With so many people at home, I’m serving up some positive TarotScopes using The Housewives Tarot for the month of April! I love all things Retro and Nostalgic.

Astrologically, It’s interesting that the Destiny Point is in Cancer (the importance of home and family) until May 5th, and most of us are all at home. I often find that when we are seeing transits from one sign to another, is when we see the most obvious examples of what that configuration symbolizes. Though we are all forced home with Saturn (limitations, restrictions) in Aquarius (social groups) with Social Distancing, and to it’s extreme, quarantines, this can be an important time for people to recognize what being home means for their lives. See Saturn in Aquarius.

The Destiny Point is the North Node and signifies what we are destined to move toward, while the South Node is in the opposite sign signifying what we are changing and moving away from.

The North Node is in Cancer (home) while the South Node is in Capricorn (careers). Isn’t that interesting! As many people are being pushed to work from home now, this can be a time where people who may have never considered it before, start to recognize how working from home could be something they actually would prefer to do more of. Some will be interested in starting their own online businesses, tapping into that focus on Aquarian characteristic of socializing online and technology, while Saturn is associated to work and career matters as the ruler of Capricorn.

If you are able to work from home, you will find that making your own schedule can do wonders for your life, and not having to waste hours on public transit or in traffic to commute is a definite plus! Having balance between your work life and your home life is something so many people desire, so take this time to dream up and imagine if it could ever be possible for you.

Mars has also just entered Aquarius, so do be careful with your online socializing as it could get pretty heated, especially with so many different, conflicting points of view about what is true and what isn’t, it is easy to get riled up with egos pushing against one another. Add to that with people at home together for long periods, it can certainly be a switch for many that can get to be too much. See more about Mars in Aquarius.

Life is changing for a lot of people now, and it is a very difficult time for many. I hope that you and your loved ones are all safe and able to get through this time period.

We have a Full Moon in Libra coming up on April 7, 2020 which will encourage us toward finding balance and truth in our perspectives. I will publish that this week!

The TarotScopes this month are meant to be a bit more fun and entertaining than usual and hopefully gives you a positive perspective that helps put you in a more pleasant frame of mind from the comfort of your home.

More will be posted here as we progress through the month. There are many new horoscopes are to come in April… so stay tuned for new links posted here as they arrive.



Read Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign for a Fuller Picture.

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