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Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn November 12, 2020!

Jupiter in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn officially meet exact conjunction on November 12, 2020 at 4:38 pm ET.

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn are two power players indicating big, transformative results. This could be considered a revolutionary time.

Jupiter and Pluto have already met this year on April 4, 2020, then while Jupiter was Retrograde they met again on June 30, 2020.

Now with Jupiter Direct in Capricorn, November 12, 2020 will be the last time Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn in our lifetimes!

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Jupiter conjunct Pluto can indicate a big realization, epiphany, truth, wisdom, awareness that changes what you think and believe about the world.

In your personal life you could be ready for a big change, perhaps one that could change everything. This is especially associated with your goals in career and business matters. This is a good time to think big about what you are working toward manifesting in your life and any changes you want and need to make it happen. But generally, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn is going to speak largely to what’s going on in the big leagues of politics, business and the economy. What’s happening now can lead to huge transformations of our world and world affairs.

Jupiter is also associated to religious and spiritual beliefs. It’s quite possible that a lot of people that are experiencing challenges and fears about the direction of the world, could feel a stronger interest in turning to religion and spirituality to seek answers. This could be a peak period where more people could transform their lives and seek guidance from a higher spiritual authority to rise above the issues of the world.

Jupiter is associated to royalty, kings and kingship, and of course is the Roman counterpart to the Greek Zeus, King of the gods. In symbolism, Jupiter and Pluto both have in common the symbol of the eagle, morphing into the phoenix further indicating power and transformation. In Capricorn, we can see how Jupiter and Pluto can indicate a rebirth of power, particularly in the political world, but also an emphasis on destruction and the need for awareness and justice.

Capricorn is largely the sign of politics, business and the structure of society as a hierarchy of power and status, and with Pluto here we’ve seen a lot of destruction and push for major changes in this domain especially emphasized even more this year with Jupiter in Capricorn. November indicates a peak period in our political perspective of reality.

Now Jupiter and Pluto join forces promising to bring many revelations about how the world operates in relation to the richest, most powerful and influential people in the world in politics and corporate power houses. Rules, laws, regulations, policies and enforcement of power is in significant focus with Jupiter in close alignment to Pluto. Jupiter meeting Pluto in Capricorn for a final time can bring us great focus on what needs to change in the established political system.

As Capricorn represents the very height of egotism and authority, we could see extreme demonstrations of big egos vying for major power around this time with Jupiter meeting Pluto.

All things corporate, financial and political power oriented are changing and the establishment is getting a lot of attention for a whole lot of corruption thanks to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is about wealth, power and control and this year we’ve seen a lot of examples of how intense political power is. Pluto also indicates dirty deeds that are hidden, and in Capricorn, of course it is the political/business world that is in focus. Jupiter meeting Pluto could give us many more revelations about what’s going on behind the scenes. Awareness of what is hidden is strongly desired now.

Considering the election results, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn signify a lot of focus on the judiciary during this period. Jupiter is concerned with Law and in Capricorn can indicate the peak power of the highest authority – The Supreme Court. Of course being a climactic period in politics we are going to see a lot of battles in court over the election. Pluto also rules judgment. Because Jupiter is all about what is big, and Pluto will point out the worst corruption in politics, of course we could see examples of major fraud.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and Mercury is now in Scorpio after having been Retrograde in Scorpio in October.

In relation to all this, leading up to the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto on November 12, 2020 we had Mercury Retrograde in Libra until November 3, 2020 ~ Libra of course having everything to do with justice and truth. Mercury is Direct in Libra from November 3 to November 10, 2020, then enters Scorpio again for the rest of November (Scorpio is of course the domain of Pluto). Therefore we can expect to see a lot of talk about the importance of truth and justice heading toward mid-November, then once Mercury enters Scorpio again, we are likely to see many revelations about corruption, and dirty deeds in politics, especially relating to those that were revealed in October when Mercury was Retrograde in Scorpio.

Jupiter and Pluto connecting can emphasize power struggles, and abuses of power and could reveal even more corruption. You can think of Jupiter as handing awareness of the truth over to Pluto so Pluto can deal with it to create major changes.

As Jupiter is about big ideas, concepts and beliefs that can span worldwide, we can expect a media fiasco to continue to escalate around this time to influence perceptions. Much focus and judgment of the corporate media itself is also likely.

Since Jupiter indicates what we think and believe, far and wide and represents news and journalism, with Jupiter in Capricorn we’ve seen corporate powered news get a lot of attention for their excessive power plays operated according to special interests.

The Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn Stellium in Capricorn has been bringing so much attention to the political world. I think what the political climate has done is reveal the truth of who people are. Attitudes, actions, reactions have been on full display showing us what people think and believe in their hearts and minds.

Social media has also been in the hot seat for influence people’s mindsets, especially with the Destiny Point in Gemini. Connecting to current events, Pluto rules wealth, so we can see how money can be used to bring great influence and change to the world, with media as a primary designer of what people think. In the hierarchy of how society operates, it is the people with the most money, have the most say.

Jupiter also indicates beliefs that are societal, cultural and religious, so we can expect big news and shifts in perceptions regarding these subjects at this time. Perhaps a religious leader will make a big announcement about changes in beliefs or will speak to a changing political landscape.

Of course we’ve had Mars in Aries in square to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn indicating major conflict and tension between everyday people and those in powerful, influential positions in society. The battle of egos and identity politics have been emphasized greatly especially this year and may increase further at this time. Protests are likely to increase.

I’ve written a lot about all these factors in recent horoscopes for each of these planets you can read for a lot more relevant details.

With Jupiter in Capricorn Direct Since September 12, 2020 we’ve seen a lot of focus on the justice system recently. Jupiter meeting Pluto in Capricorn can certainly symbolically correspond to The Supreme Court, so we can expect news in this regard to politics.

Pluto has been Direct in Capricorn since October 4, 2020

Saturn has been Direct in Capricorn since September 29, 2020. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn is in close orb to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn.