Mercury enters Virgo on August 19, 2020 at 9:29 pm ET.

Fast moving Mercury will be in Virgo only until September 5, 2020 at 3:46 pm ET.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and right at home, combining the power of the mind with earthly matters. There is a practicality to Mercury in Virgo, so put your thinking cap on and figure out methods and approaches to getting things done. Mercury in Virgo asks, “How can I take this idea and turn it into practical results?”

This is the time to make an executive decision about your life. If you aren’t living the life you actually want, you need to make a decision to change it. Earth signs are about what’s real, and the reality you are living. Money is a major factor of consideration with earth signs. So if you’ve been doing something that isn’t giving you the financial rewards you want, you’ve got to decide what you’re going to do to change that.

There is a tendency to be overly analytical when Mercury is in Virgo. Overthinking can induce stress. A critical, and argumentative streak can ensue especially when discussing differences of opinion. Petty details of life can get more attention than they need which can take you away from more important matters. A tendency to be impatient with others that don’t understand things as quickly as you’d like is certainly possible. With such a critical eye, the ability to criticize someone where it hurts most is easy when Mercury is in Virgo. Though sometimes highly useful, constructive criticism is not what people want to hear all the time.

Mercury can jump to snap judgments and opinions quickly especially on first impressions. It is also easy to be self critical with Mercury in Virgo, which can lead to an inferiority complex. This is especially true in the workplace during this period.

Mercury in Virgo is good at using abilities to collect information and do research to find out the best options. This is useful in taking care of health and learning about the facts and figures of nutrition. Mercury in Virgo is a great time to create smarter, healthier daily routines.

This is also a great time to read and write, and to access information that stimulates and encourages your neuro linguistic patterns with positive pathways.

Organizing your emails, files and paperwork so you have everything in order and easy to access is recommended now.

As an earth sign, Virgo complements Mercury with an interest in collectibles. Categorizing and putting things in order is a pleasant pastime with this configuration. Making a garden orderly or preparing meals that look well thought out can bring a lot of satisfaction.

There can be emotional detachment with Mercury in Virgo, as data, facts and real information are prioritized over the subjective perceptions feelings can bring. Those who talk a lot about how they feel as their reasoning for decisions can easily irritate those that want concrete logic to make sense of the world.

Mercury in Virgo can be quite controlling, with a perfectionist perspective wanting everything to be just right, on schedule and orderly.

Cleanliness can be on people’s minds more than usual during this period, and an addiction to hand sanitizer can be commonplace.

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