Venus enters Leo on June 27, 2021 at 12:26 am ET.

Venus in Leo speaks highly to the law of attraction. Leo loves attention and Venus loves to attract. Enthusiasm, optimism and desire are heightened.

Venus in Leo reminds us that self love leads to self confidence.

The desires of the ego can be especially potent when Venus is in Leo. Wanting to stand out, to be seen, to be in the spotlight, to enjoy attention and to feel attractive is highlighted.

A desire for money, luxury and riches is increased. A desire to have fun, playing games and gambling is likely which can lead to a lot of spending. Beautiful clothes and expensive jewelry of high quality can lead to much money spent beautifying your appearance. Finding pleasure in material things is expected while buying gifts for yourself and others is commonplace with Venus in Leo.

Beauty treatments, cosmetics and cosmetic surgery are in demand, which is great if you work in the beauty industry. Makeup channels are likely to notice an uptick of interest. Combinations of soft, warm and bold colors in harmony are especially eye catching now.

An excessive obsession with looks and attracting attention can lead to over the top expressions. Leo love the spotlight, can be dramatic and likes to show-off. A narcissistic streak can be noticed in some, where one’s appearance is excessively emphasized.

This is usually considered a great time to be a social butterfly, to date and tap into romance but with all that is going on now, social lives are of course limited. Venus’ love and Leo’s optimism and outgoing expression and flamboyant, humorous personality makes flirting, seduction and fun more obvious. Those that love to be the center of attention will love to be flattered by love interests. Since Venus in Leo loves attention so much, if a romantic partner isn’t giving you the admiration you want, jealousy can easily take over. Leo is also a loyal sign with a heart of gold.

The desire to have a permanent partner, to feel loved and to have children is also increased especially if your biological clock is ticking.

Creativity and an appreciation of the arts, theatre, acting, singing, film, fashion, modeling, style and entertainment are emphasized with Venus in Leo. If you are in arts and entertainment, this would be an appropriate time to release your work to be seen.

Tapping into your creative abilities and confident self expression can greatly improve your sense of self-worth now.

It’s a great time to get inspired by people you love. Biographies of anyone that interests you, particularly actors, celebrities and especially strong, creative, talented unique personalities are more admirable than usual.

Famous and well known female figures may be especially noticeable in the spotlight during this period. Hollywood gossip might be extra dramatic now.

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