India and China that they will stop the flow of antibiotics to western countries so things could heat up with all that tense energy in Capricorn as world leaders push and pull their strings in their power games.

More updates to come with New Horoscopes.


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