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Mercury in Aries

Mercury enters Aries on April 11, 2020 at 12:47 am ET.

Fast moving Mercury will be in Aries until April 27, 2020 at 3:52 pm ET.

Mercury enters the first sign of the zodiac symbolizing a new frame of mind. It’s time to start with a new perspective. Aries is the ram and the lamb, especially significant symbolism for Easter weekend.

With a new chapter of the mind, Mercury in Aries signifies a lot of new ideas and inspiration that arise quickly. This is the time to think of yourself in new ways for a fresh start. Expect sparks of intelligence to reinvigorate and reinvent your life.

Mercury in Aries is like waking up to a new morning with an eagerness and motivation to start your day with a spark of new interests and enthusiasm.

Of all the signs, I know more Aries people than any other and they certainly do tend to think fast and talk fast and have especially enthusiastic personalities.


With Mercury meeting Chiron in Aries, on April 15, 2020 at 1:01 pm ET it is a smart time to think about how we are dealing with personal wounds regarding our identities and personalities. Much of the wounds we need to heal that are embedded deeply into our personalities can be formed in childhood.

This would be a great time to read self help books or start writing in a new personal journal to help you recognize more about your identity and how to heal your perceptions of yourself.

Starting anything that stimulates your mind to move in a new direction and understand yourself better is recommended now. Starting a new hobby that is in line with your new sense of self would be great!

As a Cardinal Fire sign, new ideas can arise with great enthusiasm, but you could have difficulty following through to completion. That will require more frequent, extra doses of motivation, inspiration and willpower to keep going on the initial idea to make practical progress.

Mercury in Aries can be great for those that like to be assertive and decisive and those that appreciate stimulating conversations. Aries is a pioneer and a leadership roles come naturally. This is a great placement for entrepreneurs to get inspired to create new business ideas.


The mind tends to run faster with Mercury in Aries, which can lead some to feel anxious, restless and nervous while others will feel more excited and enthusiastic. Difficulty sleeping, headaches and bouts of insomnia are possible when your mind just won’t stop chattering away from one subject to the next.

The buzz of excitement and enthusiasm with Mercury in Aries can be contagious and uplifting to your mood, but can also get annoying for those that naturally like a slower pace. Swift, angry, impatient reactions are possible with those in bad moods.

A good representation of Mercury in Aries would be someone eagerly gabbing rapidly with a zippy, peppy, giddy attitude after having a few highly caffeinated coffees! New gossip topics are sure to keep tongues wagging.

In nature, we see there are lots of birds doing lots of talking these days now too, adding to the elation that spring has arrived!

Positive self-talk is recommended to improve your perceptions of your identity now.


New information and ideas can be more intriguing and kick off new, inspiring directions of thought. A sudden change of mind when new info arrives is common. This can make it challenging to spend long periods concentrating and studying. Many breaks for a change of pace is likely necessary to make the most of learning new info. Variety keeps things interesting.

Writing down your ideas is recommended. With so many ideas showing up you are likely to forget some along the way. Keep your pen and notebook, or note taking app ready.

Since Aries is a Cardinal sign, ideas that arise during this period can bring new beginnings. As mentioned, the issue with Cardinal signs is that initiating new starts are plentiful, but following through to completion can be more difficult, requiring extra an extra push. Variety will keep things interesting and inspiring along the way to keep the motivation going forward. But, you may hop from one subject and goal to the next without making progress. It takes determination to stay focused on one subject.

Witty responses are also a hallmark of Mercury in Aries. The personality can shine with amazing key words and phrases that bring energizing, bright intelligence to the forefront. This is a great placement for comedians to come up with just the wittiest responses in no time!

There can be a level of young energy and potentially naivety with Mercury in Aries. Looking mainly at just the surface and the superficial without going too deep into facts and underlying reasons is common with Mercury in Aries.

Jumping to conclusions right away and being too hasty is certainly a factor to consider with Mercury in Aries as well. So, if you could find that you are making decisions rather quickly or you are swiftly forming opinions about people and subjects without thinking things through thoroughly. Making fast decisions can also lead to mistakes if you are just skimming information so do try to remember to tone down the swiftness in situations that require a slower approach, like signing contracts.

Those with tempers could immediately bark out quick responses in situations in a road rage fashion, sending out darts of reactionary words.

Sports cars and driving fast can appeal to the ego with Mercury in Aries. Traveling short distances quickly and efficiently is of interest with this placement.

Bosses, leaders and business owners can be impatient and push employees to think faster to work faster. Efficiency, quick thinking and new ideas are prized.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in Aquarius now adding to our quick thinking and talk on social media.

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