Neptune stations Direct in Pisces on November 28, 2020 at 7:37 pm ET.

Neptune will be Direct in Pisces until June 25, 2021.

We Also Have a Full Moon in Gemini Lunar Eclipse November 30, 2020.

When a planet stations Retrograde or Direct it symbolizes a notable shift in energy that the planet represents. When Retrograde you may feel more private, hidden, subconscious or internalized in relation to that symbolic energy. When Direct it signifies rising from the depths to experience and see that symbolic energy more in the world around you.

You may have a noticeable shift in your perception of reality when Neptune stations Direct. Mysticism and the higher mysteries of life can lift our awareness to new levels. As the tides are symbolically changing now, this is potent time to get reacquainted with your spirit. You could find yourself more interested in spirituality, and practices like Reiki, Tai Chi and related energy work concepts. Adding a layer of visualization onto the the world around you can make life seem more magical. An interest in virtual reality and fantasy continues to grow.

Neptune in Pisces is symbolic of psychic energy and higher consciousness. Reflecting on your karma and the purpose of your life, dreaming and imagining will open doors of wisdom. Prophetic dreams and visions can give you glimpses into potentials of your future. Meditation, prayer and daydreaming can raise your level of consciousness and help you tap into the mystical side of life. Artists are sure to be more inspired to share perspectives and showcase work rather than keeping it to themselves.

As Neptune in Pisces is also associated with delusions and secrets, you could find yourself coming to new realizations about reality, with a desire to rise above deceptions.

It can be a bit easier to see through smoke and mirrors, and external deceptions in the world, than it has been while Neptune was Retrograde. Perspectives on deceptive media or marketing tactics are likely to noticeably change.

This is a time to become more conscious of the magic in life, to lift the veil and come out of the depths of confusion to rise toward lighter energy and higher consciousness for the months ahead.

This is a great time to let go of guilt, shame and to release negative past karma, to stop neglecting yourself and transform yourself into a lighter, wiser person that lives true to your higher spiritual perspectives in the real world.

Neptune in Pisces reminds us that compassion and empathy is essential to live in tune with higher consciousness.

Neptune in Pisces is also associated with the afterlife, ancient mysteries, psychic abilities and connection to ancestors, karma, past lives and reincarnation. An interest in these and related esoteric subjects is indicated to increase when Neptune is in Pisces.

If you someone that has used or is addicted to alcohol, drugs or mind altering substances as an escape, you could find yourself wanting to create change in that area of your life now. Healthier practices that encourage a more spiritual, enlightened experience of life can help you deal with stresses better.

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