The Destiny Point (North Node) enters Gemini on May 5, 2020 at 1:47 am ET.

The Destiny Point will be in Gemini until January 18, 2022.

The Destiny Point is leaving Cancer after a year and a half bringing more attention to our family, parenting and home life. It’s interestingly coincidental that millions of people are at home now the last few months of the Destiny Point being in Cancer.

Now, the North Node (Destiny Point) moves into Gemini and the South Node leaves Capricorn and enters Sagittarius. The Destiny Point indicates what we are moving towards in our future, and the South Node indicates what we are moving away from. More on the South Node at the end of this article.

Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury and is largely about communications, so we are going to see a whole lot more gossip, talk and media attention during this period. Ruling the mind, thoughts and words, and being a sign of duality, we can expect plenty of different opinions while the Destiny Point is in Gemini.

I think what is most important for us to consider how do our thoughts and words translate into creating our reality? What are we thinking about? What are we speaking into existence?

Our minds are like computers. The information and data that is presented to our minds, becomes what we think about.

Who we talk to and interact with influences the flow of thoughts in our minds. So, this is an important time to be selective about who we communicate with and whose thoughts and ideas we allow to become a part of our own mindset.

Media has a huge influence on our consciousness and what we think about collectively. It is time to be more discerning about what information we allow to program our minds into what we are focusing on. Just what kind of reality are we creating by what we are thinking about?

A problem with Gemini is that it is usually superficial, surface information, not in depth analysis that impacts what people think. So, we can expect a lot of strong opinions to be formed quickly based on little information – like seeing a headline and automatically believing it without actually looking deeper for the real facts to see if it’s true or not. We could see people arguing over things that they really don’t know that much about. It could be difficult and frustrating for people that do know a lot of information and have done the research to try to convince people to see deeper truths, because so many people just won’t want to think too deeply on subjects and will easily dismiss anything that is beyond their scope of thoughts. We can expect to see plenty of people smirking and rolling their eyes often when they are presented with information that is too deep and complex for them to comprehend.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini is also known as the Trickster, especially when Retrograde. So it is wise to remember that some people have ulterior motives and can be manipulative to get you to think and believe certain ideas. Like salespeople that want to make the sale, people may tell you what they want you to hear and leave out, or skirt around some important details to create the perspective they want you to think. However, by knowing this, we can choose to be more discerning. Knowing that information can easily influence what we think and believe, we can make personal choices about what information we expose ourselves to and ask, “Who is the messenger and are they really trustworthy? What is their intention? Could they have ulterior motives?”

The media can use this time to their advantage to mold the minds of millions of people by pumping out a whole lot of headlines. We can expect repetition of ideas to be used as an effective psychological trick to get people thinking in intended directions.

Of course, air signs ruling the mind always indicate there is duality and bias in how people think so we should be more conscious of how truths and deception can be used with information. Hopefully transparency will become more in demand so we can get to the truth and overcome fake news.

With Saturn in Aquarius, another air sign, we are seeing limits on our social groups with social distancing. We are also seeing more indications of censorship as those with power to influence what people think and believe selectively decide what information people do and do not have access to.

With the South Node moving from Capricorn to Sagittarius, and everything that is going on in the world now, we are likely to see less people traveling long distance over the next couple of years. The Destiny Point in Gemini indicates short distance, local travel in our neighborhoods are more in focus. Long term study, learning and education could become less of interest while short headlines, passive absorption of information online is more likely to consume people’s time. We are also likely to see people’s beliefs changing, as we move away from established beliefs. We are also likely to see a decrease in focus on longer-term higher aims, as people focus more on shorter-term thinking.

Communications with neighbors and people we are connected to in our immediate circle like cousins and siblings become more important while the Destiny Point is in Gemini.


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