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Tarot: Wheel of Fortune, King of Swords, The Emperor

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Weekly TarotScope for November 23 to 29, 2020

Nobody knows everything. It’s not possible. Sometimes fate and destiny lay the groundwork of our next steps.

Coincidences and synchronisities show up in our life sometimes giving us clues, sometimes giving us answers and often times leading to more questions.

Life unfolds, sometimes repeating itself to remind us and show us our options that life is more than just the mundane.

Life is more than just surival and winning. It’s like a game that we figure out as we go. There is structure, rules and laws of existence, and there is also chance. We don’t know everything that will happen in our future, moment to moment. Life requires that we have trust.

By engaging in the game of life, and watching the patterns, we can start to make sense of it, and where we stand, our place and purpose.

With the King of Swords and Emperor, in the sphere of politics, power and legalities, we could become more aware of someone or something that was hidden. We could also see protective oversight and judgment by an authoritative person in a powerful position make a decisive call on seemingly random events. Where games have been played that influence and affect destiny, something or someone in the shadows may be revealed.

We could see investigations and judgments made – based on logical sense and reason – that ties together seemingly random factors and hidden information.


Current Astrology Horoscopes November 2020

Neptune in Pisces Stations Direct on November 28, 2020. A shift in our perceptions takes us forward now. Where we may have been unsure and lack clarity, now we can see through some of the illusions. The fog may lift and wisdom reveal itself. Where there was deception, we may turn toward seeking higher wisdom and purpose.

Coming up, we have a Full Moon in Gemini on November 30, 2020 with a Lunar Eclipse.

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