The Sun enters Taurus on April 19, 2020 at 10:45 am ET.

The Sun is in Taurus until May 20, 2020 at 9:48 am ET.

The Sun enters Taurus every year at this time as part of the cycles of nature.

The Sun in Taurus says, “I want,” representing the desire to experience and connect with the physical world around you with your five senses.

With the Sun in Taurus we are reminded of the importance of getting back in touch with the earth element. If you often live with your mind in the clouds, and over thinking life, this is the time to become more aware of the world around you, and your physical body.

Spending time in nature does wonders for the body and mind. This is also a great time to learn more about how to live in nature and what is edible in your natural environment. There are a lot of videos on YouTube about how to forage for food, growing your own food, gardening, living off the land, and how people manage to live off grid.

The Sun also corresponds to divinity. For thousands of years people have revered the sun light as a symbol of spiritual divinity, and for some, it has literally been worshiped as The Divine. The Sun also represents our self, our personality and identity.

Taurus loves the pleasure principle and is a sensual sign. Through our relationship to the physical world we can become more conscious and even enlightened to the meaning of life. This is the time to bring body, mind and spirit, in harmony together.

When the Sun is in Taurus it is time to enjoy the fragrance of blooming flowers, the sunshine on your skin, the sights of trees budding, the taste of delicious wines, organic fruits and vegetables, the sounds of birds chirping… It’s time to experience the physical world of life more attentively with your senses.

Tree huggers and environmentalists will feel like they are in their element. Health and wellness are also highlighted now. Exercise in natural environments is recommended. If you’re into Yoga, or would like to begin a new practice, this would be a great time to start practicing Sun Salutations to get in touch with your body and the light within you and around you. Walking barefoot and feeling textures and sensations of the world around you can heal and enlighten.

The earth element is most often stable. There is a permanence to the earth element that remains for long periods. It takes thousands of years for land and rock to change even slightly. If you visit a distant location, years later, it is usually easily recognized as it is often nearly the same as when you were there before. This is also recognized in the permanence of architectural structures, especially those made of stone.

Taurus is also the builder and reminds us that it takes a lot of time, effort, practice and work to construct and establish and manifesting something of value in life.

This is a good time to have a look at your money matters and to consider financial security. Taurus likes what is tangible so money in your pocket feels more real than numbers on a computer screen, but Uranus is in Taurus now so we are moving toward a more technological, digital approach to money. Getting yourself a bit of physical gold would be fitting for the times. Getting your financial picture in order and taking responsibility for your income and expenses will help you feel more grounded and confident in your security.

As Taurus is also connected to home matters, this is also a great time for spring cleaning to free up and declutter your space so there is better flow and comfort. Take stock of all your material possessions and what you value to determine what it is worth to you during this period.

As the Sun transits through Taurus over the next month, take some time to enjoy the sunlight and natural world. Take breaks in your day to get outside and breathe in the air, and watch the birds perched on budding tree branches.

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