Mars officially stations Direct in Aries on November 13, 2020 at 7:36 pm ET ~ Friday the 13th!

Mars has been Retrograde in Aries since September 9, 2020. Now Mars stations Direct which could make people more assertive and more aggressive. We also have the New Moon in Scorpio on November 15, 2020 (Mars is co-ruler of Scorpio along with Pluto).

Now that Mars is stationing Direct in Aries we should all have a new perspective on our identities – of ourselves and other people.

Mars is the activator of the zodiac, known as the athlete and warrior, indicating energy, enthusiasm, willpower and ego give us motivation to assert who we are and go after what we want. Mars is about doing what it takes to survive, so we could see a lot of examples of people putting in effort to be on top. Egos could be on full display as people try to take the lead with determination to self-actualize. Leaders are likely to flex their muscles going forward.

Mars Retrograde in Aries gave us a lot of examples of people being reactive and defensive especially as Chiron is in Aries – a lot of people are going through a process of healing their identities, especially dealing with pain and anger from the past. Racial tensions are an example of Chiron in Aries in terms of parts of people’s identity that has been wounded as well and with Mars in Aries this year, tensions have only escalated. But now with Mars Direct, what actions are you taking to heal moving forward?

Seeing how people reacted to identity politics while Mars was Retrograde is very revealing to who a person truly is. Those that have learned more about themselves and have been able to heal issues of their deep rooted feelings while Mars was Retrograde, are likely to be less reactive. Those that still have a lot of inner issues to heal could become more active, aggressive and perhaps even violent as they express their internal energy outward as Mars goes Direct in Aries.

Of course, taking positive actions moving into the future is advised. However, with Mars in square to Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn we are sure to see that there is going to continue to be a lot of political pressures influencing and instigating people’s attitudes and behavior. We are likely to see more people actively participate in protests as people focus on what they can do to assert their will in an attempt to influence change in the bigger picture.

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 15, 2020 (Mars rules Scorpio) gives us an opportunity to deal with our feelings and shed old skin so we can consciously move forward toward better.

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