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Weekly TarotScope August 3 to 9, 2020

Enjoy Your New Weekly Tarot Advice with short, simple, practical insights to consider as you go about your week ahead using the fun, retro styled Housewives Tarot.

This week we are reminded of the courage and confidence of Leo, to take charge of your future and create your destiny. 

When you plant the seed it will grow, flower and bear fruit when you tend to its needs for development along the way. 

Having confidence and patience that longer term goals can work out when you put in your best efforts enhances an optimistic approach that improves your chances of success. Sometimes you have to wait for things to develop and it takes time, but it is often worth it.

Like developing your personality and coming into your own expression, it takes a lot of experiences to discover the real you. 

This week we are reminded that building your confidence in yourself and in your abilities will help you manifest your desires in life. 

We all want to feel rewarded for our hard work. Money is often a motivating factor, but so is the satisfaction of producing something worthwhile. It’s even better when you have a good attitude and make the process fun by being creative and inventive.

Though we shouldn’t be dependent on others to feel good about what we’re doing, it is nice to have others acknowledge and recognize our efforts as confirmation that we can do it. It is wise to surround yourself with people that are truly interested in seeing you succeed and have the right attitude to praise you when you deserve it.  

Feeling supported, admired or valued by others when you are working hard and doing your best can boost your motivation that keeps you on the path of improvement. If you want a positive ego boost to keep you on track toward good it’s okay to take credit for what you’ve achieved. 

With an empowered attitude, bold ideas and honest intentions you can inspire and encourage others to gladly support and participate in your efforts to lead the way toward good results. 

We also have a Full Moon in Aquarius coming on August 3, 2020.

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