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Full Moon in Pisces September 2, 2020

It’s officially a Full Moon in Pisces on September 2, 2020 at 1:22 am ET. 

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When we are reaching toward a Full Moon in Pisces it is symbolic of seeing how far we have come in our progress towards developing good karma in our lives, and experiencing the world from a higher perspective. We are reminded that life can be seen more as a spiritual journey and we can elevate above the mundane, and reach higher states of consciousness. 

As we work toward this Full Moon in Pisces we have a 2 week cycle of growth from the New Moon in Leo. As the Sun is the ruler of Leo, this gives us further indication that the Sun is extra important to consider as we ascend toward this Full Moon. This is a great time to develop your creativity and imagination. Artists may want to explore how nighttime and daytime each bring unique experiences for creativity and inspiration. It’s a great time to explore music, poetry, painting, dancing and tapping into feelings these explorations evoke. You can check out the New Moon in Leo video for more details on the growth phase.

With this Full Moon, it’s worth noting that we always have the Sun in Virgo when there is a Full Moon in Pisces. The Sun and Moon operate in a relationship of polarity during Full Moons. In astrology it’s important to take the whole chart into account regarding the larger picture. The interpretation is modified according to the relationship to other placements in the zodiac. 

The Full Moon has a lot to do with awareness, intuition, instincts and coming to major, meaningful, personal realizations. Full Moon’s can be an emotional time for many, and this Full Moon can be particularly potent in terms of feelings and emotions because Pisces and the Moon are both part of the water element. 

As water purifies and cleanses this would be a great time to drink more water, spend time by bodies of water, take baths, steams and showers to tap into the water element.

The higher qualities of Pisces is about higher consciousness, wisdom, karma, imagination, the metaphysical and philosophical concepts about spirituality, being compassionate and altruistic, having faith and trusting the flow of life.

The lower qualities of Pisces is deception, illusions, confusion and delusion. So I’m going to talk about both…

We also have Neptune Retrograde in Pisces in the same decan as the Full Moon in Pisces. This indicates a more personal, internal spiritual growth and also a connection to Cancer and Capricorn axis. 

As you know, I’ve talked a lot about what’s going on in Capricorn these days and that this can be quite a stressful time in the world for a lot of people.

With this Full Moon in Pisces and everything going on in the world, we are in a mix between finding our higher truth and our higher purpose and meaning in life, and overcoming the deceptions of the world. 

Venus is currently in fellow water sign Cancer indicating that this is a good time to be taking care of yourself, your body and being closely connected to people you love and care about. It’s a good time to find healthy ways to destress. 

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