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Mercury in Leo August 2020

Mercury enters Leo on August 4, 2020 at 11:30 pm ET.

Mercury will be in Leo until August 19, 2020 at 9:29 pm ET.

It’s a great time to turn your mind toward positive thinking and enjoy the sunshine. The Sun is the ruler of Leo so think bright and fun!

Mercury in Leo can increase our enthusiastic energy and our motivation especially for setting goals and taking charge. A positive mindset can lead the way.

Thinking of yourself as a leader, or thinking highly of yourself by tapping into your confidence in your unique self expression is indicated with Mercury in Leo.

People with a shining personality that comes through with great conversations and a witty, charming attitude can gain greater admiration during this period.

Saying the right thing with a positive, friendly attitude can have a more positive boost on your reputation than usual.


Expressive personalities are noticed and capture people’s attention easily. However, those that may talk too much, with excessively strong opinions or have overly dramatic attitudes or pushy personalities are could be considered overbearing or obnoxious.

New ideas and words you read or hear at random in the social sphere, especially inspirational quotes can inspire positive changes of perspective.

Bright and sunny daytime energy is excellent to clear your mind and bring brilliant insights now.

Mercury in Leo encourages us to tap into the into the creative parts of our minds and personalities.

An interest in entertainment, theater, drama, music, performance and any form of creative arts is encouraged now. This is a great time to access your own talents and enjoy the talents of others. Great ideas and insights can be born from immersing yourself in the realm of artistic expression.

Having a sense of freedom of expression, a good sense of humor, an energizing attitude, enjoying games that are mentally stimulating, socializing with good conversations and developing hobbies are greats ways of tapping into Mercury in Leo energy.

Mercury in Leo is also positively associated with dating, flirting, fun and games in romance.


Of course we can expect there to be a lot of gossip, especially about the entertainment industry where people are in the spotlight.

We’re likely to see plenty of activity in the gossip column about celebrities and Hollywood. Hearing a dramatic speech during this period wouldn’t be surprising.

When Mercury is in Leo there is a greater potential of arrogant and narcissistic personalities to be in the spotlight. You can expect people with big egos to show off, toot their own horn and pat themselves on the back.

People’s attitudes can be quite dramatic and exaggerated with extra enthusiasm for one’s own perspective. This may be noticeable as well in the news

Mercury in Leo is supportive of determined approach to going after your goals which is great for those who are success-minded. It’s also a great placement for planning and learning.

Leaders and bosses step into their own when they push forward the more dominant side of their personality and set the tone for the mindset of those around them. If you’re in business this would be a great time to work on a marketing campaign or to have an open mind to new creative concepts to enliven your business.

Mercury meets the Sun in Leo on August 17, 2020 at 11:07 am ET. You could have brilliant insights around this time. This would be a great time to express yourself, put on a show, present your talent or something you’ve created.