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New Moon in Leo August 18, 2020

It’s officially a New Moon in Leo on August 18, 2020 at 10:42 pm ET.

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When we have a New Moon in Leo, it is when the Moon meets the Sun in Leo.

Mercury entered Leo on August 4, 2020 and will be in close conjunction to this New Moon and the Sun on August 18th.

A New Moon is a good time to start off on the right foot with intentions to move toward positive growth. The Sun rules Leo, so it is wise to enjoy getting some sunshine to boost your mood.

The New Moon is a new starting point of change as we move from the waning Moon phase and enter a personal growth phase.

Of course, transitions usually do bring emotional tides with them and the Moon is indicative of changing moods and fluctuations of emotions, so not everyone is going to feel extra chipper and upbeat right away of course because life circumstances are complex for each of us. But, with Mercury nearby we are reminded of the importance of emotional intelligence heading forward so we can make better decisions when we react to what is happening in life and focus on changing our mindset for the better.

To get yourself in a positive frame of mind, you can align yourself with the opportunities a New Moon in Leo symbolizes.

Leo is most well known as the sign of self expression, creativity and confidence. This is an excellent time for starting new creative endeavors and developing a stronger interest in creative arts and entertainment.

Spending more time focusing on developing your talents can help boost your confidence in what you are capable of and improve your self esteem.

Self confidence is essential to being able to fully express yourself without limiting yourself from being true and authentic to the real you. More time, focus and experience tapping into your creative talents will give you a positive mental and emotional boost now.

This New Moon, Sun and Mercury Stellium are in positive connection with Mars in Aries indicating a strong sense of self identity is good for your ego now.

Leaders and those with stronger, bolder personalities are able to feel confident due to experience in their work and with their talents. Real leaders trust their abilities and where they stand so they can get busy taking charge and leading the way towards their goals.

The New Moon in Leo encourages a new appreciation of our personalities. Optimism, courage and enthusiasm mark this New Moon for us to start a new beginning that allows us to express who we are.

If you’re generally the timid, shy, reserved type, finding your talents and working on your creative abilities and pushing yourself to share them with others can help boost your esteem. Being creative with an open mind and letting go of doubts and self criticism, to instead just have fun enjoying the process is a great route to improved self esteem.

A New Moon in Leo is about amping up your personality, demonstrating upbeat, positive emotions and tapping into expressions of happiness to lift your spirit. Smiling can be the best medicine for you, and those around you.

Leo is a sign of dramatic flair, full of life and personality and that’s where this New Moon leads us to want to shine. Leo likes attention and likes to be seen.

When your personality shines like the sun with confidence and you are being true to yourself it can be highly attractive and capture people’s intrigue and interest. People Like role models that are sure of themselves, and are really good at expressing their minds and talents.

The most entertaining and interesting people that we tend to gravitate towards are those who express their creative gifts and personalities.

This is a great time to work on empowering yourself, gaining self-respect and being proud to express yourself by being true to yourself.

Dressing up to impress is a common example of people tapping into the glitzy, glamorous, creative side of Leo. This is a great time for vibrant, colorful, sunny, warm colors in your wardrobe. Leo loves fashion, so it’s a great time to make a bold, enlivening statement with fun attire. But if you’re not going out much these days, you may want to try exploring your taste in fashion by trying something new and different that makes you feel good about yourself. Perhaps it’s time for a new hair style so you feel fresh and new.


As mentioned, Leo also demonstrates leadership which can make being a professional a lot of fun. A great example of the professional meets creative attributes of a New Moon in Leo would be when a dancer is performing and they are right on point, in rhythm with the music, hitting all their marks with strength and boldness right in time with the beat, and fully expressing soulfulness and emotion. You can tell they have practiced a lot and have really given their all to developing their talents into an art form.

Marketing and advertisement is another great example of business leadership and creativity coming together which is strongly associated to Leo. Actors, musicians, graphic artists, photographers, directors, producers and editors all working together toward portraying an idea that gets attention for a new product or service is totally in tune with a Leo New Moon.

If you are in business, this would be a great time to incorporate more expression, personality, flair and creativity into your work.


Excesses: Although Leo is largely about freedom of expression and creativity, it is also wise to consider when expression can be too much. Leo likes attention and an ego boost, but sometimes when people are emotionally charged they can act-out for attention or go overboard.

Especially with Mars in Aries connecting with this New Moon, that young, enthusiastic, energized behavior and activity can sometimes get out of hand to the point of being obnoxious or even immature – like the joker or bully that thinks they are having fun, but they’re going too far with their bold behavior annoying others. If you feel like you have excess energy during this period, exercise is highly encouraged to bring a health balance.

It’s also smart to consider, when it comes to expressions in business, especially when it comes to marketing, sometimes people try too hard and they may not come across as real, authentic or believable to others, but instead their behavior comes across as a fake act. Enthusiasm is great for tapping into Leo energy but sometimes people fake enthusiasm and excitement, which is a very different thing than actually being truly enthusiastic about something.

An example of the type of excessive performances an portrayals of over the top enthusiasm are especially noticeable in some infomercials where the presenters are just going a little bit too far over the edge to be believable. The Sun and Moon in Leo want authenticity.

With smart Mercury in Leo as well with this New Moon people can more easily pick up on this kind of over the top performance, so it is best to focus on being true to your personality when you express yourself.

Being perceived as authentic and believable is a lot easier when you are being true to yourself. That’s when people will really gravitate toward your personality.


As Leo is the sign of entertainment, more gossip and news about celebrities and Hollywood are likely to be in focus during this period, especially with Mercury in Leo now. We could see a new focus on celebrity culture, or a new person rising in their career as the New Moon approaches and develops. But, with all the heavy hitters (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn Retrograde) in Capricorn representing career and reputation, we could see some big news about celebrities that could be quite messy.

This New Moon in Leo is also in quincunx to Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn, so we can expect some challenges and limitations in career matters that might be evident in what is going on with people in high positions in society, whether they are famous celebrities or well known, influential people in politics and business. Mars and Chiron in Aries as well during this period indicates a focus on people’s attitudes and behavior can change perceptions of people’s identity.

Sometimes when people think highly of themselves or they have accomplished a high position in their careers, they can go overboard with their egos. For example, we’ve all heard of divas at the top of their game when their success goes to their head and they end up being rotten and treating everyone around them like dirt. Sometimes the Leo energy can also indicate arrogance and narcissism to the point where people feel like the King or Queen and everyone else is beneath them. Of course, over the top behavior like that can turn people off instead of attracting them to your confidence.

However, for those that may have a lower sense of self esteem and confidence this New Moon can be great for a renewal of believing in yourself.

If you’re more of an introvert, you may not desire the accolades and attention so much. Your sense of joy and freedom sought will largely be about releasing personal barriers within so you can feel good about just being you. But for extroverts, enjoying external recognition can give a big boost of self esteem and validation that feels good.

This Leo New Moon is a great time to renew yourself and to focus on enhancing your potential and you talents. Shake off a limited, narrow scope of yourself and be bold and courageous in your personality and your self expression. Many people have esteem issues that could do with a nice, positive boost. A lot of people are actually caught up in a critical, false sense of self for a long time, that they can’t even imagine reaching their higher, creative potential in life and hold themselves back. With this New Moon in Leo, it’s time to let that negativity go and move on to a much better, positive attitude and perception of yourself.

Ultimately, the next two weeks is about having a lot of fun with the shiniest, brighter side of your personality. Express yourself and be proud of yourself for your unique qualities and tap into your creativity and you’ll feel more satisfied with yourself and in tune with your potential.

As we head forward with this New Moon, it is personal freedom, creativity and self expression that is most important. I think it’s an interesting perspective to consider life like a movie where you get to be the producer, director and the star.