Weekly TarotScope Advice May 25-31, 2020

I’m creating New Weekly Tarot Advice for you with short, simple, practical insights to consider as you go about your week ahead.

Page of Swords (R), Queen of Coins, 10 of Coins.

Consuming new information isn’t always the best option, and written or verbal misunderstandings are commonplace now. Accessing your own inner wisdom can bring the best rewards this week.

Instead of being too much in your head or caught up in news and gossip, tap into constructive achievements, and the best experiences the natural, physical, material world has to offer you. Instead of being in your mind too much, it’s best to get back in touch with the real world now.

A stronger, mature focus on practical, economic security is also wise. This is a reminder that wealth is more than just money, it is also good relationships that make your life better and more fulfilled.

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