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New Moon in Cancer July 20, 2020 Blue Moon

It’s officially a New Moon in Cancer on July 20, 2020 at 1:33 pm ET. 

This is actually the 2nd New Moon in Cancer we are having in a row because we just had a New Moon in Cancer last month on June 21st, in the earlier degrees of Cancer. This New Moon is in the last degrees of Cancer at 28 degrees. Two New Moons in the same sign are sometimes also referred to as Blue Moons.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Once in a Blue Moon” indicating how rare this is and thus giving us an extra dose of importance to the message and meaning of this New Moon.

This New Moon in Cancer signifies extra emphasis and importance of new beginnings in our lives associated with the symbolism of the sign of Cancer.

This New Moon stands directly across the sky, in opposition to Saturn at 28 degrees of Capricorn. Saturn is currently Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, along with Jupiter and Pluto as well. 


Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Capricorn is a big deal right now with so much energy here with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. It is a major time for all of us to be witnessing the transformation of politics, society and culture. What we think and believe about the larger reality is going through a major shift and through it we are seeing a lot of revelations about how the structure of our world operates. Pluto with its destructive, transformative nature is bringing a lot of dirt to the surface to be witnessed. 

It is very interesting that there has been so much destruction of physical structures, particularly statues lately as Pluto signifies destruction, and Capricorn represents the physical, material world. Statues are a physical representation of beliefs about people and so what we are seeing with the destruction of statues really does correspond to Jupiter Retrograde (which represents beliefs as well as culture) is conjunct to Pluto Retrograde (which represents destruction). And with these planets both Retrograde it also signifies an association to the past and history. 

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is a feminine water sign. Cancer symbolizes the mother and it is quite coincidental timing between these two New Moons in Cancer that we have seen the recent desecration of Virgin Mary statues. This in turn brings greater attention to the importance of the sacred feminine and the essential meaning of motherhood and nurturance in our lives. Mary is associated with water, as marine and mariner is associated with bodies of water. 

Now this New Moon in Cancer stands directly across the sky from Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn, and Saturn implores us to take greater responsibility for the karma we are creating and how that is manifesting our reality in the world.

The New Moon always signifies new beginnings, and with this time period offering us 2 New Moons in Cancer, we are doubly reminded of the importance of the feminine Cancerian energy in our lives.


Cancer and the Moon represents the more personal side of our lives, while Saturn and Capricorn represents the more impersonal, professional, political side of our world. 

This New Moon in Cancer represents bringing a necessary renewal of softer, sensitive, comforting, nurturing qualities in our lives – the type of feelings we would experience from a loving, caring, supportive, warm and protective mother. This is in direct opposition to Saturn in Capricorn which represents the hard, cold, dominating, goal oriented, insensitive ruling authority figures and rules of the political and business world. And because Capricorn is so materialistic, it can be where we see demonstrations of cold arrogance and ego dominance, especially with those that feel powerful in their positions.

Because we want to feel comfortable in our own skin during this New Moon, dominating, authoritarian personalities can make us feel uncomfortable, irritated or blocked from feeling serene. Feeling irritated and uncomfortable can naturally lead to reactions to protect oneself now.

You can think of Cancer as doing things that are nurturing and caring for people like providing food, water and love, while Capricorn would be about profits, goals and bottom lines being top priority no matter how insensitive and uncaring it may be to people. So with Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn it’s time to rethink how we approach the world and how that affects the whole of existence for everyone. 

With this emphasis on the polarity of opposites with this second New Moon in Cancer, we have an opportunity to make a new choice in how we move forward. It’s a great time to become more aware of how the contrasting dynamics between Cancer and Capricorn influences our world. 

This period with double New Moons in Cancer reminds us of how important it is for us all to create a renewal of what is important to us personally and approach the world and people with more sensitivity. We can do this by renewing bonds with people that are important to us, to reconnect to our bodies by nurturing ourselves with good food, rest and comforts that support our well being and create new connections with people that we care about. 

Hugging people is a great representation of the sensitive and caring Cancerian energy, while Saturn puts restrictions like what we see with social distancing rules impressed upon us by authority figures. More people are likely going to become more tired of the restrictions placed upon us by those in powerful, dominating positions especially where it is affecting people’s personal lives in highly uncomfortable ways. People want to feel more comfort and closeness now, not dominating authority from the top of the mountain of rulers. 


Cancer also represents our origins, our family and the roots of who we are right down to our DNA. We are reminded that we are all of the same source at the very core of our being. But according to the messages being presented by those at the top of society and in the media, we are seeing an emphasis on divisions between people based on race. 

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn can signify descending down from the top of the mountain back into the depths of the sea, which of course has historical, evolutionary connotations of how we are united at the source.

With this New Moon in Cancer you can think of this period as a cleansing where you wash away negativity from the past, and let it go so you can renew yourself in a new image, like a baptism that refreshes you to recognize that you have an important role in bringing forward your more sensitive, caring and loving qualities to the world for yourself and others. How much positive change could we all bring to the world if our focus was on being caring, nurturing and sensitive to others instead of arguing over political beliefs and getting caught up in the divisive rhetoric pumped down to us from the higher echelons of society?

This is a time to consider how to renew the protective qualities of your own emotional bubble to bring peace into your personal life, and to wash away the conflicts you may have been getting caught up in that the political world and larger society impresses on your life. Prioritizing calm, comfort and caring can make a world of difference in your experience of life.

Of course this doesn’t mean that the political world is suddenly going to stop being an issue, but you can make a conscious effort toward creating a more peaceful experience for yourself and others. Saturn represents our goals and efforts, and now Retrograde we can put our efforts toward what makes us feel better with this New Moon in Cancer. 

It’s also a great idea to take care of your home as we get closer to this New Moon as well as after. Cleaning your home so it feels comfortable and cared for is recommended as part of a positive renewal of your energy. Having things in your immediate environment well taken care of can help make you feel more positive moving forward with the New Moon.

Finally, I also wanted to mention that the sign of Cancer has a lot to do with our emotions and feelings, but this also has to do with what is most personal to us – our own physical bodies. With the opposition to Saturn in Capricorn it is important to question, especially in these times, what do those at the top of society, those in powerful positions in society because of their financial clout and connections want and demand to do to our bodies vs. what we want for our own bodies regarding the current state of affairs? Should they have the right and power to dictate what happens to each and every one of our own physical bodies without our consent?

I hope this astrology horoscope gives you some useful and meaningful perspectives to think about as we head into the future.


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