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New Moon in Libra October 16, 2020

It’s officially a New Moon in Libra on October 16, 2020 at 3:31 pm ET.

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The Moon joins the Sun in Libra for the New Moon in Libra.

The New Moon in Libra brings our attention to looking at our relationships in a new way and to consider where compromises need to be made to create peace and harmony between ourselves and others.

Whereas Aries points to the self, Libra points to other people and your relationship to them, whether they are in direct relationship to you like a romantic partner or family member, or they are people you relate to at a distance, such as someone online, or a celebrity or politician.

This New Moon in Libra arrives just on the heels of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio on October 13, 2020 which has us in a situation of mixed messages and disinformation to contend with. It’s increasingly difficult to trust what information is true or not. This New Moon in Libra is also in quincunx to Neptune Retrograde in Pisces, adding more confusion to our perspectives on reality. Unfortunately we are facing much deception at this time which is putting a significant strain on a lot of people’s relationships.

Also, if you are in a business relationship, making deals or signing contracts in any way during this period it would be wise to get a second opinion, read the fine print or perhaps wait until after Mercury has finished Retrograde before proceeding. Miscommunications and mistakes tend to be emphasized during this period.

Libra points to prioritizing the truth to create harmony in our lives, but also reminds us that biases and untruths also exists that create disharmony.

These days, we see so many examples of polarization because people don’t want to admit their bias and look for the fair perspective that is based in truth. People tend to not want to admit when they may be wrong about an issue.

Bias is when someone looks at something from only one perspective, and doesn’t take the other side into consideration, but rather automatically dismisses it. It’s not a balanced perspective, but rather a self serving, selfish perspective. This is why Libra symbolizes balance, measure, judgment, justice… because it considers the other perspective.

Everyone’s mind is also at a different level of awareness. Whether it’s beliefs, IQ level, emotional intelligence, exposure to information, etc., everyone has a different perspective of reality. It can be difficult to relate to people that are at a different level of awareness, and it is apparently becoming increasingly difficult. These days, it seems people are becoming more polarized which largely has to do with what information and news someone pays attention to, and what information they overlook and dismiss.

Some relationships are good, some are okay, and some are awful, and so that’s what we need to become more aware of now. Relationships that are good are the ones based on truth, honesty, respectfulness and peace. Nobody wants someone around that is rotten, nasty, negative, aggressive, abusive, crazy, egotistical, domineering, and controlling, obviously. And nobody really wants to relate to people like that. But a lot of people are not getting along with each other these days for many reasons.

A lot of personal relationships can be challenging and messy, often having a lot to do with the ego and power dynamics. Whether it is a business relationship, family relationship, friendship or romantic relationship, many people prioritize what they are getting out of the relationship for themselves rather than prioritizing a harmonious balance of giving and receiving for mutual benefit. A lot of people are also stuck in relationships they would rather not be in, and work against each other, instead of working together as a team to help each other manifest their very best.

A lot of people are also stuck in negative relationships they would rather not be in, and work against each other, instead of working together as a team to help each other manifest their very best. Money issues are often a reason people stick together even when they really don’t wan to be together – which is a whole other topic, but Libra does relate to the measure of money as well. So, perhaps thinking about your relationships and how money matters are a part of that dynamic is a good place to focus on being honest now. What would your relationship be like if the money situation was different? People in negative relationships are usually not there by choice, they are there because they have to be. But Libra reminds us that we need to make choices to find equilibrium, balance and harmony in life. ~ Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus wants to feel good, positive and loved.

With Libra being an air sign, this New Moon in Libra reminds us of the importance of the role communicating and relating to others plays in our lives. Libra emphasizes the need for truth, honesty, justice, diplomacy, respectfulness and fairness in our communications and relationships with other people. But, with everything that’s going on, this will be challenging so we’ll need to consciously try to find commonalities with others that unite rather than divide if we’re to keep the peace. And because the media plays such a huge role in the topics people are focusing on and views people adopt, we have to contend with the fact that what we really need is the truth if any of this extreme polarization is going to stop.

Mercury Retrograde can bring up a lot of trust issues. Dealing with people with opposing points of view can also be especially difficult during this period, which can put further strain on relationships. For some, especially with Mercury Retrograde stepping back from relationships and being quieter, and keeping more to yourself can sometimes be an option to minimize the potential for issues to arise.

*We also have some potent aspects connecting to this New Moon in Libra with a T-square with Mars in Aries in opposition to the Sun and New Moon in Libra, along with these planets in square to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn.

With Mars Retrograde in Aries opposite this New Moon in Libra, egotistical behavior will play a significant role influencing how we relate to other people. There tends to be a lot of focus on the self and personal identity issues these days.

Many people operate from a self centered and selfish perspective creating strong imbalances in relationships to other people. Mars is the warrior, and can be violent, so it is no surprise that we see people behaving in highly aggressive ways as they assert their identities.

Chiron Retrograde in Aries also reminds us that a lot of people are basing their identities on pain from the past that needs to be healed. But many are clinging to that pain as justification to react aggressively moving forward, and in the process are only creating more problems and more pain for themselves and others. When people behave out of pain, it is usually highly reactive and destructive.

People want to move away from pain and toward pleasure, but many are misguided and unaware of how to do that. By reacting from a place of pain and anger, and not thinking of the long term consequences and karma that is creating, it can create a spiraling effect.

Add to this Mars Retrograde in Aries is in challenging aspect to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, we are seeing a lot of people in conflict with each other in a struggle for power. The dynamic between politics, media and the common people is revealing a lot of destructive qualities.

With Mars Retrograde in Aries in difficult position to these powerful planets in Capricorn, it can feel like a challenging battle of individual rights and personal power against authoritarian decisions and rules.

This New Moon in Libra is also in difficult position to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn reminding us of the challenges in our relationship to people in powerful positions in society, in politics and the business world. Jupiter getting closer to Pluto can reveal excessive, extreme power games. A lot of anger and disdain for the decisions authority figures impose upon us is growing, especially now with the political world in such a state of power dynamics bearing down on all of us.

The social distancing and masks mandates are highly symbolic of divisions between people, and on a psychological level further exacerbate divides between people. It increasingly seems that people are treating each other less as human beings, and more like problems and obstacles.

Social media has been shown to further create wedges between people in another way, as speaking through the internet seems to give a lot of people permission to be negative towards others. People tend to relate less to others and instead perceive others according to projections of ones own biases and own thoughts and perceptions. Add to that we further have others defining people as right and wrong think according to arbitrary community guidelines, further exacerbating the divisions and pushing biases.

Since politics play such a big role in our world, we can see how too far Left or Right, and the scales are tipped to the extremes taking everything out of balance. Extremes polarities turns a scale into a teeter totter.

Libra reminds us that bias exists, but Libra as symbolized by the scales, indicates truth and untruths are to be weighed accordingly to find real justice. Too much bias one way tips the scales out of balance. The truth is in the middle, the center, where equal measure bring truth, fairness and equality.

This New Moon in Libra is also in positive connection to the Destiny Point in Gemini indicating this is a good time to think about how your connections to people are shaping your future.

Especially with Mercury Retrograde now, the difficulties and challenges in communications and in relationships now can push us to try to find different solutions and work on improving our relationships with others. What we do now impacts our future.

The difficulties that arise with Mercury Retrograde now can be catalysts to waking us up. It’s common that people won’t change or realize what needs to change until they are just about at the breaking point. Sometimes things have to get really out of whack before people choose to change.

I think if things are going to change for the better people need to stop manifesting imbalances and opposition to others with all this identity politics fiasco that has taken over the collective consciousness. Too many people have jumped on the identity politics bandwagon of polarization and are seeing the world as stark duality: me vs. you, black vs. white, right vs. left, etc. It has become too common that people automatically judge others based on superficiality, and are misguided by a lack of information and misinformation. Labeling and projecting false ideas and accusations onto other people and damaging reputations has become commonplace and naturally that approach to dealing with things is only creating a lot of additional problems. Add to that, people are highly defensive and reactive in protecting their own egos now with Mars and Chiron both Retrograde in Aries – the last thing people want is others to define who they are.

Obviously the media is a huge culprit in pushing these divisions with constant biases and hypocrisy, constantly confusing people. People naturally react to what they are being exposed to and immediately form strong, aggressive, angry, irritated opinions based on a headline, yet know very little of the actual details, whether the story is true or not, and often the story is intentionally manipulated for effect. Add to that we have authority figures and people in positions of power and influence with their own biases and ego based perspective trying to direct and control everything people think, say and do. It could be said that we are in the middle of an information war for people’s minds.

The New Moon in Libra reminds us to value our good relationships, and that it is our decisions in how we relate to others that determines the quality of all our relationships.

This New Moon in Libra asks us to see more than our own perspective, and to work on finding solutions that bring mutual benefits. It’s not going to get any better if people keep seeing the world in extremes instead of seeking ways to find balance and harmony.


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