Tarot: The World, The Wheel of Fortune, 5 of Swords

Get some positive advice from the Tarot. As so many of us are at home, I’m using The Housewives Tarot for a fun, vintage vibe that I hope gives you a pick-me-up.

Sometimes we think we have everything in order, then life changes quickly and we need to adapt to new circumstances. Sometimes we want the world to be just the way we wish it would be, as if everything should fall right into place magically like winning the big prize by sheer luck. But usually, to achieve most goals in life, we need to do the work to make it happen.

A plan, a positive outlook and a willing hand is a recipe for progress. Your best bet is learning and practicing the skills it takes to achieve your goals to create a new outcome. Do your best, and piece by piece, snip by snip things will take shape. Focus on a goal that is realistic and manageable so you can get real, tangible rewards. You can turn your world around.


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