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*NEW November 2020 Monthly TarotScopes

This Month we’re featuring The Dali Tarot which I’m sure many art lovers will enjoy.

From the book: “When the unprecendented tarot boom started in the early 1970s, Dali created his version of the 78 cards – The Tarot Universal Dali. Some famous poets and writers such as T.S. Eliot and Italo Calvino had already incorporated the tarot into their works, but Dali was the first well known painter to create a completely new set of cards. Other famous painters, sculptors, and filmmakers would soon follow.

The Tarot cards of Salvador Dali provide a stupendous kaleidoscope of art history. Dali combined artistic genius, knowledge of the meaning of symbols, and creative finesse with skillfully chosen pictorial sources taken from the entire history of European art. The results in an inimitable series of images, a new vision, which brilliantly engages the spirit of the first tarot cards.”

This is a new deck I purchased and a lot of fun to work with. The unique descriptions in the book merge with my own knowledge and interpretations of the tarot for your November TarotScopes.

My intention with the TarotScopes is to provide you with some relevant insights and advice for the month ahead according to your Zodiac Sign. Read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign for a fuller picture.

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In your November Monthly TarotScope I also point out pertinent astrological details for your Zodiac Sign for the month...

This month starts with Mercury Retrograde in Libra going Direct on November 3, 2020 just in time for Election Day! I’ve got to say looking at what’s going on in the media leading up to the election considering Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and now Mercury Retrograde in Libra, it’s phenomenal how astrology reflects what’s going on in the big picture!

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Thank you for reading and sharing with your friends online. Wishing you a positive month ahead!

Surrealist Artist Salvador Dali

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NOVEMBER 2020 TarotScope


Read Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign
for a fuller picture.

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Whether it is love, money, career, lifestyle, relationships or general advice for your well being, I reveal a message relevant to you for your zodiac sign.

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