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Full Moon in Libra

It’s officially a Full Moon in Libra on March 7, 2020 at 10:35 pm ET

The Sun is in Aries whenever we have a Full Moon in Libra.

The Full Moon in Libra brings attention to truth and justice in our world reminding us to use discernment in our judgments.

Libra is an Air Sign, and symbolizes how the mind operates. We see this symbolism represented by Lady Justice with the Sword of Truth and Scales of Justice. There are 2 edges of a sword and 2 scales, indicating that the mind operates on a spectrum in duality bringing us a range of perspectives and choices. With Libra we recognize how biases need to be addressed so we can find balance as we seek the real truth.

Libra is ruled by Venus, and Venus is in fellow air sign Gemini now. Venus will also be going Retrograde in Gemini from May 13 to June 25, 2020.

With The Full Moon in Libra you are likely to have a new awareness, or an awakening about how you make your decisions. You could also make up your mind about an issue now by weighing the pros and cons.

With Libra, we are also reminded of the ancient Egyptian god Ma’at -symbolic of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morals, ethics and justice. According to Egyptian myth, upon death, Ma’at would present the heart of the person’s soul to Osiris to be measured on the great golden scale. If the heart of one’s soul is measured to be lighter than the feather of truth when compared on the scale, then that person/soul is judged as good and virtuous to pass on to the heavenly afterlife. If the person’s heart is measured as heavier than the feather of truth, that person is deemed to not be worthy of ascension.


Because Libra is about weighing pros and cons to make decisions, you can expect how you think and what you think can change with this Full Moon in Libra. An emotional experience can affect how your mind operates now.

By seeking the whole truth about what you think and feel, this Full Moon can influence a period of purification of our minds and emotions, so we can rise above to live in alignment with a higher truth.

Full Moon in Libra Relationships

Venus, the ruler of Libra says, Make Love, Not War.

Life is about relationships and Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love.

As an Air Sign, Libra reminds us that communications in relationships are essential.

As a Cardinal Sign, Libra indicates new dialogue, new ideas and new perspectives can initiate new relationships and new experiences in our already existing relationships.

What we think and how we communicate to one another has great influence in our relationships. Truth and trust are essential for relationships to be their best. Be true to yourself and each other for best results.


Libra emphasizes finding balance, harmony, equilibrium and fairness in our relationships to others, with ourselves, with our bodies and minds, and with the whole world. We are reminded to let go of our skewed opinions, judgments and biases to seek truth and wholeness in our relationships with others to create balance and harmony so the love of Venus can flourish.

Whatever is happening in your personal life mentally and emotionally and what is most in focus in terms of your relationships now can give you a powerful and empowering opportunity to better understand yourself and others by seeking harmony.

Dealing with relationship issues is of primary importance during this Full Moon. If differences between yourself and another come to the forefront, this can be a beneficial time to work on reconciling your differences, to look for solutions and make compromises so you both feel an equal balance. However, if there are toxic people in your life and you have tried and it’s just still not working, this could be the time to take a step away from the toxicity and take a larger step toward making your own life more happy and balanced.

Regardless of what’s happening, we know that real equality, fairness and justice in our relationships requires truth to be the foundation and the goal.

A high standard of morals and ethics are highly valued in best relationships. Those that have a similar moral code to yours will be your best allies.


Libra is also known to be indecisive when weighing too many options and variables, which can lead to sitting on the fence for too long and consequently, on the other hand can lead to rash, last minute decisions.

Especially during a Full Moon, emotions can teeter totter, and sway the pendulum dramatically. Talking to others to gather information and a variety of second opinions on a subject can help you find clarity before you make a final verdict.

The desire for peaceful relationships is optimal now. What role do you play in bringing balance or imbalance to your life and the life of those around you?

The Importance of Identifying Truth and Bias.

I remember when Jupiter was in Libra at the end of 2016 and into 2017 is when biases became a hugely noticeable concern in the information the media was projecting into the collective public mind (Jupiter rules journalism and media – information and beliefs that reaches across the globe). Bias is still a major concern we are dealing with as we see skewed perceptions designed to influence what people think and believe. It is still difficult for a lot of people to know what to believe is true or not with so many conflicting and contradicting points of view.

I remember at first it was the alternative media and independent grassroots journalists that were challenging and questioning the objectives of the corporate media and calling them “Fake News.” Then not long after, the corporate media turned it around and started calling the independent media “Fake News” to try to dismiss and disregard any opinions that objected to the narrative the corporate media was disseminating to the masses. Then we started to see the battle escalate where social networking sites joined the corporate media to censor and silence dissenting voices that were feverishly demanding the corporate media tell the truth and stop their biased coverage. We saw a strong push by those in high corporate media positions to convince people to believe that the corporate media channels were the only trusted, authoritative information. Now people are still teeter-tottering on the edge trying to figure out what is really true and what isn’t. This is the conundrum biases put us in.


A Full Moon in Libra is a time to seek the whole truth, to acknowledge that truth is to be a priority in our lives if we are to reach a higher wisdom that brings harmony to our world. This is a time to recognize that not everyone is honest for various reasons, and we can be intentionally misguided, misinformed and drawn toward biases that skew information away from the real truth.

When it comes to information, people tend to make choices about what they believe is true and what isn’t true, usually according to predetermined biases. As people want a certain outcome to be true they will often dismiss and disregard any and all information that doesn’t fit into that worldview the person wants to be true.

We see how this is demonstrated in our society when people tend to choose sides and fervently stick to them in politics, or when they have a favorable view of a sports team or a celebrity they will defend to the very end – because they want their team to win.

The Full Moon in Libra reminds us of the importance of truth and transcending biases, to have a solutions oriented perspective and to prioritize making honest, good judgments for best results for all.

As Libra is an Air Sign indicating how our mind operates, we are reminded that perception really is everything. Focusing on positive solutions and hope, rather than negative doom and gloom can make all the difference in how we react and experience our lives. Therefore, it is important to guard your mind against influences that take you away from the truth.


Since the pendulum swings both ways, we could see examples in the spotlight where a battle of truth and lies, double standards and hypocrisy need to be address so we can get to the real truth of the matter. We are likely to see grand examples of how bias shapes and impacts what we think and believe during this period.

We often see in our society when the pendulum swings too far one way, Left or Right to the extremes, things get out of hand and don’t make sense anymore. Like gravity, natural law seeks to bring harmony and balance bringing the extremes back into balance, at the center.

As Libra is an air sign indicating influences on the mind which of course in its broadest influential sense refers to the media, the Full Moon in Libra reminds us be aware that there are those that have self serving biases that we need to watch out for.

Alternative news and corporate news can both be guilty of not telling the truth. We have witnessed on many accounts that few are immune from double standards and hypocrisy – because at the very root of it, people want to win, not lose the argument.

Truthfully, people in powerful financial positions that influence messaging to the collective, such as the multi-billionaires that own the corporate news, will of course have the upper hand in trying to control and manipulate our minds and emotions according to the agenda of their larger special interests in the corporate world.


It is wise to be conscious of how the news makes you feel and how it leads you believe certain biased perspectives. It is wise to question the motives of the message and the messengers. Behavior, attitudes and intentionally skewed perspectives will give you the clues. Are they omitting some information, totally dismissing some subjects and stories, but are repeatedly pushing strong on encouraging certain perspectives?

Libra brings attention to biases and conflicting points of view that need to be resolved through prioritizing the whole truth, not one-sided opinions. The Full Moon in Libra indicates the importance of cooperating with others and acknowledging there is duality in our world – that there are always two sides to the story, or more.

Interestingly enough, I recently came across a poll online where people were asked what their main concern is as we all deal with how the coronavirus is influencing our lives. The most popular answer in the poll was that people didn’t know what information to believe or who to trust in the media anymore because there are so many conflicting points of view, and the information changes frequently depending on the source.


Biases can be useful, but they can also be used to manipulate.

A Full Moon in Libra can shine a spotlight, waking people up to seeing the truth.

A positive way bias can be used would be when we do an astrology reading or a tarot reading. For example, if the querent (person asking the question) wants to know about their love life, then the reader will look at the parts of the astrology chart that are indicated for love and romance to provide an explanation about love and romance, and will not talk about other subjects, like career and money, for example, because the querent isn’t concerned with those subjects right now, they just want to know about their love life. With the tarot, the same principle applies. No matter what cards show up, they can be interpreted in how they relate to love and romance because that is what the querent wants to know about. Although other information will be presented, the main focus will be on love and romance in this case.

A bias is like having an interest in an outcome. For example, if I want to bake a cake, I am going to have a bias toward buying the ingredients that are in the cake recipe, so that the outcome is the cake, not a pea soup. I will intentionally omit all the other ingredients available in the grocery store because I don’t want them or need them to achieve my desired outcome.

But biases can also be dangerous when it comes to presenting information when the presenter has a specific interest in an outcome. Information can be manipulated to intentionally hide/omit true information because the teller doesn’t want that information revealed… So we must always question – what is the intended outcome and why? We must always be aware that some people with low moral standards may not have a problem lying to get what they want.

Let’s take a quick look at how extreme bias operates and influences our world with the media as our example. We have witnessed that the media is more about presenting opinions than about objective truths. They will often edit information, or present sound bites, then create a whole narrative of ideas around that sound bite to skew how people think about it. They are rather about projecting selected ideas like a layer of false beliefs onto our world that is intended to alter the perspective of the viewer. Of course a current prime example that reveals how this operates can be seen in the most popular topic the news always talks about these days – Donald Trump.


Let’s look at how corporate news so obviously operates on the spectrum of duality using bias:

On one side we will see certain corporate news outlets always projecting a favorable view of Trump in all cases in an attempt to create a favorable ideology that viewers will adopt as truth. The reporters/commentators will always turn the story around to speak only positively of Trump and only negatively of his opponents.

On the other side we will see certain corporate news outlets always projecting a negative view of Trump in all cases in an attempt to create an unfavorable ideology that viewers will adopt as truth. The reporters/commentators will always turn the story around to speak only negatively of Trump and only positively of his opponents.

However, the truth is never found in the intentionally projected extremes. The extremes of perspective are intentionally biased opinions, designed like a sports game, to get people to root for the side they want to win. It creates conflict and a battle of back and forth arguments – this is considered to be a good strategy for ratings as it makes the viewer hungry for their side to win so they keep coming back for more. But as people are starting to wake up to the game being played, ratings are not what they used to be as people are tuning out.

As the scales of balance demonstrate, the truth, fairness and equality can not be found in the extremes, it is found in the middle where biases do not exist because they are measured by the truth. The real truth can only be objective and factual, not skewed subjective opinions that are projecting onto the subject.

And here is the rub… The real truth is that the reporters/commentators are not paid to tell us the whole truth. They are paid to present a biased opinion according to the commands by those that employ them. We know this is true, because if a reporter is not consistently reporting a biased opinion that is aligned with that corporate news outlet’s preferred agenda, they will promptly lose their job and be replaced by someone that will report according to the wishes of their employer. The reporters are willing to play the game because they want the paycheck, they want to have a career so they compromise their ethics even if they know they aren’t telling the whole truth.

That’s how power from the top down always works – “Do this to keep your job or we will find someone that will.” It is highly unfortunate because people will often compromise their ethics and morals in order to survive, and those above them know this and exploit this fact.


That is the dangerous state of our world today, knowing that those with the corporate, financial power and special interests determine what information is presented and how it is presented to intentionally manifest a belief in millions of viewers.

Libra remind us that bias is not truth and we must use our intelligence to be discerning to make correct judgments – not according to what we want to be true, but according to facts that are not manipulated by intended outcomes.

The Libra Full Moon reminds us that it is essential to look at the pros and cons to see both sides of the coin to seek out the truth. Libra reminds us to consider how the tug and pull of biases play out around us as we walk through various perceptions of our world that dance between truths and untruths.

Libra and Money

Libra is ruled by Venus, and is thus is associated with money. Did you know that Libra is an ancient Roman term related to money? The scales were used to weigh and measure units of money to determine value. The abbreviation of lb representing a pound, has its origins from Libra denoted as the £ symbol. One Libra is estimated to have been 328.9 grams of silver coin.  

And, as we move closer to the aim of those in power, of one world governance, Facebook has named it’s cryptocurrency Libra to do online digital transactions worldwide. With concerns of a society ruled by technocrats, (very Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius) we could see how the dangers of a social credit system tied to a cryptocurrency could put a lot of people in a dangerous position of not being able to buy, sell, trade or travel if one does not follow or fit in with the socially acceptable rules implemented and enforced by a technology centered governing authority – like what they already have implemented in China.

Venus rules Libra, and Venus also rules Taurus, another sign associated with money – specifically work, income and financial security.


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