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Full Moon in Aries October 1, 2020

It’s officially a Full Moon in Aries on October 1, 2020 5:05 pm ET.

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A Full Moon in Aries always stands across the sky from the Sun in Libra. This Full Moon is also known as The Harvest Moon.

Working our way toward the Full Moon in Aries, we are reminded of the 2 week period of new growth that began developing with the New Moon in Virgo.

Full Moon’s always represent a heightened awareness of emotions and how we feel about our lives and what’s going on in the world. The Full Moon in Aries symbolizes a time where a new awareness of your identity is revealed.

There is great potential for personal breakthroughs, realizations and revelations about yourself with a Full Moon in Aries.

With the Sun in Libra it is our relationships to other people that can shine a light on who we know ourselves to be. Others act as a mirror, where you see who they are in relation to you, helps you to see yourself in a new light. An emotional exchange leading toward this Full Moon in Aries can be the catalyst to you awakening to see the real you. It is common that people will compare themselves to others as a measure of who they are.

Aries also represents self empowerment, leadership qualities and a desire to succeed. The Full Moon in Aries indicates an awareness of how far we’ve come to develop and define who we are in the image we choose for ourselves.


Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars the warrior. We could see strong reactions, attitudes and behavior as people are more inclined to assert their identity. A stronger will to defend and protect the identity, the self, the ego whenever it is bruised or attacked by the actions, attitudes, behavior or words of another is likely to be increased.

Impatience and short tempers are likely to be evident as we approach this Full Moon. Overreactions and violence are quite possible.

If you feel like someone is digging into your identity, picking on your, bullying you or defining who you are instead of letting you own your power and define who you are for yourself, it can bring out especially strong emotional reactions. People can get defensive and angry about how other people are treating them, with a tendency to take things more personally.

Aries also represents our beginnings, our early years of formation, and who we were as a child so whenever someone may dig into your past to define who you are, it can bring up a lot of strong emotional reactions. But it can be helpful to remember that what people project onto others often reveals more about themselves than the person they are digging into.

Mars is Retrograde in Aries during this Full Moon in Aries, further indicating a heightened awareness of how people behave and the actions they take.

This Full Moon in Aries is also conjunct Chiron Retrograde in Aries, bringing a lot of attention to where our identities and egos need to be healed. Chiron in Aries symbolizes long term healing of our identities and wounds from our childhood.


The Bigger Picture

Mars in Aries is also in square (difficult position) to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn now. Capricorn represents our highest goals in the material world and our reputations, further indicating that defining ourselves on our own terms is highly important but can be especially challenging due to the potential for negative external influences during this time.

Capricorn also symbolizes the ruling class of our society, politics, authority, big business, the economy and all things that give structure and order to our society according to a larger plan by those in positions of power.

In this regard, Capricorn would be considered to be the 1% while Aries would be considered the 99%. It is highly likely we will see increased tension in this regard.

This Full Moon in Aries could bring much more attention to the differences between the ruling class and those of us that are ruled. We can see very strong reactions and a push and pull tug of war between the realm of politics and the realm of the common people, and things can get fiery.

With a challenging position between Mars in Aries and these major planets in Capricorn we can see that people are becoming more aware that there is major discrepancy between the ruling class of society and the rules they push and enforce upon individuals that must abide by political decisions and rules – creating much tension. It seems that people are becoming more aware that there is two classes in society – those that make the rules and those that have to abide by them.

The big changes and transformations we are noticing in Capricorn with heavy hitting planets Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter is creating a tug of war of power and authority, law and order, that governs society.

With Jupiter in Capricorn representing corporate media getting closer to Pluto, we are likely to see more tension about the broader beliefs that are being emphasized and how they are in conflict with the common people. Divisions and wedges between people based on identity politics can rile up a lot of people. With all this, it is very noticeable that there is great tension between people’s identities and the larger influences in society.

Aries rules the head and with extra tension or stress you may notice an increase in headaches. Also be more cautious of machinery to avoid injury, especially if you are upset about something that is distracting you.

A great way to relieve tension during this period is to exercise and focus on using your energy toward self improvement and personal strength.


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