I’m creating New Weekly Tarot Advice for you with short, simple, practical insights to consider as you go about your week ahead using the fun, retro styled Housewives Tarot.

Weekly TarotScope June 15-21, 2020

Weekly TarotScope June 15-21, 2020

Our minds can lead us to a whole lot of conflicting points of view. Swords are symbolic of words, thoughts and ideas. Often, conflicting ideas can cause us to have fears, worries, apprehensions and can work us up into a big tizzy expecting the worst. One look at the first card and you’ll think, “Whoa, somebody is not happy!”

But the Hermit, ruled by Virgo, reminds us that a good cleanse can recharge us, bring us back down to earth and experience renewed clarity. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and tends to be a thinker as well as a doer, and can be a worrier. The best way for Virgo to stop worrying is to be productive.

It can be easy to get caught up in the ruckus of the world of ideas, information and conflicting, contradictory perceptions the world presents to us, especially through the media. It can definitely get pretty crazy especially where strong biases pretty much guarantee disagreements of opinion.

But here we see that taking some time to yourself, disconnecting from all the external pressures and doing your own thing can bring you back to center. If we take the time to settle down and calm our minds in a more orderly, relaxed way, we’ll be able to think more clearly. 


Mercury will be going Retrograde this week too, so confusion about misinformation, miscommunications, biases, opinions, news, etc., can do a real number on us. Mercury will be Retrograde in Cancer, which signifies a time to get back in touch with our personal lives, our homes, family and our bodies.

The Hermit card is a perfect reminder to take it easy and step back a bit from the onslaught of information and relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home and comfort zone now. It will make you much happier to find those peaceful moments that you make all your own. 

Time for meditation and soul searching is recommended now. Give yourself some much needed “me-time” whenever possible this week and just shut out the world of conflicts for your own peace of mind. The Hermit can signify turning off the TV, taking the phone off the hook, writing your own thoughts or reading a self-help book instead of following the current trends in the news and social media.

It is wise to focus on the things that matter to you that are closer to home and to the heart. Solitude can do wonders for your mind and prevent you from getting caught up in conflicts of opinion you know you really don’t need. Focus on your own personal happiness this week. You’ll be glad you did. 

We also have the New Moon in Cancer with a Solar Eclipse for the Summer Solstice coming up on June 21, 2020 at 2:40 am ET reminding us to start fresh, take care of our bodies, our creature comforts, bring renewed joy to home and family, and to enjoy the water element and all it symbolizes in our lives.


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