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Venus in Scorpio November 21, 2020

Venus enters Scorpio on November 21, 2020 at 8:21 am ET. 

We also recently had the New Moon in Scorpio on November 15, 2020, along with Mercury direct in Scorpio now as well.

Venus in Scorpio is not a most favorable placement. With soft, gentle Venus in hard hitting Scorpio, Venus is considered to be in detriment here.

Venus corresponds more to our personal feelings and experiences rather broader, worldly events. Venus always loves beauty and her sense of style changes according to the signs she is in as the seasons change, of course. Darker colors with a more smokey, alluring beauty bring out a more seductive attraction. Feminine styles that are more mysterious, seductive nightwear and sexy underwear are more in tune with Venus in Scorpio.

A more raw quality is associated with Venus in Scorpio, rather than a prim, proper and reserved display like we would associate with Virgo. With Scorpio ruled by Mars, sexuality can become more dominating and agressive with Venus in Scorpio instead of the softer, more charming and romantic nature we usually consider with Venus.

As Scorpio rules rebirth, regeneration and transformation you may be interested in changing up your style. Dressing in a manner that represents your deeper, inner world of feelings is common with Venus in Scorpio. Some will feel the desire to shed old wardrobe to try something different.

We may also see what people really look like when not hiding behind makeup. This is when we are more curious about what’s behind the mask and any coverup. Who is that?


Nude art and material of a pornographic nature is highlighted with Venus in Scorpio as well as darker, gothic styled themes in artistic expression.

Venus in Scorpio can indicate the tendency for jealousy in relationships, and can enhance a highly possessive quality. The desire for control and to have things the way you want it is indicated with Venus in Scorpio. Venus wants a strong commitment here and could be overbearing and dominating. Venus can also feel empowered to make the first move in courting a relationship or making advances when Venus in in Scorpio, rather than being more passive.

Subconscious urges and temptations are also enhanced here with a potential for sabotaging behavior. Secrets, affairs, infidelity, scandals and illicit unions are also indicated with Venus in Scorpio. Excessive indulgence in pleasure is possible, to the point of fetish. Stripping and prostitution is also an overt demonstration of Venus in Scorpio.

Relationship issues of all types can lead to great emotional and personal transformation with Venus in Scorpio. Divorce and separation is also shown here, especially where financial issues arise. There is a potential here for power games. A tendency to lean toward prenuptial agreements is indicated for unions at this time. Manipulative types with an obsession with money can lure in a significant other and take advantage of their finances.

Funny enough, I am reminded of a Golden Girls episode where Dorothy is figuring out the details at a murder mystery dinner and reminds everyone that, “When a 22 year old marries an 88 year old, chances are she’s not after his body.”

In many cases an obsession with beauty flaws are possible to the point of frustration, but the higher potential of Venus in Scorpio is to access the depths of your psychology and overcome shame and embarrassment of your body and your sexuality.

Understanding the value of money and realizing how to work with debt is also indicated with Venus in Scorpio. An attraction to gold and material possessions of great monetary value, and an interest in cryptocurrency are likely.

Venus will be in Scorpio until December 15, 2020 at 11:20 am ET.

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