Mars enters Pisces on May 13, 2020 at 12:16 am ET.

Mars will be in Pisces until June 27, 2020 at 9:45 pm ET.

Mars is the active warrior, the athlete, the male force of ego, action, willpower and determination. In watery Pisces, emotions and reactions are likely to be heightened.

There are positive and negative aspects to Pisces of course as there is with all. Like higher consciousness and accessing hidden wisdom is positive, while hidden secrets and deception would be on the opposite end of the spectrum.

With active Mars in Pisces it is what you are doing, and what your intentions are that matters. Your actions create your karma.

The lack of clarity and confusion Pisces can bring because we lack awareness in a lot of areas in life, a lot of people can slip into the negative, unsure, doubtful aspects because our egos tend to often dominate in life. Mars has a strong ego and can lead us to take actions without really knowing there is a better way. But through pain, suffering and divisions that we may manifest and experience in life, eventually we learn to choose better and become wiser with a growing desire to reach toward higher wisdom and spirituality with intentions of good karma for ourselves and others.

Because so many are often caught up in the lower realms of egotism, we could see people taking strong actions based on delusional perspectives which can create problems. People can become highly reactive and aggressive based on their beliefs. But we can also see others, that are more spiritually aware, take action that leads toward and demonstrates higher consciousness. How people behave depends on the individual and their psychology.

Pisces is also associated to metaphysical healing and wellness. If your ego needs to be dissolved a bit so you are more spiritually balanced it is wise to work on your root chakra to ensure it is balanced and gives you a good foundation to work your way up to living in tune with higher consciousness represented by the crown chakra.

Pisces is at the level of spirituality, dreams, fantasy and magical thinking but because we do not know everything at the level of our ego and minds, it is like a mysterious abyss that is foggy and difficult to grasp – like when you wake up from a dream and the memory slowly fades away until you can’t remember the dream anymore.

There is a world of awareness beyond what you know right now. Awareness evolves over time, as you learn that there is more beyond your own bubble of what you think you know. Reality is bigger than you realize.

Because we are living in tense times with a lot of focus on lower consciousness and egotism needing to be worked through we can see a lot of challenges in the world that could wake us up…


Mars will be meeting Neptune in Pisces on June 13, 2020 at 10:12 am ET.

Mars meeting Neptune in Pisces indicates increased instances of a possible crisis moment and excessive reactions for those with mental and emotional instability and delusional perspectives.

We could see a lot of anger and frustration revolving around misconceptions and confused emotions. Witnessing violence can also be an awakening moment that raises you to a new awareness and prompts you to become more conscious and compassionate.

Pisces also relates to secrets as well as deceptions we could see more aggressive stances relating to conspiracies. Pisces is symbolized by fish, and fish are also symbolically associated to money and the flow of money.

Mars in Pisces can also dampen self-confidence and soften the ego. A preference to work alone to avoid having others affect your confidence is indicated. However, those that are usually excessively timid, shy or are introverts could find themselves feeling a bit more willful than usual, encouraged by an activating influence from Mars now.

This can be a great placement for artists to be more imaginative and passionate about what they are creating. Strong, forceful torrents of expression like throwing paint at a canvas is a good representation of this energy. Energizing music that gets your emotions pumped is indicated for some, while calming music for those that need to relax more is suggested.

Those with high stress levels could try to escape and may turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to get away. A healthy alternative would be to swim or get physically active in water to create shifts in energy and emotions. Dancing and fluid movements that strengthen a connection to core energy is recommended, like Tai-chi. It’s a good idea to get your blood flowing. Spending time in a steam room while doing yoga could be pretty awesome.

Romantic encounters that are geared towards passionate fantasies are also indicated with Mars in Pisces.

We could see disputes on water, particularly oceans in terms of military action. A push against secretive actions is likely to be enhanced.

A stronger interest in compassionate care and heroism to save or help people and animals that are suffering is highlighted during this period. We could see rescues get more attention.

Sacrificing for others is indicated and we could see demonstrations of martyrdom and self sacrifice, so we might see such related events in the news during this period. Pisces is associated to Christianity and the Age of Pisces. With Mars in Pisces we could see more references related to concepts of uncovering hidden secrets like Inquisitions and war acts like The Crusades.

If you are having psychological issues, confusion, frustration or are fuming with anger during this period, it is advised to reach out for help. There are people that have compassion and care.


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