Saturn stations Direct in Capricorn on September 29, 2020 at 1:12 am ET.

Capricorn is a political sign so I’ll talk about that first. The more personal interpretation below.

Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn and is the planet of limitations and responsibility. Limits are valuable, as they give structure, form, shape, order and design in the material world.

Without structure and organization the universe would be a flowing soup of an abyss. Without order, there is chaos.

Capricorn is the sea goat that climbs out of the depths of the sea and climbs to the peak of the highest mountain – a great symbol of moving from random flow to firm structure.

Structure is also about control, which is demonstrated in how the systems of governance where rules, laws, policies and regulations manifest order in society.

Business, politics and money matters and banking are associated with Capricorn, so we can expect significant changes to how things are structured in these areas. Power games in politics and finance could bring changes, perhaps stronger limitations or a restructuring.

Saturn in Capricorn represents power, control and authority figures in government. With Saturn close to Pluto in Capricorn and in square to Mars Retrograde in Aries we have seen much destructive activity in relation to the political system.

Just as politicians are associated to Capricorn, so are all powerful people in business including rich oligarchs and those that are in control of major, influential corporations in the world. People at the top of society can use great force, and gain much clout through the use of their financial resources to influence the world so they can have things their way from the top of the pyramid down. These are people that are not shy about wielding their financial power to attain their goals often achieving what they set out to do by simply paying people willing to complete the tasks they set forth. Especially with Pluto in Capricorn as well now, we are seeing more of what type of activity goes on behind the scenes by those in powerful positions.

It’s also notable with people that are paid to perform the tasks for those in authority, they are often unaware of the larger picture as Pluto in Capricorn reminds us that in the hierarchy of power, much is intentionally hidden from those lower in the hierarchy. The structure is designed to compartmentalize awareness from one level to the next. As they reach for the top for more power and control we witness and experience just how destructive the process is as their egos battle the world for dominance.

It is also thought that those at the higher echelons of society time and organize their decisions and influence of worldwide political events according to astrological timing due to the uncanny coincidences. It’s interesting to note that the first presidential debate will be on September 29, 2020 – the day when Saturn is stationing Direct. Perhaps each side thinks that with Saturn finished Retrograde, their side will have the upper hand in the power plays moving forward.

Capricorn is associated with the 10th house, or Midheaven, which is about status, career, fame, reputation and recognition for achievements and the practical things one has done in life. At this time, especially with celebrities and those in high positions of influence in society, we could see some developments that indicate a need for more responsibility. We are likely to see the tables turn and significant changes in reputation can occur, especially as the darker, hidden, shadow side is revealed with Pluto nearby in Capricorn now.


Saturn Stationing Direct – In Your Own Life

Now that Saturn is moving direct in Capricorn, we are encouraged to focus our efforts on achieving goals we really want to accomplish. What do you want the world to become and what practical efforts are you putting towards manifesting that reality?

Saturn teaches us lessons through practical experience giving us an opportunity to see where the limitations are. Now moving direct, we can restructure and make improvements to create and manifest things as we really want them.

Yes, the world is changing and politics is a big deal, but what about your own life? What vision do you have for the future? Do you have personal power to help manifest the world in a direction you want?

When Saturn is Retrograde, we can usually feel a lot of resistance come up in our lives that informs us of where we need to make changes. Wherever you have been having problems, felt held back and had obstacles reveal themselves while Saturn was Retrograde, that knowledge can now be used to move forward.

People are likely to feel a strong desire to make a change in their careers, and could resign a current job, or ask for a raise or promotion.

With Saturn Direct, we can now make stronger decisions on which direction to place our efforts.

Is it going to be easy? Most likely not. Climbing a mountain is hard work and takes a lot of dedication and perseverance.

A shift or release of a key obstacle or blockage in your life occurs may be noticeable especially around the time of transition of Saturn Retrograde to Saturn Direct. They may not be comfortable changes, and you may feel forced and pushed to face uncomfortable things in some instances, but ultimately the shifts are geared to teaching you lessons so you can move toward better.

If you are having a rough time these days or facing strong challenges, which may be most pronounced during the transition from Saturn Retrograde to Direct, try not to make a difficult situation worse by overreacting to resistance. Sometimes we need patience and observation to understand which is the best way to move forward. Try to find the best solution for all involved without manifesting problems. A slow and methodical approach is often better.

Saturn is the Roman counterpart of the Greek Chronos and relates to time, so organization, scheduling and timing of events will be of prime importance going forward.

You may also notice yourself having more deja vu experiences close to the Retrograde Stationing Direct period.

In terms of health, Saturn in earth sign Capricorn is also associated to the structure of the physical body, indicating a time to focus on physical well being especially bodybuilding and toning the body. If you haven’t been prioritizing your health, Saturn going Direct is a good time to start a new routine to reach your health goals.

If you have poor posture, this would be the time to make the correction and put in more effort to sit and stand up straight. Magnesium and Vitamin D supplementation for bone structure and the health of your teeth is also worth considering.


One thought on “Saturn Direct in Capricorn September 29, 2020

  1. Do Bob and Brad know astrology or what? They released this video on September 29, 2020 when Saturn stationed direct in Capricorn. I mean, just read the last paragraph in this horoscope… what timing!

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