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Venus in Libra October 27, 2020

Venus enters Libra on October 27, 2020 9:40 pm ET.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra, and feels right at home in the balances of Libra now.

We have the Full Moon in Taurus on October 31, 2020 bringing attention to what we want, and Venus in Libra now emphasizes what we want is to have good relationships.

Venus’ priority in Libra is in finding balance in how we relate: to other people, to our environment, to our bodies, to the cosmos…

Venus is extra positive in Libra, and brings attention to love, romance, and trust in relationships. Here Venus loves to feel like everything is in balance. Affection in relationships is encouraged to improve connections.

Mercury Retrograde also enters Libra on October 27, 2020 at 9:36 on ET – that’s just 4 minutes before Venus enters Libra. As Mercury and Venus get closer together during this period it symbolizes finding balance between our hearts and minds. It’s time to prioritize love in relationships and recognize problems in how we connect and communicate with others so we can improve relations.

If you’re in a relationship that isn’t so great, and you know isn’t based on love, Mercury Retrograde in Libra can be a great time to rethink what you really want. Perhaps it’s time to consider relationships with new people to create a change in your life.

Venus and Mercury both have correspondences to money as well, indicating that many of us are changing our perceptions of what we want and value now. It’s a good time to consider how money influences and impacts your relationships. Sometimes people are together because of money matters, rather than love being the real bond. This would be a wise time to be honest about money is a part of your relationship dynamics. If you had all the money you needed, would you still stay in that relationship or not?

Venus in Libra is a great placement for artistic types, those that love beauty, grace and harmony of color and forms. Seeing beauty in the everyday things helps bring harmony to life.

Venus in Libra loves to enjoy the senses, like the whisp of air that touches your cheek in the early morning sunrise, or the fragrance of fallen leaves crunching under your feet, or the delectable flavor of your favorite chocolate. This is the senses awakened to feeling the beauty of life around us. Going for a walk in nature, or sitting with a cup of coffee staring up at the clouds or stars can provide a moment that brings you back into feeling the harmony of life.

Yoga is the perfect practice to connect mind and body with Venus in Libra, especially yin yoga practices that encourage a more passive, calming, receptive, balancing approach.

Enjoy being in a beautiful environment during this period whenever possible. Makeingyour space feel more balanced with Feng Shui and beautiful decor is recommended.

Soft, gentle, pastel shades are associated with Libra like pink, baby blue, soft aqua tones, lavender and peach for makeup, clothing and design in your home environment now.

Burning pink candles and using rose quartz is positively in tune with Venus in Libra.

It’s a great time to enjoy giving yourself a beauty treatment to feel more peaceful and comfortable.

Venus in Libra enhances an interest in the law of attraction to bring harmony to your life. A loving approach to others increases the likelihood of love being returned to you.

Venus in Libra loves good quality, so assess your options whenever buying anything now and get the best for your budget. Sometimes buying better quality is cheaper in the long run, as it last longer.

Buying gifts of appreciation for those you love is recommended now. Sharing money with someone you love is a sign of a positive, trusting relationship. Making decisions from the heart is best when Venus is in Libra.

Venus will be in Libra until November 21, 2020 at 8:21 am ET.


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