Jupiter stations direct in Capricorn on September 12, 2020 at 8:41 pm ET, after Jupiter has been Retrograde in Capricorn since May 14, 2020.

Jupiter will be in Capricorn until December 19, 2020

Beliefs about the big picture of life and a higher purpose are set to change, as are aims and goals. Keep in mind we also have the New Moon in Virgo coming up on September 17, 2020 so this is a good time to focus on your goals, getting your life organized and planning ahead.

Jupiter will be getting closer to Saturn in Capricorn now. Between these two heavy hitters we have Pluto giving us a Stellium of three powerful planets in Capricorn. No wonder there has been so much tension, and destruction in the political realm with Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction) and Pluto (destruction/transformation).

We are likely to see a lot of issues surrounding how people project ideas and perceptions onto others now. A lot of false projections that may have occurred while Jupiter was Retrograde will need to be dealt with to rise above them. False ideas that people – and especially far reaching media – project into the world will need to be addressed going forward. How information is used to influence people’s beliefs and alter perceptions of reality is up for consideration.

Pluto could bring judgment in November. We could have a major awakening as we head forward. A lot of major, transformative revelations could come through around the time Jupiter conjuncts Pluto on November 12, 2020.

Major realizations about how the ego operates in the world are sure to arise this Autumn.

We could also see changes in perceptions about celebrities and media now, especially regarding reputations.

Also with Mars Retrograde in Aries in Square to these planets in Capricorn, we have been seeing a lot of tension between individuals and those in positions of power and authority. Identity politics is a huge factor in clashes and we could see more tension between social status and class. We’ve also been seeing a lot of fires around this period symbolic of Mars in Fiery Aries.

Jupiter stationing Direct in Capricorn marks another significant transition period, especially big changes in the political landscape and issues of authority will be notable. Law and Order will get more news as Jupiter (Law) and Saturn (Order) get closer together. Jupiter corresponds to justice, and in Capricorn it is the justice system of the highest order, thus we could see more activity regarding justice and the Supreme Court.

We could see major news in the field of politics while Jupiter is heading forward, but we could also see a conflict between what is wanting to be revealed and what is hidden and behind the scenes thanks to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. As Pluto rules death, we could see some major transformations in this regard.

Clashes between Left and Right political views and ideologies could increase further as Jupiter reaches closer to Pluto. And with Mars in square this Autumn, we could see further tension about how decisions by the powerful rulers in the top echelons of society are affecting and influencing divisive behavior of everyday citizens. Mars Retrograde in Aries also indicates this is an important time to observe behavior and reactions for deep insights into the truth and what’s really going on. Whereas words can be used to manipulate and mislead, actions and behavior reveal a whole lot that goes unsaid. Mars is the warrior and in square to major planets in Capricorn, it indicates more violent behavior.

Capricorns could especially find this time a big deal of personal change, but also how Capricorns are handling things and behaving could affect people around them.

Of course we are in a tense period with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn over the next few months.

There’s more going on with Jupiter, and I’ll be talking about this more for the months ahead.

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