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Full Moon in Gemini November 30, 2020 Lunar Eclipse

We officially have a Full Moon in Gemini on November 30, 2020 at 4:30 am ET.

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This Full Moon develops from a two week period of growth from the New Moon in Scorpio on November 15, 2020

Whenever we have a Full Moon in Gemini we always have the Sun across the sky in Sagittarius.

This Full Moon in Gemini also brings us a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse symbolically indicating an emphasis on shadow and light. This is not a total eclipse, which means that the Moon does not go into complete shadow, which symbolizes that not all is hidden. As a Full Moon Eclipse is an event we notice visually, not just conceptually, it marks a turning point of change bridging our unconscious with our consciousness.

The Full Moon in Gemini acts as a spotlight of fruition and a reminder to wake up and be more aware. With the eclipse being partial, what is revealed leading up to and around the time of this Full Moon can be expected to be bigger revelations of information and a change in awareness developed more fully based on what we already know.

The Moon is intuitive and emotional, while Gemini is informational and mental, indicating this is a time to bridge mind and emotions by tapping into emotional intelligence. The partial shadow of the Eclipse of the Moon reminds us that we do not know everything, but that our intuition is still there shedding light on the truth. We could see a passing away of doubts and a transformation of perceptions as more truth is revealed closer to this Full Moon.

We also have The Destiny Point in Gemini now which brings a lot of attention to how communications, technology thoughts and words influence our reality and take us toward our future. The Destiny Point has been in Gemini since May 5, 2020 and is in Gemini until 2022. How we deal with communications during this period really does have the power to transform our reality going forward.

The Destiny Point is currently in the Aquarian Decan of Gemini, indicating that we are currently in a period where collective consciousness is heading us toward our future. So it is wise that we consider, what everyone is collectively focusing on, thinking about and believing, and why? What is shaping our collective consciousness and in what direction?

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius is in Taurus. We could hear more about technology and bio-technology during this period including cyber-technology, cryptocurrency and finance.

This Full Moon in Gemini with the Partial Eclipse asks us to consider, “How much of what we think and believe is based on what is partially obscured and in shadow? How does a lack of awarenes, ignorance, and missing information, and what we don’t know influence how we think and feel?” This also points to questioning how do things like cnsr-ship, smoke and mirrors, repetitive messaging, neuro-linguistic programming techniques, biases and mind games affect our thoughts and emotions, influencing our thought patterns and shape the future we envision and imagine in our future? How are emotions triggered by the information presented to us and how does that affect us?

The Moon is our most personal “planet” (also known as a luminary in astrology along with the sun), as it is close and changes signs so frequently, it symbolizes swift changes in our moods from moment to moment. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini is a fast mover, symbolizing quick shifts in our thoughts and perceptions. Information that arrives during this Full Moon has the power to wake us up.

Full Moons have a reputation for bringing emotions to a crescendo, so don’t be surprised when you see swift, over the top reactions to news and opinions near this Full Moon. People can get quite worked up during Full Moons. Knowing this, you can mitigate the effects and tone things down in your interactions and reactions with others before they get blown out of proportion.

Gemini is double minded, so interpretation of information by one person may be perceived differently to another. Even with the same message presented, depending on the people you could get two different reactions.

Interactions with neighbors, siblings, cousins, casual acquaintances and strangers could be interesting and in focus during this period as well. Truth and trust make for good alliances.


Let’s have a look at the big picture of what else is going on in astrology now during the time of this Full Moon in Gemini.

Of course the election is strongly influencing the thoughts and emotions of millions of people collectively now. I talked a lot about how intense this period would be with Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on November 12, 2020. It really is a huge, climactic period of transformation in the political world! It is fascinating just how in line what’s going on in the world is reflected in what is happening in astrology. The synchronicity of it all is truly astounding. We really are in a pivotal, revolutionary period that harkens back to when Pluto was here in Capricorn, 244 years ago during the Revolutionary war! It marks a period of great unveiling and transformation.

The Sun is in Sagittarius with this Full Moon and Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, which indicates that it would be wise for us to be more aware of the bigger picture and history so we can learn from it. Jupiter also speaks to global and international influences, so that’s worth considering with this election battle as well.

It is often said that history repeats itself, and of course when people are not aware of history it is said that history is doomed to repeat itself. So it is wise for us to be aware, to take the blinders off and consider how we can be more careful about what our collective mindset is manifesting.

This Full Moon in Gemini brings a spotlight to how much of our reality hinges on information, and with the Partial Eclipse we are reminded to seek truth behind the shadows that may be obscurring our awareness.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in Scorpio at the time of this Full Moon in Gemini. In Scorpio, Mercury is associated with revealing hidden information and the desire to know more about what’s really going on behind the scenes that is especially influential on our minds and emotions now.

This is further emphasized by Pluto, the co-ruler of Scorpio, in Capricorn now. Pluto digs deep and finds out all the dirtiest, grimiest deeds that have been going on behind the scenes and below the surface to find the truth, so in Capricorn of course we are going to have al ot of revelations about corruption in the realm of politics.

It’s fascinating that we are having this election fiasco around electronic voting, mail-in voting and counting, as Gemini ruled by Mercury is associated with information exchange and data processing. Communications connects it all. Mercury in Scorpio likes deep diving into research like a sleuth and detective to decipher coded information, accessing what is below the radar to find what is hidden.

As Jupiter represents law and justice, here we see the importance of knowing the whole truth, so what we believe is true is actually in line with what is true. It’s no coincidence we are seeing many court battles heating up now.

As Gemini points out, so much of what’s going on hinges on what we think and believe, and the corporate media (Jupiter in Capricorn) of course determines so much of what is on our minds, greatly influencing and swaying the thoughts of people around the world, and therefore altering our reality. People tend to do things, behave and react according to the state of their minds and emotions, so of course the media has a vested interest in pushing people’s minds in a certain direction. Unfortunately, divisive rhetoric and contradictions only makes reality messier – perhaps manifesting order out of manifested chaos is the point of the game for control.

With Mercury in Scorpio indicating so much is hidden, we have a lot of smoke and mirrors to contend with and wade through, especially notable in how media obviously plays convoluted games emphasizing, omitting and altering information and perceptions. This is to be expected with Jupiter connected with Pluto in Capricorn where politics and corporate power are at the top of the hierarchy of society strongly determining and controlling our reality.

This Full Moon and Partial Eclipse also symbolizes not letting the wool be pulled over your eyes. Even if attempted, there is still enough known and visible that many will be able to see beyond deception. History has shown us again and again that cnsr-ship is a practice of hiding the truth, particularly perpetrated by those that wish to oppress, dominate and coerce for the purposes of power and control.

Also important to note is that Neptune stations Direct in Pisces on November 28, 2020 leading up to this Full Moon. Since there has been so much lies and deception, hopefully Neptune stationing Direct will bring emphasis to wisdom and higher consciousness increasing people’s intuition toward the truth.


Mercury as the ruler of Gemini corresponds to the Magician in the tarot ~ reminding us that thoughts and words really are magic. Thoughts become things. Our thoughts transform and shape our reality. What people think and believe leads to choices followed by actions that manifest what we experience in the material world. That is essentially the very core of what the Magician represents – conscious choice and will. But the Magician also reminds us that we don’t know everything, and that what we think and believe can also be a trick. When the visible hand is doing one thing and got your attention, what is the hidden hand doing?

In ancient times, Chaldeans believed every word, every sound uttered was magical. What you think and say has the power to impact the world.

Gemini is symbolized by the twins, and is double-minded, reminding us that we live in a world of duality where biases and opposing points of view exists, and biases are essentially tricks of the mind, they do not represent the whole truth. The whole truth requires that we look at all sides for information.

Gemini is associated with the Lovers in the Tarot, which indicates how two become united as one. This reminds us that what we connect to and relate to becomes a part of who we are. That is also how information works – the information you access becomes a part of how your mind operates.

So, with the Destiny Point in Gemini how communications and information impact our lives is so essential for us all to think about now.

Since shared thoughts, words, and information all influence what others think and believe so it is no surprise that we are being bombarded by a constant push of biased views and cnsr-ship as those in power attempt to direct collective consciousness toward their goals and objectives.

Communications really is at the very foundation of everything. If you can control communications you can control the world. In wars, communications, free speech, is always the first to go down the tubes. Remember in the Bible it says that, “In the beginning was the word,” because the word creates the world. Again, thoughts become things.

We can see how powerful information is by the deep divide of perception – with millions of people thinking one thing and millions of others thinking the opposite – both sides of course believing they are correct.

What the world becomes depends on what each of us thinks about, and therefore works towards manifesting. The Destiny Point in Gemini asks us to consider, “What do you think you want the future to look like?”

It is fascinating the use of words, phrases and terminology by so many in positions of power worldwide now with the commonly stated “Build Back Better” and “The Great Reset” – Well those are certainly associated with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter is “Great” and Pluto is “Reset” like the transformation (the phoenix rising from the ashes after destruction). They want to Build Back Better which indicates transformation, and “Building” is symbolic of the structure of society as represented by earth sign Capricorn. What synchronistic timing for such statements! It really makes me wonder how much the people in power know about astrology for such coincidences to occur.

Pluto is the higher octave of Mars the warrior, and Mars is currently in Aries. Aries and Capricorn are in square to each other, meaning there is difficulty and tension. Aries represents the individual and identity, the personal self, while Capricorn represents the higher echelons of power in society in politics and business. Thus the individual rights and freedoms are now in stark contrast to political will and dominance that is changing the landscape of our world. Mars representing the will of the individual, is in a battle to choose and assert one’s own identity and individual rights against the dominating forces of those in powerful positions.

This Full Moon in Gemini reminds us to ask question and to not simply accept things at face value, that there is more that is hidden than we know and it’s a wise time to open up our minds to become more aware.

Though we may all live in mind-bubbles that we create for ourselves and that others attempt to create for us, freedom of speech and having access to the truth can change everything. Polarizing perspectives doesn’t unite us, but divides us. Cnsr-ing information and stubborn biases does not bring us closer to the truth, obviously.

This Full Moon in Gemini is likely going to wake more people up to realizing that the trickery and hidden information games being played is not serving any of us well. We can choose to change our minds and use our critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence, instead of getting wrapped up in misinformed emotional reactions, for the sake of choosing a better future.

It also reminds us that building relationships and communicating with people that are closer like friends, acquaintances, siblings, cousins is recommended now.

Ultimately, The Full Moon in Gemini gives us an opportunity for greater awareness, and through that we can take another step closer toward living in tune with truth and higher consciousness.