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Tarot: Judgment, 4 of Cups, Queen of Swords

Enjoy Your New Weekly Tarot Advice with short, simple, practical insights to consider as you go about your week ahead using the fun, retro styled Housewives Tarot.

Weekly TarotScope July 20 to 26, 2020

Perhaps you could shed a few pounds and watch your weight more diligently, or you could say no to another drink, or you could trim the hedges and make everything just the way you think it should be, but…

It seems like every time we turn around there are reminders that we live in a world full of judgments and opinions. Of course, harsher judgmental points of view really can get to us and affect how we feel.

Whether it is what we think and feel about ourselves, or what others think and feel about us, ultimately it is an inner battle of self esteem that determines how we react to the judgments and opinions that show up in our lives.

We also live in a time where we often see people projecting all sorts of false judgments, opinions and accusations onto others that may not be true.

This week we can expect that people may be more sensitive than usual, especially since we have a New Moon in Cancer to start the week. Cancer is a sensitive water sign and is known to become defensive to protect those soft inner feelings.

This New Moon reminds us that it’s time to make a new decisive change for the better and to have a look at our feelings and how we are reacting to the world around us. How are all the external influences affecting us emotionally and what does that do to our lives?

When judgments come our way it is natural to react by protecting our feelings. Sometimes we react by turning inward, while others will go full throttle defense mode and snip away whatever or whoever is pushing their buttons to remove uncomfortable external influences.


The sign of Cancer is also associated with our bodies and how comfortable we feel in our own skin. We all want to feel cared for and supported, so when someone insults us personally, especially in how we may look or other personal aspects of ourselves, it can feel extra emotionally uncomfortable now. In such instances, it is common for people to turn to comfort foods or drinks to make themselves feel better temporarily. But if that leads to overindulgence, it can create a yo-yo effect of jumping on and off the scale wreaking havoc on self-esteem.

If you know you’ve been overindulging in something and it’s not making you happy with the end results, this week reminds you to take pause and take charge of the situation. As this can be especially indicative of consumption of food and drink, perhaps it’s time to cut something out of your diet, or get rid of a bad habit. 

But it could also be any type of influence that is coming your way and affecting how you feel. If this is the case, perhaps it is time for you to turn off the endless negative news and opinions of others for a while so you can become more centered in making your own well being the priority.

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